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Selecting the right football boot size

When it comes to purchasing a pair of football boots it is important to get the right size. Too small or too big and you'll suffer however if you get the perfect size it will make playing football more fun than ever. Looking for a wide fit? - check out our guide here.

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Football Boots Size Guide

If your not sure about your size then you can measure your feet at home, this is as simple as standing on a ruler and measuring the length and then the width. For length measure from the heel to either your big toe or second toe whichever is the longest distance, and for width measure the widest part of your foot. Reduce these measurements by 3-5mm and then compare with the chart below.

Centimeters Size
23.7 6
24.1 6.5
24.6 7
25 7.5
25.4 8
25.8 8.5
26.2 9
26.7 9.5
27.1 10
27.5 10.5
27.9 11
28.4 11.5
28.8 12
29.2 12.5
29.6 13

Firstly don't assume that your football boot size is the same as your normal shoe size, you have to remember that if you are a UK 9 in shoes and these are just right, that your going to have your football socks on when you play in your football boots and so this may make them too small. A snug fit is recommended for football boots for ultimate performance and the majority of boots are made from materials which are soft and will in time mould around your feet.

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