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Puma's Ultra 1.4 Boots

Puma bring back their speed boot options, something the brands is well know for with their evoSPEED and V1.0 lines of boots in the past being very successful and often mixed with their other sports like F1 and athletics, Speed Is Back.

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The Puma Ultra features a new lightweight upper construction called MATRYXEVO; the MATRYXEVO combines reactive Kevlar and Carbon yarns to form the one-piece knitted upper. If the use of two kinds of yarns sounds familiar, that is because Nike has already done it in Mercurial Vapor 13 and Superfly 7 which are constructed with Nike's High Tenacity yarns weaved into a soft Flyknit base. With that said, it is expected that the MATRYXEVO will aim at providing a soft, pliable upper, a well-balanced structure, and a sock-like fit with motion-sensitive foot wrap, all at the same time.

Three years seem to have gone so fast for the Puma One silo, as in May 2020 at the Puma AGM they announced a new boot the Ultra, would mean Speed is Back as it replaces the Puma One. Moving on from the One's power/control identity, 'Sprintweb', and use of Premium K-Leather, the Puma Ultra is said to represent a 'new era of fast' for Puma and is constructed for uncatchable speed, an explicit indication that the new silo is going to be a speed boot.

Puma's Grip Control coating is going to be present on boots for additional touch and control on the ball. The Ultra sits on top of the 'SpeedUnit' soleplate with what looks to be bladed studs, making the new outsole very aggressive to produce high traction. The collar is V-shaped similar to that of the Nemeziz 19.1. The Ultra replaces perforations with loops instead similar to how it looks like in the topmost lacing of the Puma One 20.1, with the only thing in Ultra being that the loops seem to be the yarns themselves in the upper that are exposed for lacing purposes. A seam is visible, running around the collar (carrying the Ultra branding) up to the tongue area.

With a launch Ultra standing out in predominantly orange highlighted by noticeable black line markings on the toe box and extends to the sides as if to represent blurring lines when going on full speed. A white Puma logo is placed around the vamp area using the black line markings as its background. The quarter has a lighter shade of orange relative to the collar seam and tongue. The forefoot soleplate is black while the rest has an orange shade similar to that of the collar and tongue area. The Puma Ultra was also released in a 'Blackout' edition, as seen on the feet of Zlatan Ibrahimovic in training, but he is unlikely to wear them on pitch, Antoine Griezmann is expected to headline the Ultra at launch, with Sergio Aguero likley to wear a leather version of the speed boot.

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