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Boot Colours!

Dean Ariola

To see the full range of colours of boots available, scroll down the page. The variety of colours of boots is quite amazing, long gone are the days where all you could get was a black pair, or if you wanted something a bit special, then a pair of Puma Kings with a splash of white or the adidas Copa Mondials.

Nowadays a rainbow of colour options abound for your boots, or if you want a particular colour you can design your own with services like NIKEiD. Brands have started to recreate some of the old designs too, so your favourite boot or colour could be due a resurgence too.

Football Boot Colouring Pages

If you want to show us your boot colours by downloading our FREE boot colouring sheet, click the link below & make sure to show us your designs and tag us on instagram @FootballBootsYT for a chance to get featured!

What Colourways Are Available…

red football boots


Red boots can vary from scarlet, vermillion, crimson, pale red pink to dark red burgundy

orange football boots


Created by mixing yellow and red; Orange is named after the fruit, hues include Tangerine, Peach and Apricot

yellow football boots


Hues of yellow include, Cream and Lemon, it is a bright primary colour, for standout boots!

green football boots


Green boots can also be Emerald, Jade, Lime, Olive, Teal, Frog, Lazer, or Grass just make sure you can see them on the pitch!

blue football boots


Understated to bold, depending on the tone, blue can come in ultramarine, cobalt, navy, azure, sky blue and looks great with white or yellow

purple football boots


Between blue and red, looking great paired with both, purple has a regal look to it, worn by the games royalty, is that you?…

pink football boots


Not for the shy or reserved, pink is in your face colour, often seen on the feet of speedsters as they race past defenders, be bold.

gold football boots


Only for winners? Or those who know they will be…Gold is the ultimate statement in boots, you know you’ve got the goods, now show them.

silver football boots


A precious metal, Ag is silver’s chemical element, focus on lifting trophies in your pair, win the silverware

black football boots


Black-out; the classic boot colour, tripe black, academy pack, stealth, everybody looks good in black.

white football boots


They won’t stay clean for long, but they look sharp on pitch and were the first colour movement away from black boots

What Does the Colour of Your Boots Say About You?

In the Seventies advances in technology meant that a variety of colours of boot could be made by manufacturers, 2006 brought laser technology to the boot making process, meaning fully customisable boots were possible, players could pick their own boot colour. By 2010 boot makers were using brighter and brighter tones to make boots stand out more and make it easier for team-mates to pick out each other with passes.


Dean Ariola

Dean has worked Chief writer at the Black & Orange team since 2020, he has an indepth knowledge of all the soccer shoes from the big brands, you have him to thank for all the updates to our Boot Secrets guide and he is first on the scene with all the new releases for you!