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Special and Limited Edition Football Boots

Dean Ariola

Every once in a while football boot manufacturers excite both boot enthusiasts and casual users by dropping special releases commemorating anything that makes football special, so make sure to get ready for your favourite brands and their unique soccer cleats announcements if you want to get a valuable pair for yourself.

Nike Special Edition Boots:

adidas Limited Collection:

Special edition boots often commemoration remarkable football feats, like Ronaldo’s CR7 Quinhentos to celebrate him reaching 500 career goals, recognition of superstar players, or at times even just a trip down memory lane about the past’s iconic boots (e.g. adidas Predator Mania Remakes). So the next time you hear about special or limited editions, you can be 100% sure they are produced in low numbers or have a standout attribute or two compared to regular boot editions.

As Nike and adidas battle it out to dominate the football boot industry, they have come up with their own terms to distinguish their boots from the rest of the market. adidas calls their releases their limited collection while Nike uses the term special edition. There are times where the number of pairs available for retail is symbolically related to what makes the boot special or to the year of releases, so many boots released in 2019 would come in 2019 pairs.

With a roster of superstar players, and as such have different wordings for boots dedicated to these type of players. Cristiano Ronaldo has long been Nike’s leading football athlete and has a significant number of ‘signature’ releases where Nike’s leading silos would have a specific CR7 branding and design. adidas also have signature boots for Lionel Messi (he once had his own signature silo aptly called the ‘Messi’ line) and Paul Pogba, Pogba’s special edition boots are called seasons, tied into other items too for a fashion like relase.

Perhaps the most special of these rare boots are the ones that have been produced and given to the specific player himself and not available for retail. These boots usually celebrate the achievement of the said player and function as a sponsor gift. Whether they get played is obviously up to the receiving player. A recent example is the Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Megan Rapinoe Commemorative Boots, the boots are not sold for retail and are simply a recognition of Rapinoe’s football achievements. This edition of the Vapor 13 is coloured pink, a nod to the player’s pink hair which makes her easily recognizable on the pitch.


Dean Ariola

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