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Get Help Finding Your Boots...

We're Blake, Ian & Tom and the famous Black & Orange halves seen across YouTube & social media talking everything football boots. We bring our combined knowledge of the game and the boots worn by players around the world to help you. Find out everything you want to know about any boot and whether it is the right choice for you.

We've been making feet comfortable, with quality boots since 2010, we've amassed a huge social following and given a lot of boot advice!

What is a Boot Expert Consultation?

  1. It is a quick, easy to set-up, infomative chat with one of our boot experts about your football
  2. You get 15 mins one on one to talk to one of our experts about what boots are right for you.
  3. It's basically FEEE - the standard text live chat costs £14.99 and we give you a £15.00 voucher to spend on your next boots with us
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Why Should You talk to us?

  1. We will have a specific answer to your questions, based on what suits you, no generic responses, just honest feedback
  2. We have no brand loyalty and we just recommend what will suit you best
  3. You've paid us for the consultation, so we will recommend what works best, not try and make a big sale
  4. We know all the secrets of buying boots, when, how, where. Our knowledge will save you time & money
  5. We can help you find hard to get boots and get the limited releases you want
  6. We spend every day talking football boots, it's our language

How will you be talking to us?

  1. Your chat will be with either Blake, Ian or Tom, we can't be specific as availability varies to our filming schedule.
  2. We will talk to you via text chat or live video in a Google hangout, depending on your preference
  3. Anyone can set up a chat with us, you do not need to have a Google account, just an actice internet connection
  4. Hangouts sync automatically across devices. If you start a Hangout on your computer, you can continue your chat on another device, like your phone.