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Top Narrow Fit Boots

The width of a football boot can directly impact comfort levels and some football boots are designed for thin feet while others are designed to fit all types of feet. While narrow feet players would be able to fit in most boots, the following boots are generally narrow relative to the rest in the market:

Do You Have Narrow Feet?

2017 Best Boots For Narrow Feet

Click here to jump to our top ten options you should consider for narrow feet. Different boots are built on different lasts, which suit different feet. For narrow fitting boots, our best options are below:

The performance of a pair of football boots can be maximised if they fit perfectly to your fit size and shape. Narrow feet players may have the luxury of surely being able to fit to almost any silo, but they still face some responsiveness issues because of the extra space their foot shape generates inside the boot.

By simply measuring their feet width from their widest ends as well as their arches and comparing the results with this table (, people would know whether their feet are narrower than usual for their length. In the same manner that feet width varies, some football boots are just naturally narrower and tighter fitting given the different brands, silos, and constructions available.

Top 10 Narrow Football Boots

1. Nike Mercurial Superfly

The Mercurial Superfly are one of the best football boots available and are also naturally tight-fitting to give you the most responsiveness you can get from any soccer cleat. As such, narrow feet players would find the slim profile of the Superfly perfect for them.

2. Nike Mercurial Vapor

The Mercurial sibling of the collared Superfly not only brings the same snug fit and narrow profile, they also have more ankle freedom because of the low-cut collar.

3. adidas X Speedflow.1

Get the laced X Speedflow for a better lockdown.

4. Mizuno Morelia Neo Beta III Made in Japan

The highlight of any Mizuno boot is its premium K-leather, but the Morelia Beta boasts a speed boot silhouette supported by the synthetic Beta Mesh midfoot for responsiveness.

5. adidas Copa Sense.1

Match the tight fit and Sensepods on the heel with a traditional laced setup.

6. Puma Future Z 1.2

The Fuzionfit+ midfoot compression band allows the Future Z 1.2 to be adaptive to both wide-feet and narrow-feet players.

7. Puma King Platinum

Primarily a leathered boot, but the King Platinum has a slim profile with a thin upper and a tight fit, perfect for narrow feet.

8. Puma Ultra 1.3

The Puma Ultra has a clear lightweight feel over other modern speed boots. With an Ultracut synthetic upper and a relatively lowered volume, the boot gives a skin-tight feel that allows it to feel closer to a narrow foot.

9. adidas X Speedflow+

Laceless, synthetic textile, and tight-fitting, the X Speedflow+ doesn't offer that much stretch when worn in. But most important of all is that it falls on the narrow side of the width spectrum.

10. adidas Copa Sense+

The midfoot is tighter than your average boot, which is a major source of its lockdown. The boots even have Sensepods on the heel to remove negative space, thus improving lockdown.

Tight Fitting Football Boots

The major football boot brands would want to cater as much foot types as possible. But given that soccer cleats are performance footwear, eventually the manufacturers apply materials, constructions, and profiles that make their boots trend towards being tight-fitting and slimmer in silhouette. This benefits those with narrow feet, who arguably have more need to get the boots to sit closer to their foot relative to the average consumer.

Nike Mercurials and Other Speed Boots

The Nike Mercurials always come first to mind when thinking about football boots that have a snug fit and a slim profile. Arguably one of the highest performing boots of all time, the Mercurials are very responsive and have a secure lockdown. You can go for the Superfly if you like the feeling of having some material around your ankles. Otherwise, you can save up some money by simply opting for the collarless Vapor.

The adidas X Speeflow rival the Mercurials in almost every respect. They are synthetic, also very responsive especially with their soleplate that have been infused with Carbon-fibre inserts, and are thin and translucent. The modern adidas X silo is meant to provide a vacuum-fit feel and may not be that welcoming to those with wider feet.

The adidas Copa Sense, and perhaps even more so with the Puma King Platinum, gives narrow feet players some leather options. The Future Z may appeal to those who like a textile/knit finish.

Your Narrow Boot Questions:

Is Nike Mercurial good for narrow feet?

The Nike Mercurial has always been tight-fitting to make sure you feel secure about the boot and not sloppy, as any excess space could cause internal boot slippage. The limited volume and the structured, responsive nature of the silo's upper combine to easily wrap around narrow feet easily.

Is it bad to wear tight football boots?

No, it is not necessarily bad. In fact, the tight boots ensure the boot stays in place and help improve your responsiveness. However, every one reacts differently to tight-fitting boots, and if you have a physiological reaction then tight boots may not just really be your cup of tea.

Are Puma football boots wide or narrow?

The Ultra falls on the narrow side. The Future Z gets an assist from its Fuzionfit+ band to also feel secure against narrow feet, and the compression of the said band may even enable you to wear the Future Z laceless.

What are the most narrow soccer cleats?

The Mercurials have always been comprised of narrow profile, but the likes of the X Speedflow and the Ultra 1.3 are closely following its lead among the best narrow football boots. Both the later speed boots offer a tight fit, but they add more positives because of the noticeable lightweight feel when the boot is on. You also have the Mizuno Morelia Neo Beta if you like your narrow football boot to have a premium K-leather finish.