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Football Boots Guide

Picking a pair of new boots is going to come down to understanding your feet and your style of play, you are going to want to pick some that are right for you and we are here to help. If your feet have stopped growing you are going to want a tight fit, if they are still growing give yourself a little space to expand into during the season. Those with wide feet, should check out our specific guide for the wide footed player.

Now depending on which position you play, you'll want a different boot too; play in defence and you'll want a strong, resilent boot that is going to protect you in the tackle, but play on the wing or up front and you'll want a lighter boot to evade those challenges and use your speed.

Which Boots Should You Wear? ⤵

How to Choose Your Boots? ⤵

Your first step in understanding the boot buying process is to download our boot buying guide, where we talk you through all the secrets to buying the right boots. Get your copy, click on the orange button above.

Choose Your Boots By Position

Choosing Boots

You also have your choice of materials for your boot; leather boots will mould themselves to the shape of your feet, but when it is wet they can stretch out of shape, whilst synthetic boots can be less expensive and are often lighter than leather.

The final choice is the sole type, many players opt for two pair of boots in the season, one for soft ground with interchangable studs and another pair for harder ground that use blades. Next to each boot shown on our site is a logo that indicates whether they are suitable for firm ground, soft ground or artifical ground, use that as a guide to getting the pair you need.