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Expert Football Boot Reviews

Dean Ariola

Scroll down to find the review of the boot you are after, we look at Nike, adidas, Puma, and other brands like Mizuno, Skechers and New Balance as well as the cheaper academy boots available from these brands too. Also please read out the end section to understand how our boot reviews work.

Nike Boot Reviews

Mercurial Superfly vs Vapor

Nike’s speed boots, the only difference between this pair is the sock like collar added to the Superfly, the Vapor are one of the most popular boots with professionals.

Phantom GX & Phantom Luna

Nike’s Phantom line now has the Luna/GX II, with a dynamic fit collar for the former and a low edition for the latter, and then the Luna I which is designed with female feet in mind.

Tiempo & Premier

All eyes will always be on the Tiempo Legend, Nike’s main heritage boot. But it has now moved on to the world of synthetic leather, and so the Nike Premier remains the brands last option for a pair of K-leather boots. Check them out now as they will soon be gone too.

Cheaper Nike Academy Models

Popular with youngsters, amateurs and those just wanting a cheap boot that looks like what the pros wear, Nike’s academy line suits many players well:

Boot Comparisons

If you want to have a head-to-head comparison of the boots, we got you covered here. Especially when boots have a similar identity or feature, comparing and contrasting them is a perfect way to narrow down your boot search.

adidas Boot Reviews

adidas have three main lines, the Predator, X and Copa, each available in laced and laceless versions as well as in .3 budget options. Each review looks at the laced and LL (laceless) models.

Puma Boot Reviews

Puma have three models we compare: their Future, Ultra and King.

Mizuno Boot Reviews

The Japanese boot maker is known for its premium K-leather boots, with the Morelia representing the classic line and the Neo the modern take. Apart from that, Mizuno has also finally dipped their toes in the synthetic world and has the Alpha as their high-end entry.

New Balance Boot Reviews

With most major brands reintroducing synthetics to their main line offerings, New Balance has pounced on the void regarding quality knit-based football boots. They offer the Furon speed boot worn by the likes of Bukayo Saka and Sadio Mane, with the laceless Tekela providing a solid secondary act.

Skechers Boot Reviews

Skechers might be a recognised running shoe brand, but certainly not so much as a football boot maker. With Harry Kane on-board though, it has made a hyped entry to the football boot industry with the SKX. We’ll see if more will join England’s number 9 and wear Skechers on the pitch.

We are currently testing lots of models of boots and waiting to collate feedback before posting to these pages, so if there is something you want to know, we can probably already answer the question, just send us an email and we will get back to you ASAP.

How Our Reviews Work

Here at Football Boots UK we try to capture the boot experience from the first time you put on the boot until that point where the boot is fully broken-in. Nowadays a lot of top-end boots require minimal to no break-in time at all, and this helps us see which ones need a little more tender love and care. As the boots are thoroughly tested via multiple sessions, we seek out any experience that might be specific to that silo (e.g. pressure points, grippy tech, narrow-fitting, etc.). This helps us not only highlight that particular point in our boot reviews, it also helps us in categorising boots and compiling them in our recommendation pages. Our team have access to both FG and AG surfaces, so our boot testing continues whether it rains or it shines.

Blake Tom On Pitch

We also like to introduce you to the profiles of our boot testers. Ian is wide-footed and plays as a centre midfielder and sometimes forward. Ian like boots that are generally spacious and has features that are great for play-making and going for the goal. Dean is more into defensive roles & sometimes will help in defence, but you can see him most of the time wearing speed boots because of his narrow feet. Tom, on the other hand, is also wide-footed but he specialises in Indoor/Futsal boots having represented New Zealand in the small sided game.

Our youngest tester is just 7 years old giving us insight into boots for children and is swayed by fancy colours and his favourite players, Michael plays & trains many times a week whilst Emilia features in an under 10s girls team, so we also have the female perspective on boots too, she loves goalkeeping and pops up all over pitch too.

There are always features and even boots that are just good or bad, but we also acknowledge that boot-testing has some subjective nature to it; that’s why it is important for you to know the profiles of our testers in order for you to know where their bias is. In addition, our testers are also able to look beyond their own preferences and provide an honest assessment on how boots that do not suit their liking may actually end up being a perfect boot for those they’ll suit.

We hope through our guides you can select the proper pair for you, and ultimately go out there to enjoy your football.


Dean Ariola

Dean has worked Chief writer at the Black & Orange team since 2020, he has an indepth knowledge of all the soccer shoes from the big brands, you have him to thank for all the updates to our Boot Secrets guide and he is first on the scene with all the new releases for you!