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Copa Mundial Review

Dean Ariola

With the adidas Copa Mundial, we are fortunate to get a window of how football boots were before synthetics and knit came to dominate the industry. It has been around for a good few decades now, and you usually see the it worn by coaches and referees. You can also see a few being rocked on by casual players in Sunday league football and friendlies. How did the adidas Copa Mundial become one, if not the longest serving silo in football boot history? Let’s talk about it on this page…

What You’ll Find On This Page:

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Things to Know about the Copa Mundial

  1. Still going strong after its inception in 1979
  2. Handcrafted from Germany
  3. One of the Best Boots For Wide Feet
  4. Retailing at £150
  5. Comprised fully of K-leather, including the tongue
  6. Has a central lacing system
  7. Single soleplate with conical stud layout
  8. Worn by the likes of Zinedine Zidane, Diego Maradona and Franz Beckenbauer
  9. Nowadays competes with the likes of Nike Premier and Mizuno Morelia
  10. Basis of modern adidas Copa boots

What We Think about the Mundial

Classic Design: Iconic black and white look.
Premium K-leather: Durable and moulds to your foot.
⚽ Superior Performance: Excellent traction and responsiveness.
Built to Last: Withstands the rigours of the game.
Versatile: Suitable for various playing surfaces.
️ Timeless Appeal: Worn by football legends.

adidas Copa Pure

A return to the Copa's leather identity, leather is fused with Fusionskin upper for a soft fit and good feel on the ball, just lacks that k-leather quality which is a shame for some.

Product SKU: HQ8885

Product Brand: adidas

Editor's Rating:

✔️ Pros
  • K-leather one of most premium in a pair of football boots; comfortably soft and pliable against the foot; sufficient cushioned sensation
  • Consistent leather experience and thickness from heel to toe
  • Truly moulds around your foot and customises fit
  • Conical stud layout perfect for FG/AG adaptability
  • Very durable; rivets on the tip of outsole prevents the upper from ripping out of the sole
❌ Cons
  • Not a responsive boot; might experience internal slippage
  • Leather overstretching is an issue in the long run and could cause the boot feeling flimsy over time (need sizing down to offset, even for wide feet)
  • Vulnerable to water uptake
  • Flat soleplate, while good for stability, lacks the speedy, raised toe or angled profile of modern soleplates
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