Keeper's Boots

The goalkeeper is the player directly responsible for preventing the opposition from scoring by defending the goal. The goalkeeper is the only player in the side who may use hands and arms (within the penalty area) to play the ball.

Boots for Goalies

The most popular boot choice for goalkeepers showcases the new adidas Ace 15 as holding pole position. The Ace is adorned by some the most highly rated goalkeepers across the football world due to its suberb versatility including David De Gea, Petr Cech and Iker Casillas, whilst the leather version of the Ace is worn by the forward-thinking Manuel Neuer and PSG's Salvatore Sirigu.

Nike's Magista Opus is a solid choice for the goalkeepers within the game due to the NikeSkin and Kanga-Lite upper which provides both an increased touch and feel of the ball thus makes it great for striking whilst a solid foundation adds protection. Premier League shot stoppers including the highly talented Thibaut Courtois and Liverpool's Simon Mignolet lace up in the aesthetically pleasing Opus silo.

Another option for goalkeepers is the Magista Obra by Nike. Designed for enhanced control and touch this boot is headlined by the likes of England's first choice goalkeeper Joe Hart and Atletico Madrid's Miguel Angel Moya. The Obra is a bit more universal than the Superfly because the last is much wider thus enhancing comfort and feel making it a preffered option for goalkeepers.

The Puma evoPOWER is worn by the likes of Germany's Roman Weidenfeller and Italy's Gigi Buffon. The evoPOWER was first released in 2014 replacing the PowerCat range. The main feature of the evoPOWER is the injected 3D Shooting Technology located in the kicking area which optimises power but maintains touch and control. This boot would suit goalkeepers for kicking and general ball striking as the 3D shooting technology enhances your power and accuracy.

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