Best Football Boots 2022 & Soccer Shoes

You’re looking for the Best Football Boots, there are a few ways to think about this, are they the most excellent pairs or the most desirable type or quality or just those that suit you?
When it comes to picking the best, it really is about what is best for you… Are you looking for adult or junior sizes is a good start:

Mens   Women’s   Kids & Children

You can also think about what type of feet you have, you can learn how to measure them and then look for wide or narrow to suit your foot shape.

How To Measure  Wide Feet Narrow

Now when it comes to finding the most excellent, outstanding, or desirable pairs, first we can look at those worn most by professionals, or those that are the most sold.

Best Boots 2022

Best For…

Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Wingers Strikers

As well as considering where you play on the pitch, you can also think about the pitch itself, as you will need a different soleplate for different surfaces, shorter studs suit artificial and hard grass pitches, whilst a longer or metal stud will be needed for soft muddy pitches, that wouldn’t be safe or suitable for those harder grounds. You can combine this knowledge with the boot itself, as most boots come with a variety of soles you can choose from.

Grass Artificial Muddy

Ian Ebbs

Founder of back in 2010, Ian went on to create and host their YouTube channel which now has 1.5million subscribers and over 300 million views, he also hosts their podcast which you can find on Spotify. Taking his over fifteen year experience in the football industry, Ian wrote the book: How To Choose Your Boots (find it on Amazon) where he looks to help footballers of all levels find their perfect pair.

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