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Boots How To Guide

Picking a pair of new boots is going to come down to understanding your feet and your style of play, you are going to want to pick some that are right for you and we are here to help. Follow our step, by step guide below to find your boots:

1.Know What Size Your Feet Are

Most people will have different shapes of foot, and almost every boot model on the market is made to a different last (shape), so knowing your own foot shape is vital to getting a comfortable fit. Buying the correct size boot is important for two main reasons – comfort and performance. You can measure your feet with a ruler, marking points at the back of the heel and at the highest point of the big toe. Watch the video above to learn how.

Use the boot size guide we have here, to work out your sizing, they can vary acorss brands. If your feet have stopped growing you are going to want a tight fit (about a thumbs width of space), if they are still growing give yourself a little space to expand into during the season. Those with wide feet, should check out our specific guide for the wide footed player. Women's feet are anatomically different to mens, so you should look for a specific women's boot if you are a female, taking your football seriously. Girls can wear the unisex children's and junior boots available from all brands.

2. What Type Of Pitch Will You Play On?

Sole type, many players opt for two pair of boots in the season, one for muddy soft ground with interchangable metal studs and another pair for harder ground or grass that use smaller plastic moulded studs or blades. You can also get specific boots for astro turf or artificial pitches and indoor or turf shoes specifically designed for five-a-side or indoor football.

3. What Is My Position?

A lot of people will tell you boots by position don't matter, you might feel the same yourself & and to some extent you are right. You can wear any boots in any position, but some brands do make some boots to have added advantages to certain styles of player, which can match to your position.

If you play in a few different places, or have a couple of options, just choose your favourite.

4. What Is My Level of Football?

Choosing a pair of boots dependent on your playing level is important. If you’re an entry level player then opting for a scaled-down model at cheaper prices is the best option. If you’re playing at higher levels or more often, where performance enhancements & enhanced comfort can make a difference then choosing an elite tier boot could prove effective.

5. How Much Do You Have To Spend?

Football boots are available at significantly different prices, ranging from the super cheap, anywhere from £30 up to £300 for the very Elite level boots that are new special editions. Generally you can get a very suitable quality boot for around £100, but if you want the latest and greatest you may well be looking at spending £250.

The vast difference in price can be broken down into three main factors:

6. Read Reviews Of The Boots

Once you have an idea of a few pairs of boots you like the look of, or think might suit you, take the time to read our reviews so you can understand what is good and bad about each boot and how they'll work for you.

7. Ask for help

If you've got this far and you can't decide what pair are right for you or you can't find what you want, then we suggest booking a consultation with us to discuss your next pair. We've tried our best to provide as much free information as we possibly can, including our Boot Secrets guide, but as we get so many questions still, we can only make time to help with scheduled consultations or email assistance. You need to make a booking and then we can dedicate the time to help you. We make sure you find that elusive pair or that you great a great deal on your next pair, either way it is worth the small fee to get just what you want to make playing football more enjoyable, comfortable and successful.

FAQ When Choosing Boots