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Football Boots TeamWe cover the recent and most important updates in the boot industry so you’re always in the know about your future pair. This is your ultimate source that includes brand information, boot care and maintenance tips, other expert online reviews, and much, much more.

We track all the offerings for boot enthusiasts of the major brands and discuss how and why they’ll work for you.

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Discover the history of football boots, what did players used to wear, when were the Mercurial and Superfly released, who had the first pair of boots with a bit of colour…


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Latest Releases

Superfly 8

Mercurial Superfly

New for 2022 top of the line Mercurial Superfly boots


Phantom GT 2 Elite

Phantom GT Elite 2

A new innovative texture for a boot designed with pressure maps and data points in the Nike Research Lab.

adidas Edge Predator

adidas Predator Edge+

New Predator Edge 2022 boots from adidas.


Superfly 8

New Mercurial Vapor 14

Latest evolution of the Vapor boots with the fourteen


Our Very Own Expert Reviews

We test all the new boots ourselves to provide fact-based opinions and expert discussions, we know that each one of you have their unique foot width and length as well as arch, that is why we also let you know how to measure all the dimensions of your foot so you could always cross-reference our experience to what could be the possible fit and feel of your dream football boots to you personally.

We also take note of what other respected online reviewers are saying to give you a snapshot of the consensus about the boots you are interested with. We try and be concise with our ‘Points to Know’ plus the summarised points of other expert reviews, you have every talking point available right in your screen.

You’ll find many of our reviews and looks at the latest boots at our YouTube channel:

Boot Reviews

Superfly 8 Review

Superfly Elite Review

Find out what is new and what is good with the latest speed release from Nike footbal and their Mercurial line.

Phantom GT Review

Phantom GT 2 Review

Review of the new Phantom GT boots from Nike, looking at what’s new with their latest release

Vapor 14 Review

Mercurial Vapor 14 Review

Our review of the Vapor 14 as a boot, why are they the pros boot of choice?


Read Expert Boot Reviews

Find out everything you want to know about the latest boot releases


What is the best football boot ?

What is the best football boot ?

The best football boot is the one that fits you well and is comfortable to wear, the most popular pro choice is the Mercurial Vapor Elite boot, there are many options to consider

Pro Players Boot Choices

The biggest name players in the game wear a wide range of boots, with different pros headlining a selection of football shoes. For Nike, with their Mercurial Boots, they have Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappe in the 2022 Mercurial Superfly Elite with Erling Haaland and Bruno Fernandes in the Mercurial Vapor. Puma have Antoine Griezmann to represent their Ultra and Neymar Jr. to headline the Puma Future, with Sadio Mane at New Balance in the Furon and adidas using Lionel Messi for the adidas Nemeziz, Paul Pogba for the Predator Freak, Mo Salah and Son Heung-min for the X Ghosted and Paulo Dybala for the Copa Sense.

Does a knitted upper suit your taste? Do you like some control elements added to get that extra grip and ping when dribbling, passing, and striking the ball? Love boots that are pliable and laceless? If so then feel free to fill up your heart’s desires as the list is vast and wide on site.

Nike showcase their dominance with counteless pros choosing their Mercurial Superfly and Vapor series, alongside the Phantom that are commonly worn by playmakers and strikers respectively. adidas takes an equally huge share of market popularity with its iconic and aggressive Predators, supported by the ever lightweight X boots, plus the successor to the Messi signature line, the Nemeziz.

But don’t think that leather boots have stepped aside; in fact, they are truly well and alive as they have been reinvented to adapt tradition to modernity. You can see that in the case of the technologically packed Nike Tiempo Legend and the highly regarded Copa, if you are looking for the most premium leather boots out there, you’ll find them produced literally at the ends of the world with Japan’s Mizuno and its Rebula, Morelia, and Morelia Neo lines, there is still massive enthusiasm for and a wide range of world-class leather football boots.

Your list of football boot choices doesn’t even stop there! Looking for boots outside the big two? Perfect! New Balance continue to make the headlines with their Furon and Tekela, Puma still retains significant drawing power among the pros with the Future and Ultra soccer cleats and Umbro are still in the boot game too.

What Are The Best Boots For My Pitch?

Every detail is important to us, and that is why we also take note of the various soleplates and stud configurations to determine which are best for certain types of pitches and a variety of surfaces. Be it Nike’s Aerotrac and Hyperreactive outsole, adidas Controlframe and Speedframe, or Puma’s Rapidagility or Rapidsprint soleplates, they are usually referred to as Firm Ground Football Boots, for natural grass pitches. They consist of bladed and/or chevron studs that provide that aggressive bite when playing in naturally hardened soil pitch. But when the soil becomes soft, wet, and muddy, your favourite would always have a Soft Ground version, comprised of metallic studs that gets that need traction in the slippy soft ground pitch. You can remove these screw in studs and replace the length of them, depending on the severity of the conditions you face. Nike created their Anti Clog tenchnology and have applied it to many of the softground boot options as the sole, stops mud sticking and clumping to the soleplate, for improved traction on wet pitches.

There’s also the Artificial Ground outsoles that work best with the 4G, 3G, astro turf pitches and artificial grass, brands have developed soleplates that can adjust to the extra demands of the pitches and offer conical studs, to avoid the injuries that can be associated with playing on artificial pitches. Some brands have created duel option soles, like Puma for example, they’ve made many of their soleplates FG/AG, as seen in the specs of the Rapidsprint and Rapidagility. For other types of dry pitches though, multi grounded/astroturf plates have been produced, primarily featuring numerous short conical studs that significantly reduces stud pressure. If you are a player of indoor football, then we have something in store for you as we also discuss boots that have an indoor outsole which is usually flat and rubbery.

What Types of Boots Do Brands Make?

Don’t be confused if, let’s say, your adidas Predators are called Predator 20.1 and your mate’s Predator is 20+. Brands have used tiers for their silos to be able to market said lines to as many people as possible. Nike labels its top-end model Elite, followed by the takedowns Pro, Academy and Club. adidas and Puma share an identical tier system, as adidas uses a +,.1,.2,.3, and .4 system and simply a .1, .2, .3, and .4 labels for Puma. Mizuno’s tier names may arguably be the proudest, with the top-end being called Made in Japan (indeed it is), and takedowns being named Elite and MD KL. Smaller brands like New Balance also employ a tier system, using the terms Pro, Destroy, and Dispatch from highest to lowest.

Best Boots By Position:

Personalised Football Boots

You finished a game, thrown your boots on the ground in the changing rooms, or given them to the kitman, only to find that other players have similar boots as yours! Or perhaps you just want something a little unique and personal to you on your boots. It would then be a massive problem to sort out which one is yours. We’ve got your back, we’ll show you tips on how to customize your football shoes, demonstrating how to transfer your name or logo on to the boots or order a unique pair made just for you. Customising your pairs need not be expensive; as simple as using a different set of laces can have an enormous impact in terms of personalising the look and feel of your boots.

Our aim is to get you the best price on boots, our site has a large range of cheap football boots and we offer you the very latest soccer shoes as soon as they come out, with up to date news and reviews, so if you want the newest boots around and want them first we are the place to be. We list them as soon as they become available on retailers sites and let you compare to find the lowest boot prices.

Where to get your boots and information

Just as there is a welcomed variety of soccer cleats, there is also a significant number of online retailers and reviewers that we acknowledge and respect. While you can directly order your boots from the biggest manufactuers’ websites on most occasions, it is worth noting that you may make your purchases from other retailers that also provide interesting information about your desired choice. Soccer Reviews For You is owned by Joshua V. from Canada and has a vast library of humorous yet thorough analyses of football boots. The Copenhagen-based Unisport has the football boot guru Jay Mike delivering enthusiastic and detailed reviews in his tech talks.

Large online retailers have grown over time such as England’s and Wale’s Pro Direct Soccer and Spain’s Futbol Emotion, displaying a wide array of football equipment including the latest releases on an online platform. Lovell Soccer of UK builds on the success of its twin, Lovell Rugby, and has been going strong ever since Lovell’s move to e-commerce since 1998. Even the Asia-Pacific region now has an online soccer store thanks to Australia’s UltraFootball, who have a huge store in Sydney, the World’s Largest Football Store. Now isn’t it nice to know that wherever you are, getting your next pair of boots is easy and fun thanks to these online outlets? And our job is to summarise the best deals from these retailers and points from the reviewers so we can help you sort out the information that matters to you most.

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