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Mbappe’s Football Boots

Ian Ebbs

Kylian Mbappe currently wears the Nike Mercurial Superfly football boot and is considered to be one of Nike’s biggest footballers along with Cristiano Ronaldo and Jadon Sancho, both of whom also wear the Mercurial. Mbappe’s Boots are used by Nike to market their line for pacey forwards like Kylian, who is set to become one of Nike’s most powerful assets for the next decade in the football industry.

mbappe signature baltic blue superfly

MDS 008

Who remembered Mbappe wearing the Nike Green Speed 360 in 2018? Not that the MDS008 was related to that, but it just seemed like green had its way of finding Mbappe regularly. Green Strike was the dominant theme of the 8th Dream Speed Mercurial, which also showcased a streaking effect on the forefoot coloured themes and lateral Swoosh.

Air Mercurial Tn

The OG Air Max Plus Voltage Purple made its way to the Mercurial Superfly 9, and Mbappe utilised the boot en route to a Trophée des Champions 2023 title for PSG.

MDS 007

Not related to James Bond. Just the seventh iteration of the Mercurial series that includes a select group of Mercurial wearers as its pitch ambassadors. They were lead of course by CR7 and Mbappe, and the MDS007 has that red to orange colour show with graphic pattern of Xs and Os on the quarter.

Peak Ready Superfly

Mbappe joined his Nike mates in wearing the dedicated boots for the group stages of the 2023/24 UCL tournament. Peak Ready Superfly had that bright turquoise upper and a purple graphic panel that contained the cutout AIR branding. It was more plain-looking relative to the Mbappe Baltic signature that was dominated by comic-like aesthetics.

Mbappe Baltic

Mbappe wore this Baltic blue pair of Superfly Air Zoom boots at the beginning of season 2023/24. It was notable for its vibrant design comprised of comic-like gutters and brandings that aptly captures his superhero-like on-pitch speed.

Superfly XXV Pack

Who better to represent the silver with pink Superfly XXV (General Pack) than the French superstar known for his bursting speed towards the goal? With most of the Nike players wearing the season-ending Luminous Mercurials, the striker and just a handful of names wore the celebratory Mercurial Pack, matching the silver anniversary of the silo with the best of the best Superfly and Vapor players today.

Mbappe ‘201’ Mercurial Superfly 9

This is exclusively a commemorative boot for Mbappe achieving the all-time top goalscoring record for PSG. The design is the same as the Mercurial Superfly 5/Vapor 11 from the 2017 ‘Lock In Let Loose’ pack, with additional details that refer to Mbappe himself, his chart-topping goal number and the match where he achieved the milestone.

Superfly 9 MDS 006

The quickest to react and the fastest on the ball usually end up with the honours bestowed upon the winners of the game. The MDS006 implements a floral design to symbolise such glorious moment, and with players like Mbappe and CR7 this special Mercurial series can inspire the next generation to be driven by focus and determination to be on top of the football world soon.

Mbappe’s Superfly Boots

Below are some of the Nike Mercurial boots that Kylian has worn including his signature releases and the Dream Speed series too:

White with Sky Blue and Pink Superfly 9

Blast Pack

Mbappe had the white Superfly 9 with ‘baltic’ blue, dark indigo and pink details courtesy of the Blast Pack. The winter Superfly provided light aesthetics relative to the heavy colouring of their pack and boot competitors. The Baltic Superfly somehow synergised with the Parisians’ 2022/23 away and third kits while it contrasted well enough with the PSG x Jordan fourth.

Metallic Copper Superfly 9

World Cup Generation

At the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Mbappe started off in the Generation Pack Supefly as the other Mercurial wearers had, before switching into his own special edition pair with his own name & Tricolored French Flag design on the soleplate.

Mbappe Beetroot Personal

Mbappe Personal

Perhaps eyed by Nike as the successor to CR7, the Frenchman joins the brand’s football lifetime athlete in getting signature boots, first started in the Superfly 7.

Lucent Yellow 22/23 Pack

Lucent Pack

The first full on pitch release for the 22/23 season Mbappe started the Ligue 1 season for Paris Saint-Germain wearing the Lucent Pack Superfly on pitch, the bright yellow Mercurials standing out on players across Europe’s leagues.

Air Zoom Mercurial

Air Zoom Mercurial Launch Edition

Mbappe was the main player to be seen on pitch with the new Air Zoom Mercurial Superfly 9 after he and Ronaldo were involved in the launch and marketing in the new generation of Mercurial and Superfly speed boots.

Nike Mercurial Dream Speed #005 Football Boots

Nike Mercurial Dream Speed #005

The present (Ronaldo) and the future (Mbappe) lead the exclusive Nike stars chosen to wear the fifth Mercurial Dream Speed boots. Based off Ronaldo’s mindset a clean white base includes hues of green and blue across the upper.

Mbappe Flames Pack

Mbappe Flames Pack

Mbappe Flames Boots – Kylain’s superpower added to boots Flames! His third signature edition Mercurial Superfly VIII brings the heat, with a purple upper that includes silver graphics that appear under camera flashes and floodlights.

Mercurial Dream Speed 004

Mercurial Dream Speed 004

The 4th generation of the Dream Speed series and the first on the Superfly 8 and Mercurial Vapor 14 in 2021. Ronaldo and Mbappe are joined by the likes of Haaland, Fernandes and Fati wearing the rocket reentry-inspired football boots.

Mbappe x LeBron James Chosen 2 Mercurial Superfly

Mbappe x LeBron James Chosen 2 Mercurial Superfly

Nike drop a fresh collab between LeBron James and Kylian Mbappe with their Chosen 2 Superfly, part of a collection that includes clothing and pair of basketball shoes, a lot to talk about with these, but standout feature is the double swoosh!

Mercurial Dream Speed 003

Mercurial Dream Speed 003

The third iteration of Nike’s Mercurial Dream Speed series and the first to add more exclusive stars on top of Sam Kerr, Kylian Mbappe and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Pink Mbappe Superfly Rosa Boots

Pink Mbappe Superfly Rosa Boots

Nike remake the 2008 Mercurial Vapor Rosa, as a 2020 Mercurial Superfly 7 for Kylian Mbappe to wear in the Champions League final.

MDS #002 Lemon Venom

MDS #002 Lemon Venom

MDS #002, inspired by the 2006 R9 World Cup Vapor III, the Lemon Venom Mercurial Dream Speed is the second release in the series and the last MDS to be exclusive for Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe and Sam Kerr.

Kylian Mbappe x Bondy Superfly Football Boots

Kylian Mbappe x Bondy Superfly Football Boots

Incredible Kylian Mbappe Mercurials, with gold swooshes against a grey Superfly covered with green camo print, for Mbappe’s first genuine signature edition Nike have pulled out all the stops for an their latest big name’s football boot.

Nike Mercurial Dream Speed #001 Boots

Nike Mercurial Dream Speed #001 Boots

Nike brings in a speedy series to the Mercurial line with the incredible MDS #001. The boots are designed to the exact specifications of Cristiano Ronaldo, but the player forms an exclusive group with Kylian Mbappe and Sam Kerr as the only top players to wear them on the pitch!

White Superfly LVL Up Mercurial

White Superfly LVL Up Mercurial

Nike drop a What the Mercurial inspired boot for Ronaldo & Mbappe and decide its time for them to LVL up, a nod to the Game Over pack and Mbappe & Ronaldo being on the next level with their boots. The design is inspired by previous Mercurial boots and their Master status.

Always Forward Wave II

Always Forward Wave II

Wave 2, the 2nd Always Forward pack from Nike had initially just blue Superfly & Vapor and black Phantom Visions with a white pair of Tiempo following

Modric & Mbappe's Balon D'Or Winning Mercurial

Modric & Mbappe’s Balon D’Or Winning Mercurial

Nike created two Balon D’Or boots, the Limited Edition Golden Touch Mercurial 360 for 2018 Winner Luka Modrić with the Vapor and Young Player Kylian Mbappe in the Superfly.

Nike's Maroon Red Rising Fire Pack

Nike’s Maroon Red Rising Fire Pack

Expect some of Nike’s biggest young athletes to push the Rising Fire pack, as they use their rising stars to make these maroon boot stand out on pitch, with the likes of Kylian Mbappe, Phil Foden, Ruben Dias and Dani Ceballos wearing the red boots on pitch.

Mbappe’s Nike History

The new Mercurial worn by Mbappe is a lightweight soccer cleat option designed for attacking players who look to score and assist throughout the season. It has a synthetic Vaporposite+ upper that wraps around the foot for a second-skin fit and 3/4 length Zoom airbag plate for a comfortable bouncy step. Mbappe, who can be considered to be the new face of the Mercurial, received his first signature Mercurial football boots at the end of 2019 with the KM x Bondy Mercurial Superfly 7. Nike followed those up with his 2nd signature edition, a pair of pink Mercurial Superfly Rosa, that he wore in the 2020 Champions League final. His third, the Mbappe Flames, came in the first quarter of the 2021/22 season and internalised his fiery passion for the sport. The Mbappe purple was his 2022 signature to open up the said football year.

Mbappe’s boot history had seen him only wear Nike. In his earliest years, Kylian wore Nike’s Mercurial before switching to the Hypervenom while at AS Monaco. Upon Nike’s persuasion, he switched back to the Mercurial, subsequently becoming one of the Nike’s biggest players. He went on to get his own signature boots after one-off specials like the Virgil Abloh Off-White Superfly 360 and the GS360 editions. Lately, Mbappe is part of the exclusive group with Cristiano Ronaldo and Sam Kerr along with a handful of stars to wear the Mercurial Dream Speed series.

Who is Kylian Mbappe?

Kylian Mbappe was born in Paris, France but began his professional career at the south of France with Monaco playing for their B side in 2015 before quickly moving to the senior side in the same year. His breakthrough season was in 2016-17 where he netted a whopping 26 goals in 44 matches for the club and helped the side to win Ligue 1 that season. A record fee was provided by PSG in 2017 making the Frenchman the second most expensive footballer of all time even up to this date, just behind Neymar who also joined the club that year.

In his first season at PSG he helped the club to convincingly win Ligue 1, the Coupe de France and Coupe de la Ligue and because of that was awarded the 2017 Golden Boy award. At Russia 2018 Mbappe was instrumental in France’s World Cup campaign helping his nation to their second title with himself netting a goal in the final against Croatia. Mbappe and company in the French soccer team were awarded the Chevalier of the Légion d’honneur, the highest French order of merit in both military and civilian respects. Another Ligue 1 title went PSG’s way in the 2018-2019 season and again Mbappe’s contribution was significant. Mbappe simply has the world at his feet and should expect higher individual honours in the coming years.


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