Rare Football Boots

As boot silos and colourways become discontinued, they become uncommon to see on stores and pitches. But special/limited-edition releases, because of their limited number of pairs to be sold, can also elevate a football boot status to rarity and will be out from stores relatively quickly. Rare football boots are one of the most sought soccer cleats, with their limited availability driving up demand and value even more.

Recent Releases That Could Be Your Next Rare Boots

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In 2020 adidas gave us the limited edition Predator 20+ Dragon that featured the silo in a mix of leather and Fushionskin instead of the standard Primeknit on the upper. This model, for sure, is already displayed on the boot walls of collectors, with only 500 pairs released worldwide. While its initial retail price of over £300 is already expensive, youc could expect that the resale value of the Predator 20+ Dragon would only increase in the succeeding years. Another limited edition in 2020 is also a Predator 20+, the adidas x Reuben Dangoor, which sees the boot designed with colourful artistic stripes on a blackout base.

Nike, on the other hand, gave us the Future DNA pack that replicated some of the brand's popular old colourways on modern silos. They also complimented the South Korea 2020 away kit with the 'South Korea' Mercurials. As of to date, some special/limited editions still sold directly by the brands are Nike's Mercurial Superfly 7 Mbappe Rosa and Mercurial Superfly 7 Sancho SE11 as well as the adidas Nemeziz 19.1 Messi Copa 2020, signature boots for Kylian Mbappe, Jadon Sancho, and Lionel Messi respectively, those tied in to players can prove more popular and increase their future rarity & desirability..

Speaking of rare football boots, each major brand have significant contributions to this category; Nike, for example, has CR7's Chapter 6 Edicao Special Mercurial Superfly 6 and CR7's Rare Gold Superfly 4, with a worldwide release of 154 pairsand 333 pairs respectively. Chapter 6 celebrated the Portuguese star's 154 national caps, while the Rare Gold commemorated Ronaldo's third Balon d'Or; thus explaining why the number of pairs was limited to the said numbers. adidas produced in 2018 a one-to-one remake of the Predator Accelerator, an iconic silo popular in the 90s and worn by the likes of Beckham and Zidane.

Not to be outdone, Messi had his signature 10/10 Messi 16 sold in 100 pairs only; the boot celebrated Messi's status as the best number 10 and was available only in Messi's 8.5 size. Puma's Falcao x Hublot evoSPEED was available in 60 and 40 pairs of Titanium and Gold colourways respectively. Given the fact that you only receive the boots if you had purchased $17,000 Titanium Falcao-Hublot watch or the $40,000 in gold, such rarity makes the boot auction-worthy. On a more recent note, Puma's Future 5.1 released 80 pairs only of the MCR City pack model. The pack shows the Future in a blackout base colour with the iconic Worker Bee graphic appearing on the rear.

One of the most famous collectors of rare boots, is Gunt 22, he owns one of the 15 pairs of the Nike Mercurial Vapor XV R9 Chrome, one of the 6 pairs of the adidas F50 AdiZero James Rodriguez, one of the less than 10 adidas Predator Instinct Steven Gerard, and the only pair available for the Mercurial Superfly 6 'It Must be the Mercurial,' a celebration boot for the silo's achievement of topping the 2018 World Cup for most goals scored.

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