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Please use this page to contact us with any questions, suggestions or ideas you may have, there are different methods depending on what works best for you & which department you need to talk to and where on your boot journey you are.

How To Contact Football Boots

We welcome all feedback and would love to hear people’s views and opinions on this site and how we can make it better for the people who matter the most, you!

Contact Football Boots Team

We’ve been making feet comfortable, with quality boots since 2010, we’ve amassed a huge social following and given a lot of boot advice in that time, we’ve also worked closely with all major boot brands and influencers in social connected to football & boots, to learn more about us; please check out our About Us page!

Instagram (675,000+ Followers)

We publish every new football boot & all the interesting news to our Instagram account: @FootballBootsYT make sure you are following us!

Facebook (395,000 Fans)

We also post all the latest news & videos on our Facebook page too.

YouTube (1.5 million+ Subscribers)

We publish regular YouTube videos to our channel: at least twice a week, covering topics from the latest releases, to boot care. hack and tips for your to know more about boots in general and to Enjoy Your Football™.

Podcast & Spotify

We regularly post shows about the latest boots to our Podcast on Spotify and all good podcast channels, you will also find founder Ian appearing on lots of other podcasts as guest too.

Company Reviews

You can find us on TrustPilot where we encourage you to review us & on LinkedIn for our company profile and also on ProvenExpert here. We also have Google reviews you can check out on our profile there:

Customer Service Enquiries

The details below are for anyone who has bought boots directly from us, you can contact us in each of the following ways, this is only an after sales service, if you need to write to us, the address is below.

How to Make a Return

We offer a 30 day refund or exchange policy on all brand new product sold on the site if they remain unworn, you are also protected by our 30 day and six month policy on returning defective or faulty boots, for full information please visit our returns page.

Physical Office Locations

We have two physical offices, one in New Zealand the other in the England. These are typically only for administrative enquiries as we are usually at the pitch testing or you can contact us via the website or our social channels as these are the easiest way for people nowadays. Massive shout out to Christchurch Painters: P & D Painters, who painted our Christchurch offices, updating the entire admin areas and our YouTube studio.

Ilex House, The Green, Upper Clatford, Hampshire, SP11 7PS, United Kingdom

New Zealand
Fern Drive, Halswell, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8025, New Zealand

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