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Top Wide Fit Boots

The width of a football boot can directly impact comfort levels and some football boots are designed for thin feet while others are designed to fit all types of feet. Wide fit boots have the ability to fit any foot type whether thin or wide and here is a list of the best wide fit football boots on the market today:

Do You Have Wide Feet?

Best Boots For Wide Feet

Click here to jump to our top ten options you should consider for wide feet.Different boots are built on different lasts, which suit different feet. It is unfortunate that there a no high level boots that truely suit wide feet, the good news is most players feet are not as wide as they think they might be, our best options are below:

Football boots are more complex than usual trainers and, to a certain extent, even running shoes, in that they have to fulfil a lot of performance needs of a player. Soccer cleats have to be responsive to ball touches, playing surface, and player movements. At the end of the day though, the performance of a pair of football boots is only as good as the fit and comfort the boots provide to its wearer. The last thing a player wants is a pair that is either too tight they become restrictive and painful or too loose they become less responsive, all these on top of injury concerns from lockdown and stability issues those incorrectly sized shoes bring.

Just like any other shoes, football boots come in different sizes, primarily based on length from toe to heel, to cater to different fitting needs. In addition to length though, the width and arch of the feet are also important considerations because all things being equal in terms of length, some people’s feet are just wider and have more volume. By simply measuring their feet width from their widest ends as well as their arches and comparing the results with this table (, people would know whether their feet are wider than usual for their length. In the same manner that feet width varies, some football boots are just naturally wider and more spacious given the different brands, silos, and constructions available.

Top 10 Wide Football Boots

Are Nike boots good for wide feet?

Regarding Nike football boots, the Tiempo Legend 8, with its thin textured leather, Quadfit inner sleeve, and hyperstability outsole, is generally regarded as suitable to wide feet players. The adjustable lacing system, stretchable collar, and supportive Flywire cables allow the Phantom Venom to slightly adjust to wide feet wearers as well. It is also the expandable yet movement tightening nature of Quadfit, together with a Flyknit upper, that makes the Phantom Vision II join the Tiempo Legend 8 and Phantom Venom, to a certain extent. On the other hand, the lower toe box and more structured Flyknit upper of the Mercurial Vapor 13 and Superfly 7, relative to their previous generation, make them less applicable.

Puma’s King Platinum uses stretchable premium K-leather to adjust even to the widest of feet size. The One 20.1, because it also has the K-leather, also does adapt but not to the extent of the King Platinum given that the One has more structure to it. With its knitted upper, the Future 5.1 is capable of covering a width of extreme proportions.

Are adidas boots wide or narrow?

The laceless + top models of the X-layskinned Adidas X, Torsion-taped Nemeziz, and leathered Copa are only able to cover the wider spectrum to a reasonable level primarily because of the narrow openings as well as the lack of adjustability. This means the boots go from adjusting nicely to moderately wide sizes to immediately being restrictive for very wide feet. The laceless Predator 20+ can accommodate slightly wide forefoot. Given their laceless nature, the Adidas boots need lockdown reinforcement and wide feet may not suffice to provide such.

Mizuno’s leather offering of Morelia Neo 2 and Rebula 3 only provide a certain degree of accommodation to width while the Morelia Neo 2 Beta is a bit more forgiving. In general, though, the Mizunos are not the widest of silos.

The stitched leather Tekela 2.0 and synthetic Fantom Fit-framed Furon 5.0 of New Balance are said to be wide silos to begin with and still have Wide versions. The Furon 5.0 has less volume though relative to the Tekela.

Best Boots For A Wide Foot

The consensus concerning silos that accommodate wide feet to their fullest is Puma’s Future and both New Balance’s Tekela and Furon.

The old Puma evoPOWER was a great option for widefooted players, now replaced with the Puma Future netfit, with its customisable lacing system that can accomodate the wider foot, with its variety of lacing systems. Looking to boots with a super soft K-Leather upper, is a great idea for comfort and room to move in wide footed players. Boots like the Mercurial Vapor & Superfly are too narrow for wide footed players to be able to wear, without going up in sizes, not the ideal solution for a perfect fit.

The width of people's feet can differ from very narrow to very wide. The comfort of any boot comes down to the type of last the boot features. A contoured last fits very wide and high feet where a narrow last fits thin and flat feet. The material on the upper is also very important to consider. Leather uppers have the ability to expand over time and mould to your foot making it a good choice for wide feet where synthetic uppers need a lot more breaking in time for the boot to mould to your specific foot type. For example the Hypervenom Phantom would be an ideal choice for wide footed players and the Mercurial Vapor a good choice for thin feet.