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Vapor 12 Elite Review

Nike's Vapor XII offers a lightweight, responsive and 'barefoot' touch playing experience and is overall a very high performing and comfortable football boot worn by headline names of Neymar Jr, Eden Hazard, Luka Modric and Ousmane Dembele and you next?...

5 Things About the Vapor 12 You'll Want to Know:

  1. They are narrow fitting (not the best for wide feet)
  2. They are extremely snug and responsive
  3. They're very comfortable for a lightweight boot
  4. The chevron studs provide very aggressive traction
  5. The low cut ankle design is preferred by many pro players over the similar Superfly
I'm Ready to Buy My Vapor XII

Expert Vapor 12 Elite Reviews:

To help you, we've mixed our opinions on the Vapor 12, with some of those from trusted voices on Football Boots on YouTube, to save you time! You can find video reviews of the Elite Vapor 12 FG and their main points below:

Unisport's opinion on the Vapor 360:

  • They are very comfortable for a lightweight speed boot
  • The silicon Nikeskin coating offers you a very high performing fit
  • The upper has a lot of give and stretch
  • Wide footed players can wear this boot
  • The soleplate provides very aggressive (sharp) and responsive traction
  • The upper is super thin and provides a barefoot strike on the ball
  • Nike's '360 degree' upper seen on the bottom of the boots does not improve performance

SR4U's Vapor XII thoughts:

  • The Vapor provides a super tight and snug fit
  • The upper provides a very 'barefoot' touch on the ball
  • It has the thinnest Flyknit upper of any Nike boot
  • They are more responsive than the Vapor XI (It's Predecessor)
  • The upper texture provides minimal grip
  • The studs provide super aggressive traction
  • The Vapor is slightly wider in the forefoot and toe box from previous Vapors

Your Questions on the Vapor Answered

What size Vapor should I get?

Go true to size; like the Superfly the Vapor will fit perfectly when you go for your normal foot size.

Can you Get the Vapor 360 in kids? What sizes are available?

Yes you can get children's versions of the Vapor 360, kids Vapor is UK 4 to 5.5 and adult sizes ar available in UK6 all the way to up to UK11, US12 including half sizes.

Are the Vapors comfortable to wear?

One of the most popular boots amongst pro players, the Vapor is very comfortable, even though it is has a lightweight speed focus, with a fit that suits all but the widest of feet, you'll feet will be happy in the Vapor 12 Elite.

Will the Vapor suit my wide feet?

They can but is not recommended, the Vapor's last (how wide the boot is) is vary narrow however the upper's Flyknit wll provide a bit more stretch and give than previous Vapor generations.

How are they different to it's predecessor, the Mercurial Vapor XI?

The new Vapor 360 for the first time has a FlyKnit upper which is supremely different to the traditional 'Teijin' synthetic upper seen on previous generations as it's lighter, more flexible and more responsive.

Can I wear the Vapor 12 on Astro, Turf, Mud, Grass...?

Yes, there are different variations you can get for different surfaces including AG-Pro for artificial pitches and turf, SG & Anti-Clog for wet and muddy pitches and FG for grass.

Does The Chrome Come off the Vapor's Sole?

Yes, whilst the Elite Vapor has good looking chrome sole, it will start to flake away and wear off over time.

What are these similar to?

Based on it's fit and weight, it's quite close to adidas' X 18.1 and Puma's Future 2.1 boots.

What's the difference between the Vapor and Superfly?

Both Mercurials, the big diffeerence is the price and the sock; the Vapor will be £20 cheaper than the Superfly at full retail price. The Superfly has a Dynamic Fit Collar whereas the Vapor lacks the collar hence why it's more expensive than the Vapor. It depends on how you like your boots around your ankle.

What is the Upper of the Vapor?

The Vapor is Flyknit, which is a woven yarn knitted upper which is softer than most synthetic uppers, a very elite material used on all of Nike's elite models.

Who's going to be wearing them?

Neymar is the headline wearer of the Vapor, getting his own line of NJR colours exclusive to him, other big name players include Eden Hazard, Luka Modric and Ousmane Dembele. The Vapor has been marketed for over 20 years as a 'speed' boot which means it's designed for anyone that enjoys a lightweight feel and has quick feet, is that you?

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