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Nike Superfly 7 Elite Review

The 2021 Mercurial Superfly is in it's 7th generation, Nike's headline football boot offers a lightweight, straightline acceleration focused boot, designed to be comfortable but effective. You'll find the Superfly 7 is worn by Nike's elite players including Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe and Jadon Sancho.

7 Things About the Mercurial Superfly You'll Want to Know:

  1. These are the Best Mercurial Superfly ever produced
  2. They have an all new Flyknit Upper
  3. Soleplate updated to be more responsive
  4. Upper feels lighter, more flexible and softer
  5. Anti-Clog pairs get split soleplate too
  6. New flyknit allows more creative designs & NIKEiD personalisation
  7. They lack something special to separate them from the Mercurial Vapor

Your Superfly 7 Options:

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Expert Superfly Elite Reviews:

We've combined our own personal opinions of the Superfly, with those of some of the most trusted voices on Football Boots on YouTube, to save you time! You can find video reviews of the Superfly 7 Elite FG and their main view points below:

Unisport's review of the Superfly 7 Elite said:

  • Super soft, plyable tight personal & sock sensation, with a good lockdown
  • Upper: textured & grippy, close touch, pingy barefoot sensation when strike ball
  • Outsole improved: stiffer forefoot, slightly longer studs
  • Best speed outsole around - super agressive, very responsive
  • Sock now adds elastcity & tightness, more like a compression sock
  • Most people will be happy with true to size
  • Wider feet may need to go up half a size
  • Where is the Superfly DNA?... not special enough for the name

SoccerReviews4You Nike Mercurial Superfly review:

  • Superfly 7 is just a Vapor 13 with a collar
  • High tenancity yarn, does the job of brio cables or flywire
  • First time ever, boot does really feel like a sock
  • Boot has ACC, but no ACC logo is on it
  • Standard low cut collar, so no chaffing at heel like on Superfly 4 or 5
  • Aerotrak, progressively loads up & springs back, more it bends stiffer it gets
  • Soleplate & studs evolved from 360, cut out in heel inspired by GS360
  • Fits more like a Superfly 5 or Vapor 11, for that more traditional Mercurial feel

Your Mercurial Superfly Questions Answered

How much does the Superfly cost?

The Elite Superfly RRP is £230, the Pro are £130, the Academy £80 and Club is £60. Kids Elite are £155 and Kids Academy £60. Older colours can be found discounted up to 30%

What is Nike Superfly?

The Nike Superfly is a football boot, the collared version of Nike’s Mercurial line that is worn by a great number of pros. It is known as a speed boot that features a Flyknit upper coupled with high tenacity yarns that gives the boot its structure and lockdown.

Who wears Nike Mercurial Superfly?

Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe and Jadon Sancho are the most famous Superfly boot wearers

What is the difference between Mercurial Superfly and Vapor?

The only difference is that the Superfly is collared and the Vapor is low-cut. Both feature the same boot profile and material composition, you pay a premium for the Superfly dynamic fit collar

Which Superfly boot is best?

The best Superfly is the Mercurial Superfly 7 Elite, after that you have the Pro, Academy and Club versions in that order of quality

What size Superfly 7 should I choose?

Go for your normal boots size, these fit true to size. If you don't like your boots really tight you may choose to go up half a size, as these do fit very close to the foot.

Does the Superfly Elite suit my wide feet?

Most likely no, the Mercurial last (how wide the boot is) is notoriously known to be narrow fitting and the Superfly 7 has returned somewhat to those roots, however wide footed players can squeeze in, usually with a half size upgrade, consider other options if you feet are truely wide.

Can you Get a Superfly 7 Elite Jr? If so what sizes are available for kids?

Nike do make a kids Superfly Elite, the only differences being a heel tag for getting them on easier and a different soleplate, like the Superfly 7 Pro, that lacks the cut outs. Children's pairs run from UK 4 to 5.5.

Does the Superfly 7 have Brio cables or flyWire?

A Superfly sensation, the Superfly 6 didn't have them which was a shame, but the Superfly 7 doesn't need them as the new high tenancity yarn, used to create the flyknit, do the job of brio cables or flywire, really locking your foot into these boots all around.

How much does the Superfly 7 weigh?

Not the lightest Superfly, but still very light for a collared boot, they are 194 grams or 6.8oz.

Is there a sock collar on the Superfly 7?

Yes, again Nike have dropped the height of the collar, making the dynamic fit collar on these one of the shortest yet, whilst the Superfly 360 felt like a sock you'd wear at home, these have more elastcity & tightness, so feel more like a compression sock on feet.

What is different to the Superfly 360

Nike adjusted the collar for a better fit, took on board Cristiano Ronaldo’s feedback and increased the length of the studs on the soleplate by 1mm and used an all new flyknit material with a mix of yarns for a softer, but tighter fit.

Can I wear these on Muddy Pitches, 3G or Turf?

Nike have added a new split soleplate Anti Clog option for truely muddy pitches, the older Superfly 6 didn't have that and you can also get pairs specifically made for artifical turf with the conical studs, or go for the standard FG soleplate for firm, grass pitches with the chrevon studs.

What material is the Superfly's Upper?

Whislt the Superfly 7 really feels like a sock, it is made from a layer of flyknit, woven from a two yarn construction, with a layer of superthin flyknit (ultra thin polyurethane coating) on top, the yarns are treated with Nike's ACC (all conditions control) treatment, rather than that being a layer on top this time. The knit of the yarn adds texture in all the right places for fit and grip.

Are the Superfly Elite comfortable?

Yes, this is one of the reasons why the Superfly is loved by so many professionals, they are very comfortable despite having a lightweight speed focus.

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Elite Superfly 6 Review

Nike's Mercurial Superfly offers a lightweight and responsive fit while the super thin materials used allows for more contact on the ball when passing, controlling and striking the ball, an overall very high performing football boot that is headlined by the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo.

5 Things About the Mercurial Superfly 360 You'll Want to Know:

  1. The Mercurial Superfly are super responsive (they react to your foot's movements well)
  2. They're very comfortable for a lightweight boot
  3. They provide very aggressive traction (helps with grip & running fast)
  4. They are narrow fitting (not the best for those with wide feet)
  5. The sock collar is not overly necessary (so maybe consider the Mercurial Vapor instead)
I'm Ready to Buy My Superfly 360

Review of previous Superfly 360 Elite

When Unisport tested the Mercurial Superfly 360 Elite they say:

  • The Superfly have a tight and snug fit
  • The collar helps to lock heel into boot
  • The boot has a seamless and thin 'barefoot' touch on the ball
  • The boot fits wider feet better than previous generations
  • The contoured soleplate makes your feet fit better inside the boots
  • You'll need more break-in time than usual
  • They won't provide much protection for your feet

SR4U said of the Nike Mercurial 360 Superfly:

  • It is the most comfortable Superfly Nike has made
  • The boot has a super thin 'barefoot' touch on the ball
  • The boot has the thinnest ever Flyknit Upper on a Nike boot
  • The collar is shorter and easier to get used to
  • There are no performance differences between the Superfly & Vapor
  • The soleplate is very flexible and responsive
  • The boot is narrow, but wider than the Superfly V

Your Mercurial Superfly Questions Answered

What Superfly 360 size should I go for?

True to size. Fits the same length wise as every other Nike elite level cleat.

Does the Superfly 6 Elite suit my wide feet?

Most likely no, the Mercurial last (how wide the boot is) is notoriously known to be narrow fitting, however wide footed players can squeeze in and a little stretch will be experienced but don't expect the most forgiving fit width wise.

Can you Get the Superfly 360 in kids? What Children's sizes are available?

Yes you can get children's versions of the Superfly 360, kids superfly is UK 4 to 5.5 and adult sizes are available in UK6 all the way to up to UK11, US12 including half sizes.

Does the Superfly VI have FlyWire?

No, suprisingly Nike decided not to use FlyWire with the Superfly 360, this was a popular feature on the Supefly V and some players may notice a little less lockdown because of this. Many players will find that this does mean the Superfly VI are that little bit more comfortable to wear than previous Mercurial.

How are the 360 different to it's predecessor, the Mercurial Superfly V?

The Superfly 360 scrapped FlyWire for a new split soleplate system which is revolutionary in design allowing for added rigidity and flexibility and thus more responsiveness. Nike reduced the amount of Nikeskin (Top layer) the upper has offering an even thinner touch on the ball.

How much does the Superfly VI weigh?

This is the lightest Superfly to date: 191 grams or 6.7oz.

Does the Superfly 6 have a sock collar?

Yes, this is the only difference between the Superfly 360 and the Vapor 360, the Supefly has a Dynamic Fit Collar, that covers your ankle, designed to be an extension of the boot, to make your leg and boot feel like one. This collar is shorter than on the previous Superfly, similar to the custom collar preferred by CR7.

Will the Mercurial soleplate flake off?

Yes, Nike do say that the chrome color on the outsole will wear off over time, how quickly and badly depends on whether you play on soft, wet pitches or dry hard pitches, very dry or artifical pitches will be worst.

Can I wear these on Grass/Mud/3G/Turf...?

Yes you can, there are different versions for diferrent pitches, the Superfly FG suits grass pitches, the AG-PRO is for 3G or Artificial Turf, whilst SG or Anti-clog are best for muddy pitches

What is the Upper of the Superfly VI?

It is made from one piece of Flyknit to make it very flexible and feel like a second skin. This Flyknit is then treated with NikeSkin, an ultra thin polyurethane coating combined with performance mesh topped with Nike's ACC (all conditions control) treatment. On the forefoot a microtexture has been added to improve grip on the ball.

What are these similar to?

The Superfly is almost identical to the Mercurial Vapor, these just have the sock like dynamic fit collar and a slightly softer upper, looking to adidas you'd compare them to their X18.1 boots, fitting in to the Speed range.

Are the Superfly Elite comfortable?

Yes, this is one of the reasons why the Superfly is loved by so many professionals, they are very comfortable despite having a lightweight speed focus.

Who's going to be wearing them?

Nike designed the Mercurial for the explosive player, players like Cristiano Ronaldo & Kylian Mbappe who use their pace, unpredictability and speed and to get past the opposition, they have a need for speed, do you?

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