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Copa Sense Review

The Copa Sense has been worn by the likes of Paulo Dybala and Joao Felix for the laceless model, and by Jude Bellingham and Manuel Neuer for the laced version. It is the leather silo from the Three Stripes and is now packed with technologies directed to amplify your sense for the ball. But should you choose it as your next pair? Read on and get a sense of what the next Copa is like...

7 Things About the Copa Sense You'll Want to Know:

  1. Unique adidas Fusionskin upper seamlessly combines K-leather and adidas Primeknit knit material
  2. Memory-foamed Touchpods on the medial and lateral side target diffusion of high-impact ball contact, ultimately aiming for improved first touch
  3. Anatomically-placed Sensepods press back against the heel to eliminate any space and enhance the foot's connected sensation to the boot
  4. Two medial forefoot Softstuds made of a bit softer TPU complements the function of the Touchphod
  5. Collar opening is also anatomically structured for a more efficient fit
  6. Updated visuals see the Copa with a flowing curved texturing for a more elegant look
  7. Also worn by De Gea, Hummels, and Insigne
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What is new with the Copa Sense?

First, the Fusionskin upper now has a flowing curved texturing that is visually more appealing than that of the previous generation. However, the said upper material cuts back its leather composition and instead uses an internal liner that, while still soft, is noticeably denser.

Next up, there are Touchpods placed around the medial side and the lateral side. These are memory foams that intend to diffuse ball contact impact. The internal Sensepods on the heel press back against the heel to fill up all the negative space. The collar has a cruved opening that generally follows the anatomy around the ankles, all designed for a more efficient fit.

Lastly, the new Senseframe tooling features conicals and rounded blades to make the configuration more aggressive in traction than previous generation. Two medial studs known as Softstuds are made of softer TPU to complement the touch function of the Touchpod.

What we think of them...

Those who like the previous Copa may feel disappointed that the Sense now has noticeably less leather. This puts the Copa Sense in a similar situation as the Nike Tiempo Legend, which is also being criticised as lacking in terms of the leather feel on feet. Nonetheless, the Copa Sense does feel more form-fitting and secure lockdown-wise because of its overall shape and the heel lockdown from the Sensepods.

Speaking of Sensepods, you might need to give the new Copa some time to break-in for you to avoid getting blisters. The Sensepods constantly rub against your heel, so be sure to give it some time to get accustomed to the new sensation.

The Sensepods and the shape of the boot enable the Copa Sense to join the X Ghosted in the list of laceless boots with decent lockdown. It also joins the Predator Freak in providing the same technology with the laced model, so that those who prefer the adjustability of laces don't significantly miss out on the premium features of the Copa Sense +. With that said, the Copa Sense is narrow to moderate width fitting. For wider feet, the Predator or the Nemeziz would be the better choice.

Expert Copa Sense Reviews:

Aside from our personal opinion, we've brought together the most trusted voices on Football Boots to save you time and effort in getting all information about the Copa Sense. Below you can find video reviews and the key takeaways. Everything you'd want to know is on one place!

Jay Mike of Unisport Review (narrow-footed):

  • New look is insanely classy; one of the best looking boots in the market
  • Forefoot is now wider while remaining snug in the midfoot
  • Sense feels more anatomical compared to last year and fits naturally around the foot
  • Still comfortable despite the leather being less plush
  • Lockdown is better than expected
  • Had to go up half-a-size for a less restricting fit
  • Senseframe has enough traction for change of direction; heel counter is strong and stable; not sure if Softstuds work as intended for ball control
  • Upper has a little bit of tactile sensation for grip
  • Had to get used to the slightly raised toe box
  • Reduced leather does not fit with the Copa heritage; hardcore leather boot fans might need to check other market options
  • Sensepods feels a bit rough, plasticky, and stiff; might cause blisters
  • New upper construction has creasing out of the box; would need some break-in time to remove pressure points
  • Not the lightest among all top-end silos
  • New shape and new Fusionskin construction make the Copa Sense more natural-fitting
  • Not for super wide feet
  • True-to-size
  • A step forward in terms of fit but backward in terms of being a leather boot
  • A good representation of a laceless, sock-like boot, but not as a Copa model

Josh of SR4U (flat-footed):

  • One of the most visually interesting football boot to come for some time
  • The touch is not as leather-like as previous-generation Copa due to less amount of leather; might disappoint those who like the previous-generation Copa
  • Touchpods do provide a dampen sensation during ball contact, though the memory foams contribute to the mimised leather feel; not necessarily bad but could have been dealt away to improve the leather feel
  • Reinforcing overlay on the elastic Primeknit tongue is improved; has pieces of breaks that allow the Primeknit to stretch width-wise but not necessarily length-wise; good for providing enough midfoot compression and not being too restrictive
  • A good direction fit-wise for laceless football boots
  • Anatomic collar looks cool but not necessary as it feels like a traditional low-cut collar
  • Sensepods locks down the heel in place quite nicely but may introduce the risk of blisters
  • Take time when breaking-in the boots
  • Senseframe a nice improvement of the Exoframe; external heel counter is solid and looks cool with the wavy design; soleplate itself has good rigidity in the midfoot, and the forefoot is very flexible, even softer than that of the Predator or Nemeziz; not as responsive as the X Ghosted Carbitex Speedframe; overall feels a lot like the soleplate of the New Balance Tequila
  • Stud configuration more aggressive than the previous Copa studs
  • Softstuds simply does not help control the ball better

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