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Puma Football Boots

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Puma has been gaining ground in expanding its appeal to players and increasing competition to adidas and Nike in the boot market.. They are becoming an attractive proposition because of their competitive pricing for the quality they possess. The brand has dressed its boots with a sunset theme for the 2023/24 season-ending Forever Faster Pack.

At the moment, Puma offers the Future agility boot and the Ultra speed boot. It also has the heritage King, the modern iteration of the classic Puma King boots, though consensus-wise it no longer competes in the space of K-leather boots with its transition to a synthetic upper.

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Puma Football Boots
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What are the Boots Offered by Puma?

The Future, Ultra and King are the football boots under Puma.

Before its emphasis on the midfoot band as the new interpretation of adaptive lockdown, the Future started with the highly-customisable Netfit lacing system. Now, aside from introducing the Fuzionfit+ technology, the current Future is focused on being the most comfortable football boot out there. Speed is the new name of the game, and so Puma gives us the Ultra that has all the ingredients of a modern football speed boot. The modern King has that K-BETTER upper meant to simulate the attributes of K-leather with recyclable synthetic materials.


Using its Fuzionfit+ compression band, the  Future aims to deliver a boot that can be worn both as laceless and with laces.


Ultra is Puma’s speed boot and with a lightweight make up it is popular with many players including Antony, Antoine Griezmann, Christian Pulisic, Memphis Depay & Olivier Giroud.


The brand’s iconic silo now modernised not just in looks and shape, but also in build and material. It drops the traditional K-leather in favour of its very own synthetic leather material called ‘K-Better.’

Popular Footballers under the Puma Brand

Puma happens to have a marquee name plus a few more football stars, namely:


The Brazilian spent 15 years with Nike wearing the likes of the Hypervenoms and Mercurial Vapors before joining Puma in 2020. While he is now the driving force behind the Future Z, he initially wore the King Platinum (the predecessor of Platinum 21) and used his star appeal to renew interest to the silo. He has now received multiple signature releases for his Future boots.

Antoine Griezmann

He used to be the face of the Future during its Netfit days, but Griezmann has graciously ceded being the headline star to Neymar and focuses instead in promoting the Ultra speed boots.

Antony, Raphael Varane, Christian Pulisic, Olivier Giroud, Kingsley Coman and Jack Grealish are some of the few quality names aside from Neymar and Griezmann to embrace Puma as their boot-of-choice.

Recent Puma Releases

Why Do I See The Same Puma Boot at Different Price Points?

If you browse Puma boots now, you might see, for example, the Puma Future Ultimate costing almost three times as much as the Future Match. Why is that?

Those who really take football as their career need the very best objective performance the boot can give them, while recreational players might not need as much. Puma then allows its boots to be available at multiple price options to accommodate these casual players who would need to strike the right balance between quality and budget considerations.

Puma has its unique naming system in labelling the top-end and its cheaper counterparts. From top to bottom, we have the Ultimate, the top-end level, followed by the Pro, Match and Play. The succeeding lines after the Ultimate are the more affordable alternatives, with the key features being downgraded or outright removed in each successive tier.

But is it really the case that the more expensive ones are the better Puma football boots? More often that not, yes, but there are still those few instances where the cheaper variants seem to be the better boot depending on what you’re looking for. Football Boots UK sorts this kind of information with our review and analysis of each and every boot, so all you have to do after reading our content is to get your Puma pair from your favourite online or physical store…

Puma Boots FAQs

Which Puma football boot is best?

Puma’s silos do vary in terms of concept, actual build and incorporated technologies, so the best one is the Puma boot whose overall makeup matches what you like in a pair. Wide/narrow, synthetic/knit/leather/, snug/relaxed fit-you name it, Puma has it all!

Do Puma make good football boots?

Yes, and yes. At least with the Future Z and Ultra, Puma is able to produce boots with out-of-the-box comfort (or minimal break-in time whenever applicable), not to mention being cheaper than the base prices set by Nike and adidas.

Boots UK Reviews of Puma Boots

For more information check out our Boot Secrets guide, where we help you choose your next pair, including all those from Puma.

Puma Youth Choices

At the moment, Puma Youth Boots  are limited to the Pro levels as the top-end options available, followed by the lower tiers. In general, the boots’ uppers may not be as thin or soft as the OG adult models, to make them feel stable and responsive for the young one.

Classic Puma Football Boots

Over the years, Puma accumulated boot entries that are hall-of-famers by now if there is one for football boots.

Puma Evospeed


The evoSPEED competed with the very best Mercurials and F50s Nike and adidas have to offer, and Puma’s iconic speed boot entry always tried to be the lightest boot of them all.

Puma Evopower


Cesc Fabregas, Yaya Toure and Marco Reus all at one point wore the Puma evoPOWER, a boot that simply aided the power and accuracy of these players. It normally joined the evoSPEED in carrying the half-and-half design of the Tricks Packs.

Puma Kings


Pele, Johan Cruyff and Diego Maradona-indeed, only the true Kings of Football have worn this classic Puma leather boot

Puma Kings


One of the popular ones that came out of the V-series, it was meant to help with balance and stability, on top of the velcro tongue design to clean up the striking surface. Aguero’s 2012 boot when scored the famous QPR goal that clinched the league title for Manchester City

About Puma Boots

Founded in 1924, Puma made their first football boot, the Atom in 1948, they created the first football boot with screw-in studs, known as the Super Atom, which was lauched in 1952. In 1970, at the World Cup in Mexico, Pele wore Puma Kings as he was named player of the tournament. Diego Maradona wore Puma boots at his appearances at the finals in 1982 and 1986 and Lothar Matthäus had on Puma boots as he captained Germany to World Cup success in 1990.

Puma boots are well known as being worn by the likes of Pelé and Maradona, both players wore the Puma King’s when playing at and winning World Cups. You too can wear Puma on your feet, but Puma overhauled their entire boot lineup, looking to kick start the brand with their new future facing boots, leaving behind the evoSPEED and evoPOWER lines and even the iconic King, the boot that brought them their most attention and respect in the boot game.


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