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Tiempo Legend Elite Review

Nike's Tiempo Legend is their latest leather boot, another innovation on the classic leather football boots. The Legend 8 includes not just flyknit, first seen on the Legend VII, but Quadfit now too, read how this affects the fit and the comfort of pro players favourite leather option and find out if they are right for you.

5 Things You'll Want to Know About the Legend 8:

  1. A softer and more comfortable Tiempo generation, uses an unstitched, quilted leather
  2. A quadfit mesh boot, moves, but then locks to prevent overstretching of the leather
  3. Uses a flyknit tunnel, that allows narrow and wide feet to fit equally well.
  4. Hyperstabilty soleplate is a tried and tested option for these boots
  5. New construction gives a more locked in feel, that isn't necessarily the traditional Tiempo feel.

Your Tiempo Legend Options:

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Expert Tiempo Legend Elite Reviews:

To save you time, we've combined our own personal opinions of the boots, with those of the most trusted voices on Football Boots online. Below you can find video reviews of the Tiempo Legend Elite FG and their key takeaways, so everything you'd want to know on the Nike Tiempo Legend is here for you!

Unisport talked about the Under The Radar Tiempo Legend, they said:

  • Less free, plush and leather like, instead a lot more restrictive & locked in, so not a Tiempo like we know.
  • No foam lining, instead a 3D press has made a diamond shaped pattern in the leather.
  • The texture adds friction, grip and control of the ball, but makes the boot feel more rigid, synthetic like
  • The Legend 8 has a thin leather upper and gives a soft and comfortable ride
  • Old school (leather) meets new school (flyknit) all in the name of comfort.
  • Quadfit mesh, wide mesh sleeve, personal comfortable fit, tightens with tension, or when your foot slides around. - more responsive, locked in fit
  • No change in outsole, dissappointing nothing happened in two years, it is pretty decent, but it isn't perfect, something could have been improved?

What people said about the new Legend 8 Elite:

  • We are still waiting for some feedback before completing the review
  • Some players are disappointed at the further move away from a traditional leather boot
  • The stitchless quilted diamond pattern on the upper helps keep water and mud from seeping in, due to the lack of perforations of the leather, that you'd get with stitching.
  • Online users have called them the merger of the Magista Opus and Phantom Venom
  • Some people think they are the creation of a leather collarless Phantom Vision
  • Some reviews have suggested they are a like a leather Mercurial Vapor
  • Flyknit tongue streches down to insole creating a knitted toe less sock (the flyknit tunnel), that gives you the locked in benefit of knitted boots.

Your Tiempo Legend Questions Answered

How much do the Nike Tiempo Legend cost?

The Elite Tiempo RRP is £190, the Pro £115, and the Academy £65. Kids Academy are £48 and Kids Club £35.

What is the difference between the Tiempo Legend and the Premier II?

While both feature a soft K-leather, the Tiempo Legend 8 is more technologically advanced and offers more lockdown courtesy of the Quadfit mesh layer and the Flyknit midfoot tunnel.

Which Tiempo Legend boot is the best?

The best Tiempo Legend is the Tiempo Legend 8 Elite, after that you have the Pro, Academy and Club versions in that order.

Who wears the Nike Tiempo Legend?

The world's best defenders, Virgil Van Dijk, Sergio Ramos, and Gerard Pique, all wear the Tiempo Legend 8.

What is Nike Tiempo Legend?

A football boot made by Nike, the Tiempo Legend 8 is features a multi layered upper consisting of the outer K-leather followed by the inner Quadfit Mesh and Flyknit midfoot tunnel, both of which reinforces the boot's lockdown and structure.

Can you get Children's Tiempo Legends?

Yes Tiempo Legend 8 comes in kids, the same as other Nike silos, including junior Elite and there are child specific vartiations at various price points.

Do the Tiempo 8 suit wide feet?

Yes, Nike have used a flyknit tunnel that will adjust shape between narrow and wide feet in the midfoot, so these will suit better than most Nike boots for players with wide feet.

Is there a collared version?

There is no DF or dynamic fit sock version of the Legend 8, only a low option is available.

Are they comfortable?

Yes! They are very comfortable, it is a change with the mesh boot before you feel the leather and a more compressive fit than other Tiempo's, its a modern leather boot, rather than an old classic leather pair.

Can I wear the Tiempo Legend on Soft Ground or Artificial Turf/Grass?

Yes, the Tiempo comes in different soleplates including SG (Wet Ground), AG (Artficial turf) and FG (Grass) as well as indoor and futsal specific soles, make sure to choose the right sole that suits the surfaces you intend to play on.

Are they lightweight?

Yes, for a leather boot they are, especially with the use of flyknit, but not as light as some synthetic alternatives, having no collar also drops the weight.

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