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Ultra 1.1 Review

Puma's Ultra is the brand's re-entry to the speed boot category since the iconic Evospeed SL. Players who rely on their pace have something to look forward to with Puma's latest offering.

5 Things You'll Want to Know About the Ultra:

  1. Has a modern speed boot silhouette that is perfect for narrow to standard fitting
  2. Noticeably ligther even to the likes of Mercurials and Xs
  3. A significant portion of the upper is exposed leaving all grip to the texture of the yarns use
  4. The MATRYXEVO upper uses reactive Kevlar and Carbon yarns that support fast-forward motion, functioning like Nike's Quadfit
  5. Soft and lightweight yet durable and structurally stable
I'm Ready to Buy My Ultra

Expert Ultra 1.1 Reviews:

To save you time, we've combined our own personal opinions of the boots, with those of the most trusted voices on Football Boots online. Below you can find video reviews of the Ultra 1.1 FG/AG and their key takeaways, so everything you'd want to know on the Puma Ultra is here for you!

Unisport field tested the Puma Ultra, they said:

  • Definitely has the looks of a speed boot with its sleek silhouette, bladed outsole, woven upper, and bladed outsole
  • With Puma being Puma, the Ultra is ridiculously lightweight
  • In spite of being ultra lightweight, the Ultra does have solid feel to it with its plushness and snug
  • Excited to put the boot in action because of the grip provided by the exposed, uncoated upper
  • Comfortable because of the boot's flexibility and true-to-size fit
  • Brings back Puma's focus to speed as compared to the versatile One line; simply screams SPPEEEDD
  • Most responsive outsole among Puma's boots
  • Has an interesting padded feeling for an ultralight football boots

SR4U said of the Puma Ultra:

  • Noticeably light right off the bat
  • Lightweight but structurally sound and stable
  • Has a cool looking silhouette
  • A nice direction for Puma
  • No concern about the durability issue that plagued the Evospeed SL
  • Woven textile on the toe box and instep is exposed but its texture greatly enhances grip
  • New outsole is very responsive

Your Puma Ultra Questions Answered

What size do I go for?

True to size, so you should get your normal size. Has a modern slim profile compared to the roomy Future.

Who's going to be wearing them?

Players whose bread-and-butter is pace. Perfect for wingers and attacking fullbacks, or for players playing in a system of quick counter attacks. Antoine Griezmann and Sergio Aguero will headline the new boots.

What is new with the Ultra?

Puma has decided to go back to its focus with speed after spending time with the versatile One. The Ultra will be part of Puma's current offering alongside the agility-based Future. With the said focus on speed, the Ultra replicates the evoSPEED SL's legacy as an ultra lightweight boot.

Is the Ultra meant to last for only a few matches like the evoSPEED SL?

No. Despite being lightweight, the Ultra is structurally sound and stable, thereby developing durability to make it last just like other football boots.

Are they comfortable?

Yes! They are very comfortable. The MATRYXEVO upper is thin yet slightly padded, and has enough flexibility to mould to the shape of your foot upon feeling the boot's slim profile.

Is there a collared version?

There is no collared version of the Ultra, only a low option is available.

Is their a kids Puma Ultra?

Yes of course! Like all of Puma's ranges their are kid specific versions at more affordable prices.

Will the Ultra suit my wide feet?

Not the widest fitting boot by Puma, though it could still accomodate wide-feet players that are not on the extreme.

What are the yarns making up the MATRYXEVO upper)?

The MATRYXEVO is composed of reactive kevlar and carbon yarns that are supportive of fast-forward motion.

Can I wear the Ultra on Artificial Turf/Grass or Muddy Pitches?

The Speedunit soleplate can be played as FG/AG. Consider SG for muddy pitches.

Are they lightweight?

They are the lightest of them all relative to today's speed boot offering, and also has signicant improvement in durability than the evoSPEED SL.

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