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Future Z Review

Puma's Future Z is perfect for those looking to stay agile and deft. The boots provide an identity distinct from the speedy Ultra or the traditional King Platinum. Read on to know more about how the Future Z can help you stay in nimble on your feet.

6 Things You'll Want to Know About the Future Z:

  1. The new boot of choice for Neymar Jr.
  2. Unique lockdown construction featuring a Fuzionfit+ midfoot compression band coupled with high and deep sets of lace holes
  3. Dynamic Motion System has a z-shaped soleplate capable of twisting and turning in every direction
  4. Soft evoknit on the collar and integrated tongue enhances the sock-like transition feel
  5. The Future Z competitively priced relative to other elite football boots in the market
  6. A boot focusing on shifts, turns, and dribbles

Future 6.1 Review

Puma's Future 6.1 is perfect for those looking to stay agile and deft. The boots provide a comfortably soft and lightweight knitted upper that bends well to your movement, while the GripControl layer assists with having an excellent ball touch, perfect for forwards and attack-minded midfielders.

5 Things You'll Want to Know About the Future 6.1:

  1. One of the most comfortable boots in the market
  2. Best suited for wide-feet players
  3. Super soft upper and well-balanced Rapidagility soleplate give a stable platform for explosive movements
  4. Netfit lacing system provides more lockdown customizations like no other
  5. Costing £180, the Future 5.1 is priced competitively relative to other elite football boots in the market
I'm Ready to Buy My Future 6.1

Expert Future 6.1 Reviews:

To save you time, we've combined our own personal opinions of the boots, with those of the most trusted voices on Football Boots online. Below you can find video reviews of the Future 5.1 FG/AG and their key takeaways, so everything you'd want to know on the Puma Future 6.1 is here for you!

Unisport tested the Flash Launch Future 6.1, they said:

  • The fully knitted upper allows flexibility from the onset
  • The Future 6.1 is one of the most comfortable boots out there in the market
  • Netfit technology provides support to the knitted upper and lacing to address responsiveness issues caused by the softness of the upper
  • The Future 6.1 for wide-feeted players as the boot is spacious
  • The toe box has a sticky coating that produces a waxy and grippy sensation thatenables excellent ball control
  • The boots might feel chunky and bumpy for narrow-feeted players
  • Puma should minimize reducing the netfit holes in every new release as doing such defeats the purpose of a customizable lacing system
  • The Rapidagility technology on the outsole makes the boots suited for FG and AG

SR4U said of the Puma Future 5.1:

  • The best knitted football boot by Puma, a huge upgrade over the previous puma knitted cleats
  • The Future 5.1 has a surprising depth on the texture
  • The Netfit technology is lessened and a little bit camoflaged with the honeycomb pattern of the upper
  • Unless the feet completely fills in the boots, using the boots laceless may not be an option as lockdown and responsiveness might be affected
  • Though labelled for FG/AG, Soccer review prefers to use Future 5.1 for natural firm grass as the studs are a little bit long
  • Competitively priced in terms of elite boots market
  • Easily part of the top 3 boots and can wholeheartedly be recommended

Your Future 5.1 Questions Answered

Is the Puma Future for Wide Feet?

Puma Future is best suited for wide feet-players given its volume and space.

Who wears the Puma Future 5.1?

Dynamic players who wear the Puma Future are Marco Reus, Antoine Griezmann, and Luis Suarez.

How does Netfit work?

Instead of going through holes, the Netfit lacing of the Future 5.1 simply slides through subtly knitted tunnels that sit atop of the upper and extend around the midfoot with varying degrees of depth for more lockdown customizations.

Can you wear the Puma Future without laces?

Puma Future can be worn without laces if and only if your feet are wide enough to cover the space of the boots. Otherwise, using laces is recommended to secure the lock-in of your feet and to add stability.

Are they comfortable?

Yes! They are considered one of the most comfortable boots in the market by football boot experts!

Is there a low cut version?

Yes, the Puma Future 5.1 has a low cut version, so you can choose from with our without the collar.

Is their a kids Future version?

The Puma Future 5.1 has an FG/AG youth size, you can also get the 5.3 in Youth sizes and the 5.4 also, the 5.3 is often recommended for kids with growing feet.

Can the Future 5.1 be used in both FG and AG?

The Future 5.1 is technically specified as an FG/AG boot, though the length of studs may pose a concern with some astro & artificial turfs, as such if you play on AG a lot, we recommend using the specific artificial sole Future.

What is the difference between the Puma Future & One?

The Future offers a customizable lacing system and a knitted upper while the One has a central snug lacing and has a leather upper on the forefoot.

Puma Future 5.1 vs 19.1: what has changed?

The Netfit of the 19.1 on the upper is noticeably multi-holed while the one in 5.1 is subtly knitted to be tunnel-shaped sitting atop the upper. Another difference is that the 19.1 uses a 3D havoc system on its toe box suitable for striking power while the 5.1 has a Gripcontrol Layer for more ball control.

What is the history of the Puma Future?
  • Future 18.1 - The Future 18.1 introduced the Netfit customizable lacing system by attaching a net-like material on the upper. It also introduced the Rapidagility outsole consisting of a combination of conical and bladed studs for better traction and stability.
  • Future 2.1 - The Netfit in Future 2.1 is enhanced by minimizing the distance between the net holes and concentrates more on extending to the sides of the boots rather than extending to the back. A TPU skin is applied on the strike zone for added grip and touch on the ball.
  • Future 19.1 - The Future 19.1 uses a multi-holed upper instead of the net material attachment introduced in the first Future. The strike zone has changed to the 3D Havoc Frame where the toe box has wave-shaped outdents suited for striking power.
  • Future 4.1 - The Future 4.1 is also a multi-holed upper for the Netfit and has changed the shape of the 3D Havoc Frame to a scaly pattern.
  • Future 5.1 - While Rapidagility has been maintained and Evoknit has been enhanced throughout the Futures up to the 5.1 (with the addition of a mid-cut collar in 5.1), Netfit has been reconstructed to be subtly knitted tunnels sitting atop the honeycomb upper instead of holes used in 19.1 and 4.1. The toe box again changed to having a Gripcontrol layer instead which allows the entire upper (which is fully knitted this time around) to be soft and cater to more ball control rather than striking power.

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