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Puma’s Future Z is perfect for those looking to stay agile and deft. The boots provide an identity distinct from the speedy Ultra or the traditional King Platinum. Read on to know more about how the Future Z can help you stay in nimble on your feet.

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Recent football trends have pushed knit to the backseat, years after the successful integration of the material into the mainstream courtesy of the likes of Nike Magista and Superfly IV. The Future Z remains one of the few remaining options for a pair of sock-like football boots. How well they do it and how the Future Z perform in general is something we’ll talk about in the following sections.

Which Stars are Associated with the Puma Future Z?

Ever since its launch in December 2020, Neymar has been the face of the Future Z. But he is not alone, having the likes of James Maddison, Luis Suarez, and Thiago Silva joining him in promoting the Puma boot on the pitch. Women football stars Ingrid Engen and Fridolina Rolfö are also all-in with the Puma silo.

Models of Puma Future Z

Puma names the generation and tier level of their boots with the first number referencing the tier, so 1. is the top-end model (Elite), whilst the second number is the generation, so .4 in this case means the fourth-gen Future Z.


The Puma Future Z boots are headlined by Neymar Jr. just like their football star, the Future is centred on the concept of agility.

Women’s 1.4

Puma make their Future Z with women’s feet in mind & you can get them to suit the female foot shape and size. Many players wore them on pitch at the Women’s Euro 2022 tournament, when Puma launched a special pack at Liberty tied in with the female tournament kits too.


The Future 2.4 are less premium than Neymar’s boots, but the two still have that quality feel nonetheless and made even more attractive by its significantly cheaper valuation. It retains the Fuzionfit compression band, Dynamic Motion System tooling, and forefoot texture, but the upper in general is synthetic-based with plenty of padding on the inside.


A thinner knit upper with a cheap nylon liner and a more solid and weighted feel to the TPU soleplate. The budget Future is where the price decrease is noticeable because of the durable synthetic upper, as opposed to the high-performing knit material found on the top Future tiers. Fuzionfit is still on the arch of the midfoot, but the tension it provides is significantly less felt now.

Kids Future Z

Designed for tomorrow’s superstars, these are the children’s versions of the Future Z, so players can wear boots that look like their favourite stars on pitch, but at a price point to keep parents happy.

Differences include the upper materials and the soleplate in particular, they are also typically in the smaller sizes for the young feet.

Answering the Puma Future FAQs:

  • What makes the Future Z unique among all other football boots?

Whereas other popular boots have gone back to synthetics, the Future Z doubles down on its knitted, sock-like make. But what truly sets it apart is its own lockdown system called Fuzionfit+ that is unlike anything seen on football boots today. Fuzionfit+, while primarily laced, aims to make the boot as a laceless one at the same time.

  • How different is the 1.4 to the previous generations?

To the 1.3, not so much. 1.4 changes only the texturing on the Advance Creator Zones, converting them to raised curved strips rather than the pointed geometric ones on the 1.3. But relative to the 1.1 and 1.2, the 1.4 has a closer fit and a wider coverage of the Fuzionfit+ band.

  • Can I wear the Future Z laceless?

As far as Puma’s marketing goes, the Future Z can be worn without the laces. Whether it is viable or not as a laceless pair (not to mention the unremovable little lace loops that clutters the upper with the laces gone) is another question.

Puma Future Z Review

Six Things to Know About the Future Z:

  1. At less than £200, one of the most affordable top-end football boot
  2. Knit-based with a midcut finish
  3. Fuzionfit+ starts with less stretch and a loose pattern around the ankle for heel lockdown, before transitioning towards a more stretchy, tighter weave  to balance adaptive fit and lockdown reinforcement
  4. Officially labelled as FG/AG, warranty not voided when used in both natural and synthetic grounds
  5. Initially known for its customisable lacing system; transitioned to Fuzionfit+ with the Future Z release in December 2020
  6. Current gen 1.4 not much different from the 1.3, but certainly evolved from the 1.1 and 1.2 Future Zs

Our Puma Future Z Expert Review

Puma Future Z 1.4

The Future Z has to rank as one of the most comfortable boots on the market with a sock-like feel on feet from the Evoknit of the Fuzionfit+ upper.

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Product Brand: Puma

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Editor's Rating:

✔️ Pros
  • Easily one, if not the most comfortable pair of football boots with its emphasis on sock-like sensation
  • Upper material forms naturally to the shape of your foot
  • Evoknit of Fuzionfit+ one of the plushest and richest knit quality in the market
  • Wider coverage of the Fuzionfit+ streamlines the tension all-over the midfoot, as opposed to the midfoot-centric iteration of the compression band in the Future Z 1.1 and 1.2
  • Balanced ball touch; not too sharp but not too padded
  • Grip Control coating prevents the ball from being slick
❌ Cons
  • DMS soleplate functional but does not stand out relative to the Air Zoom Nike tooling or the adidas Carbitex Speedframe
  • Runs a bit quarter-size long; could be good for those who prefer that extra space on the toes, though responsiveness might be affected for some
  • FG/AG stud configuration runs a bit longer to be safe for synthetic pitches

With everyone going crazy with synthetic speed boots or being traditional by sticking to leather ones, the Puma Future Z is a reminder why knit became part of mainstream football boots. Its advantage in comfort and socklike-sensation is sure to command a following among boot enthusiasts.

Boot Rankings, Best For…
*Since the 1.4 introduced only slight tweaks to 1.3, we can consider these 1.3 review from Unisport to further get an idea about what the current gen Future Z feels like.*

Jay Mike on the TeaZer Future Z 1.3:

  • Fit is really comfortable out of the box because of the super ridiculously soft mesh toe box; has a nice padded sensation because of the internal foam
  • Because the sorona yarns are woven directly to the Evoknit midfoot, Fuzionfit+ has a sock-like adaptive fit on top of adding structure and stability on the upper
  • Midfoot is relatively tighter than the rest of the upper; Evoknit though feels premium and has a nice firm stretch; best knit material any football boot these days; sorona yarn tightness more of reassuring than uncomfortable one (Jay Mike is narrow-footed); still says Future Z 1.3 is decently wide but might need some actual testing to see how adaptive the Fuzionfit+ for really wide-footed players
  • Forefoot has no structure and feels extremely soft and pliable; comfortable feel favourite part of Jay Mike about the Future
  • Previous Future compression band feels too concentrated on the midfoot; compression in new Future Z 1.3 feels evenly spread out
  • Still runs a quarter long though but prefers true-to-size still given the tightness on the midfoot
  • Sharpish touch with a little bit of elegance and softness; textured outstep and sticky coating seemingly works
  • Dynamic Motion System soleplate has a nice, stiff, and stable midfoot and a set of studs good for rotational movements; does feel working with the foot rather than against it; Would prefer Puma consider the soleplate purefly FG and recommends getting the MG for artificial ground
  • Hard to hate the boots; more complete than its predecessor

Future Z vs Ultra: Which Puma boot to get?

The good thing about the Future Z and the Ultra is that regardless of which boot you get, both are way more affordable than other popular boots. It is also nice that the boots are completely different in construction and fit and feel. As mentioned a while a go, the leading football boots today are based on speed and has synthetic finishes, and the Ultra presents itself as a competitive option in this category. The Future Z, on the other hand, is all about comfort, freedom of movements, and agility. In terms of fit, narrow feet players usually go with the Ultra and those with more width opt for the Future Z.

Evolution of the Future Z

The Future silo started in 2017 and became popular for its Netfit system, allowing you to customise your lacing with its multiple lace hole options. Over time, the Future became less and less about Netfit, and in 2021, overhauled that closing system with the launch of the Future Z and its Fuzionfit, which currently informs the make of the Puma agility boot.

Future Z 1.3

If you have the Future Z 1.3, you’re not missing much in the 1.4. The 1.4 simply changes the pattern of the meshed medial and the textured lateral sides of the Advance Creator Zones. Apart from that, you’re still going to get the expanded Fuzionfit+ midfoot compression band, the Grip Control forefoot coating, and the uber-comfortable sensation its sock-like build delivers.

Future Z 1.1 and 1.2

Right out of its introduction, the Future Z is already performing above-average in terms of comfort in football boots. The first construction of the Fuzionfit system, however, is focused heavily on the midfoot, resulting in a less streamlined feel where the midfoot has all the tightness and the forefoot less restricted. In-character with Puma, the Dynamic Motion System remains the same throughout the several generations of the Future Z.


Ian Ebbs

Founder of back in 2010, Ian went on to create and host their YouTube channel which now has 1.5million subscribers and over 300 million views, he also hosts their podcast which you can find on Spotify. Taking his over fifteen year experience in the football industry, Ian wrote the book: How To Choose Your Boots (find it on Amazon) where he looks to help footballers of all levels find their perfect pair.

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