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Academy Tiempo Legend 8 Nike Review

Be solid at the back like Virgil Van Dijk, Gerard Pique, and Raphael Varane with the Tiempo Legend 8, which you can go for the Academy model if budget is a consideration. At its price point, it delivers more than what you would expect from a cheaper takedown level boot.

7 Things About the Tiempo Legend Academy You'll Want to Know:

  1. If price is a priority, the Tiempo Legend 8 Academy, costing just £65, offers the best value for money
  2. Calfskin leather is similar to the first takedown model of the Tiempo Legend; soft and complete with the diamond texturing and classic leather ball touch
  3. TPU soleplate has a natural flex, unlike other takedown models that tend to fall on the stiffer side
  4. Stretches nicely to form around most foot shapes
  5. Cutdowns are more obvious in the synthetic rear; also the mesh heel liner might be subject to quick wear and tear
  6. Quadfit Mesh and Flyknit Tunnel of the Elite gives way to a regular foam-based tongue made to feel premium by a leather pull-tab
  7. The lack of internal layers, in contrast to the Elite, allows the leather sensation in the Academy to stand out, most especially given the quality of the calfskin leather

Your Tiempo Legend 8 Academy Options:

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Expert Tiempo Academy Reviews:

We've combined our own personal opinions of the Tiempo, with that of some SR4U, one of the most trusted voices on Football Boots on YouTube, to save you time! You can find video review of the Tiempo Legend 8 Academy MG and his main view points below:

SoccerReviews4You Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Academy review:

  • Least expensive yet arguably the best takedown model on the market
  • The only boot on the price point Josh would personally be happy to wear
  • Fit is great, touch is great, and the soleplate is really high quality; not too much to complain about
  • Upper is made of the same calfskin leather as that of the Pro model, complete with diamond texturing; has more leather quantity and quality than the previous generation Tiempo Academy; feels really good and softens up nicely
  • Leather ball touch provided is well above average for a football boot at the price range
  • Really likes the regular foam-based tongue which has a leather pull tab that makes it premium-feeling
  • Not excited with the rear, which is made of cheaper synthetic; heel liner is a padded mesh material-comfortable but wear could not be the greatest; choosing the perfect size would address possible fraying
  • Other takedown models have an awkwardly stiff soleplate; Tiempo Academy has a single layer of TPU plastic with good flexibility; default MG stud configuration is great take on classic design but with more aggressive traction; studs are on the longer side compared to the other MG Nike boots but may not necessarily pose any problems
  • Fit is very similar with the higher Pro model; pretty much impossible to beat at the price point from a comfort and fit perspective; true-to-size for the most part though narrow feet players might find it a little wide
  • Can legitimately recommend if priority is value for money; can be top of your list and compete with the first takedown model or even the previous generation elite model discounted to around 100$

Your Tiempo Legend Academy Questions Answered

How does the Academy Tiempo differ from the Elite?

The Academy features a calfskin leather instead of the K-leather. It also does not have the Quadfit Mesh and Flyknit midfoot tunnel, opting for a regular mesh-based tongue and heel liner. The studs are also shorter to make it applicable for artificial grass.

How does the Tiempo Legend 8 Academy compare to the Academy takedowns of the other Nike football boot silos?

The Tiempo Academy is arguably the best takedown model as it retains much of the material execution of the higher models with just minimal cutdowns, notably the cheap synthetic rear and the mesh-based heel liner. It easily tops the Academy Nike boots and fares competitively with the takedowns of other brands.

What is calfskin leather and how does it compare to K-leather?

As the name implies, calfskin leather comes from young cows. While K-leather is arguably softer and feels better, calfskin is a close second in terms of leather quality.

What size of Tiempo Legend 8 Academy should I choose?

Go for your normal boots size as these fit true to size. Might need to try half-a-size down though for extremely narrow-feet players.

How much does the Tiempo Legend 8 Academy cost?

The Academy cost £65, well below the £80-£100 average for this takedown level.

Can you Get a Tiempo Legend 8 Academy Jr? If so what sizes are available for kids?

Nike do make a kids Tiempo Academy. It also has the pull tag on the tongue to make putting them on easier. Children's pairs run from UK 1 to 5.5.

Does the Academy have other soleplate versions for muddy pitches, 3G or Turf?

Yes, the Academy, aside from the FG/MG variation, also has the SG Pro Anti Clog, AG, and TF models.

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