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Going into 2024, adidas is going strong with their silo that revolutionised football boots in its own way back in 1998. Today’s stars are expected to follow the boot steps of Zinedine Zidane and David Beckham in unleashing the power of the Predator in modern football. But like every generational update, the question is: did the Predator change for the good, or did it take a turn for the worse? And as always, Football Boots UK is here to explore the good, the bad and the ugly of the adidas Predator 2024 football boots. 

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Things to Know about the adidas Predator 2024:

  • Counting the LZ II as a separate generation, the adidas Predator 2024 is the twentieth entry
  • Serves as the control boot option in the lineup that includes the speed boot F50 and the heritage boot Copa Pure II
  • In direct competition with the Nike Phantom GX
  • Top elite models come in laceless, laced and laced with fold-over tongue variations
  • Worn by the likes of Jude Bellingham, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Pedri

The Composition of the adidas Predator 2024

The 2024 generation of the iconic adidas silo continues the core DNA of having rubber grip elements attached to the surface of the upper. The STRIKESKIN technology sees these grip elements moulded into raised ridged fins positioned on the instep. Their blocked formation and raised profile seem to be more prominent, wider in coverage and more compact to each other than those of the Predator Precision’s. HYBRIDTOUCH 2.0 is that synthetic leather material used by the boot to wrap around your foot. As far as the closure system is concerned, you can have the Predator 2024 in either a laceless setup or a laced system, the latter having another variant that includes the familiar fold-over tongue. Narrow triangular studs and structural overlays on the instep and lateral ridge (extending from heel to outstep) forms the CONTROLFRAME 2.0 tooling.

Initial thoughts…

First things first, the fold-over tongue is definitely missed. It was absent since the Predator X days, and so bringing back the overlaying tongue feels refreshing as much as it is nostalgic. In fact, it might spark a few more releases from adidas and the rest to bring back the old guns with this classic look and make them mainstream again.

Hybridtouch 2.0 upper still feels soft and pliable, and that bodes well to the boots ability to form closely around the shape of your foot and to just be gentle and comfortable on it. Strikeskin might have changed the look and the position of the grip elements, but the important thing is that it lives up to its adjective: grippy!

*Special Box for the Limited Edition Predator 30 Launch Boot*

adidas kicks things of for the Predator 2024 by releasing the precursor Predator 30 limited edition boots. It ranks up their as one of brand’s best presentation boxes and falls into the company that includes the Dragon’s Egg for the Predator Mutator Dragon and David Beckham’s 723 wooden Pulse box. For the special case, it shows three decades worth of the silo history in the lead up to the 2024 model, which more or less is the same boot as the Predator 30. It’s worth noticing that the burgundy shade of the red tongue seemingly suggest that the Predator has aged like fine wine…




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