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Predator 20 Review

The Predator 20 as worn by the likes of Dele Alli and Paul Pogba, still focused on control, the new rubber elements on the Mutator are designed to give you an unfair advantage on the ball, with their grip and benefits to ball control. Does the Mutator suit your game and is it as good as adidas market it to be? Should the Predator Mutator 20 be your next boot and which one of the options should you chooose?...

5 Things About the Predator You'll Want to Know:

  1. Crazy grippy feel, 406 rubber spikes, increase grip on the ball
  2. Higher collar won't suit everyone, but 20.1 Low is a great option
  3. Has a new split soleplate, like a Nemeziz or Nike Mercurial
  4. Laceless comes in the cheaper 20.3 as well as 20+
  5. New Demonskin upper has spikes crafted to wrap front and side of the boot
I'm Ready to Buy My Predator

What is new with the Predator Mutator 20?

First we have a new name, previous 18+ and 19+ have been just that, but we've echos of the Accelerator, Mania, Rapier and more the 2020 has it's own name that will last the generation, the Mutator and we like it, the beast has evolved. Demonskin replaces the Controlskin from the 19+, with a computer algorithm used to place the textured spike layer, to promote spin when stirking the ball in key contact points.

Next up the collar is way, way bigger on this edition, mainly probably to make them stand out on pitch even more, but the best news is the laced 20.1 option comes with a lower primeknit option if you want that, yes please! The boot has a split soleplate, something we've seen on the Preds before, but that goes back to the days of the Mania, now that is more associated with the Nemeziz and Nike's Mercurial line.

What we think of them...

Love that they have a new name to them and that the rubber elements make a comeback is the icing on the cake, the rubber elements look good on the boot, something that really stands out on pitch again, but in a good way.

Can't say we are big fans of the raised collar, but with the option of going low with the 20.1 adidas really are catering to everyone, so tempting to take a pair of scissors to the 20+, just to see what they would look like.

Your Predator 20 Questions Answered

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