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The width of a football boot can directly impact comfort levels and some football boots are designed for thin feet while others are designed to fit all types of feet. While narrow feet players would be able to fit in most boots, the following boots are generally narrow relative to the rest in the market:

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The performance of a pair of football boots can be maximised if they fit perfectly to your fit size and shape. Narrow feet players may have the luxury of surely being able to fit to almost any silo, but they still face some responsiveness issues because of the extra space their foot shape generates inside the boot. It goes without saying that the width of a football boot can also directly impact comfort levels. Keeping in mind that some football boots are designed for thin feet, the following are generally narrow relative to the rest in the market.

Do You Have Narrow Feet?

By simply measuring their feet width from their widest ends as well as their arches and comparing the results with this table, people would know whether their feet are narrower than usual for their length. In the same manner that feet width varies, some football boots are just naturally narrower and tighter fitting given the different brands, silos, and constructions available.

Different boots are built on different lasts, which suit different feet. For narrow fitting boots, our best options are below:

What Are The Best Narrow Fit Boots

1. Nike Mercurial Superfly

The Mercurial Superfly are one of the best football boots available and are also naturally tight-fitting to give you the most responsiveness you can get from any soccer cleat. As such, narrow feet players would find the slim profile of the Superfly perfect for them.

2. Nike Mercurial Vapor

The Mercurial sibling of the collared Superfly not only brings the same snug fit and narrow profile, they also have more ankle freedom because of the low-cut collar.

3. Puma Ultra Ultimate

While they still wrap around the foot closely, the current-gen Air Zoom Nike speed boots have become more forgiving. Puma’s Ultra Ultimate is the closest you can get today to the classic Mercurial days in terms of that tight secure fit.

4. Mizuno Morelia Neo Beta IV

With a buttery soft premium K-leather, the forefoot of the Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta closely rest against your toes no matter how thin your feet are. The same can be said with the synthetic Beta Mesh on the midfoot, which gives the boot its stability in shape.

5. adidas X.1 LL

Laceless, synthetic textile, and tight-fitting, the X doesn’t offer that much stretch when worn in. But most important of all is that it falls on the narrow side of the width spectrum. You just have to deal with some deducted amount of responsiveness and lockdown because of the elastic, uncoated tongue and once the Aeropacity Speedskin upper has been fully broken-in.

6. adidas X.1 and ‘+’

The heel padding, slim fit, and central lacing system could help the laced X fill in all the spaces around your feet if they falls on the extreme side of the narrow spectrum. The softness of the upper helps that part of the boot to stick and wrap closely, creating a one-to-one foot-to-boot connection. This is especially the case with the + model that has a standard tongue construction.

7. adidas Copa Pure II+

The combination of a thin leather forefoot and the adidas Primeknit on the midfoot in Fusionskin technology suggests a material that contours closely to the foot. adidas has made the fit even snug and tighter because of the addition of laces.

8. adidas Copa Pure II.1

If you like the boot above but with a more responsive midfoot material and more room for adjustability, go for the .1 instead. Standard tongue construction helps you to open up a bit more and the textile midfoot has a relative solid feel compared to the +’s Primeknit.

Your Narrow Boot Questions

Is Nike Mercurial good for narrow feet?

The Nike Mercurial has always been tight-fitting to make sure you feel secure about the boot and not sloppy, as any excess space could cause internal boot slippage. The limited volume and the structured, responsive nature of the silo’s upper combine to easily wrap around narrow feet easily.

Is it bad to wear tight football boots?

No, it is not necessarily bad. In fact, the tight boots ensure the boot stays in place and help improve your responsiveness. However, every one reacts differently to tight-fitting boots, and if you have a physiological reaction then tight boots may not just really be your cup of tea.

Are Puma football boots wide or narrow?

The Ultra falls on the narrow side. The Future on the other hand already has a relatively wide last plus an upper with some give to it.

What about the laceless adidas Predator?

With the laceless X and Copa, the upper material and the laceless mechanism jive well to make sure the boot presses closer to the foot. The same cannot be said with the Predator Accuracy, which has a very wide profile on top of a malleable upper material. Even if you go w/ laces, the Accuracy is still too wide for the narrow-feet players.

Battle of the Speed (Narrow) Boots

Since the list is dominated by the leading speed boots from Nike, adidas, and Puma, check out this video from Jay Mike to get a hint of the ultimate differences between the three.

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