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Best Cheap Football Boots

When looking for cheap football boots, you are after one of two things, discounted elite level boots, that are cheaper than their full retail price or a scaled down less quality boot, made of cheaper materials, that will cost you less anyway. On this page we focus on the cheaper models, below you will find our Top 10 picks, we also show you the latest by each main brand.

You can get the best quality football boots at discounted prices and on sale, you just need to know when and where to look and we can help you. Genuine products rarely get under 50% off, any further discounts be aware you could be looking at fake product which you should avoid.

Top 10 Cheap Boots:

Nike make their academy boots in adults & younger kids sizes (Nike Jr.) so look out for which size suits you.

1. Nike Mercurial Vapor Academy

Removes the collar construction but retains everything else, offering the same Academy Mercurial at a cheaper level

Most professionals prefer the Vapor over the Superfly given that it's the same boot but with a more breathable and free ankle feel due to its low cut collar. The same collar difference applies on the Academy-level Mercurial silos, with the additional savings on the Vapors gaining even more consideration from budget-conscious consumers.

These cheaper Vapors are made of synthetic material and carry the visuals of the top-tier models with the same style graphic designs. The upper may be considered soft, but it falls on the stiffer side when compared to the more premium Vapor levels and therefore might require some breaking-in when you first wear them.

2. Nike Phantom GT Academy

Control boots for recreational players

Nike's control boot has this variation for those who like the silo but are reluctant to break the bank. Despite the cheaper synthetic used for the upper, it still has a Generative Texture, albeit less prominent than the one found on the Elite models. You'll find the synthetic upper needs some break-in period for it to soften up around your foot.

The soleplate feels solid for the price range and by default the Phantom GT Academy are multigrounded, giving you great value for money given that you can play with the same boot on both grass and artificial pitches.

3. adidas X Speedflow .3

The most popular boot in the adidas line, with a price friendly tag, these are for the speedsters!

4. adidas Copa Sense.3

A decent alternative to the takedown Tiempos; offers some structure and responsiveness with its synthetic midfoot

Because of the amount and quality of the calfskin leather on its upper, the Pro Tiempo from Nike is one of the highly regarded pair of football boots at this price point. Aside from the great leather finish for its tier level, the fit is decent and the soleplate construction well above average as far as Pro boots are concerned.

5. Nike Tiempo Legend Pro

One of the best options not only as a Pro leather boot but as a value-for-money boot in general, you're getting a lot of the best aspects of the Tiempo, but at a reduced price, the cheapest quality leather option out there.

6. Nike Mercurial Superfly Academy

Meant to last with its durability and protection-oriented bulky upper

Bearing the name of one of the most iconic silos of all time, this Academy pair of Mercurial Superfly are always a best seller generation after generation. The upper has a thicker yet softer profile than the flagship Mercurial model, and the embossed mesh on the surface attempts to replicate the engineered mesh of the Elite Vaporposite material. A good cheap Mercurial option for casual players.

7. Puma Ultra 3.3

Teaser option for Puma's speed boot

8. Puma Future Z 3.2

Cheap Neymar boots for those who want an affordable pair of the Superstar's soccer cleats

9. adidas Predator Edge.3

Replaces the rubber elements of the top-end + model with a sticky Control Zone print, these means the upper is considerably less stiff than the professional model, a huge improvement on feet.

Usually, the cheaper models of a silo would have a significant departure from the quality set by the top-tier boot. This is not the case for the Tiempo, and its budget option stand out in replicating much of the Elite boot experience using cheaper materials.

10. Nike Tiemp Legend Academy

The Academy have a calfskin-based upper rather than the K-leather of the Elite. The soft premium leather may not be as soft as the K-leather, but it still delivers the familiar padded touch on the ball and the supple feeling around your foot. The only change that makes the Academy feel cheap is the mesh liner that can have issues with durability.

Cheap Nike Boots

The academy model is the best cheap option from Nike when it comes to their boots, they still have that little bit of quality to make them suitable for the casual player and kids, whilst not breaking the bank like the professional Elite boots or Pro options, their construction is considerably better than the Club pairs, which should be considered for very young kids only.

The Academy Tiempo is highly regarded on how it feels similar to its parent Elite boot considering the significant price cut of the Academy level. The Club is the go-to for the cheapest possible Tiempo. The synthetic leather does require some break-in time, and arguably makes the case that the Club Tiempo is where one can feel the downgrades for the sake of a cheaper price. The Tiempo Club can serve its purpose though for young players as it is more protective due to its thicker and synthetic leather build.

The Academy and Club are your cheap options for the Mercurial Vapor and Superfly. The former is the takedown model where you see a significant change in material and execution relative to the Elite, while the latter acts as the entry-level boot. The Academy has a padded synthetic upper and a wider shape for a relaxed fit. The texture of the engineered mesh is replicated via moulded texturing. A standard tongue construction replaces the Flyknit on the arch of the boot. While obviously not snappy as the actual Aerotrak outsole, the tooling of the Academy Mercurials retain the spined split-sole structure.

The Club is the go-to for the cheapest possible Superfly. It does, however, still have the neoprene sock collar and the padded synthetic material for the upper, though the visuals are solely carried out through graphics including the mesh texturing. The meshed heel liner, which easily wear and tear, is an area where corners have been cut to further trim down the price. The outsole is a full-length soleplate unlike the split-sole of the upper models. The Club is best for young players who are still developing physically and need a pair that supports their growing feet while remaning economical in price.

The GT 2 Club is lacks a true Generative Texture, with just more of a dimpled texturing. The trophy synthetic is built thicker, meaning it may not necessarily be comfortable but is sure to be more protective from getting stepped on. Another good point about the Club is that it feels more durable and can surely take the beating away from your foot.

Good Cheap adidas

The best option for cheap adidas boots, is their .3 range, similar to Nike's academy they give you a little bit of quality, at a budget price, in recent years adidas have even made their laceless boots in the .3 level, making them more accessable for all to try. We would only reccommend the .3 laced pairs though, as the lockdown from the cheaper laceless models is not enough.

Should you Buy Cheap or Expensive Boots?

Take a look at these couple of videos that might help you decide which pair will be right for you. They take a look at the best cheap boots you can buy in 2022, with a breakdown of why brands offer cheap and expensive models, you can check those out in the videos below.

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