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Comprehensive Football Boot Reviews

Scroll down to find the review of the boot you are after, the Nike boots are on the left, adidas on the right, you fill Puma's pairs in the middle and the Elite models are to the top of the page, whilst the cheaper .3 and academy boots, are to the bottom of the page.

Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Elite Review ⤵️

adidas Predator Freak+ Review ⤵️

Nike Phantom GT 2 Elite Review ⤵️

adidas X Ghosted+ Review ⤵️

Nike Vapor 14 Elite Review ⤵️

adidas Copa Sense+ Review ⤵️

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite Review ⤵️

adidas Nemeziz+ Review ⤵️

Nike Mercurial Dream Speed Review ⤵️

Puma Ultra Review ⤵️

Puma Future Z Review ⤵️

Puma One 20.1 Review ⤵️

Nike Superfly 8 Academy Review ⤵️

adidas Predator Freak.3 Review ⤵️

Nike Vapor 14 Academy Review ⤵️

adidas X Ghosted.3 Review ⤵️

Nike Phantom GT Academy Review ⤵️

adidas Nemeziz.3 Review ⤵️

Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Academy Review ⤵️

adidas Copa Sense.3 Review ⤵️

Nike Phantom Vision 2 Elite Review ⤵️

Nike Phantom Venom Elite Review ⤵️

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