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Academy Tiempo Legend 10 Nike Review

Ian Ebbs

Be solid at the back like Virgil Van Dijk, Frenkie De Jong, and Jamal Musiala with the Tiempo Legend 10, which you can go for the Academy model if budget is a consideration. At its price point, it delivers more than what you would expect from a cheaper takedown level boot.

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Six Things About the Tiempo Legend Academy:

  1. Like the Elite, now a synthetic leather boot; upper is called FlyTouch Lite
  2. Comes with laces and stand-alone tongue
  3. Multigrounded soleplate by default
  4. Only comes in low-cut model, unlike the Mercs and the GXs
  5. Primary competition comes from Puma King Match
  6. Costs around £80

Tiempo Legend Academy Surface Types:

academy tiempo mg


Still based on the FG stud configuration, but with a plastic that is more wear-resistant to the abrasion of synthetic pitches


academy tiempo legend indoor


Cheap indoor Tiempos; control fast-paced ball motions with the padded upper


academy tiempo legend sg anti clog


Provides decent bite on soft and wet pitches while the hydrophobic plate enables easy removal of mud and dirt; complements the upper very well in terms of reducing water uptake


academy tiempo legend turf


Bites into that shallow 1st-gen artificial grass


Expert Tiempo Academy Review

We’ve combined our own personal opinions of the Tiempo, with that of some SR4U, one of the most trusted voices on Football Boots on YouTube, to save you time! You can find video review of the Tiempo Legend 10 Academy MG and his main view points below:

SoccerReviews4You Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Academy review:

  • FlyTouch Lite not necessarily a cheaper execution of the FlyTouch Plus upper of the Elite despite the price difference
  • feels that this is the highest quality second-tier takedown model Nike has ever made
  • very convincing in being visually and on-hand leather-like
  • build quality is exceptional for an Academy boot; overall construction is something he expects from boots at higher price points
  • FlyTouch Lite less thin than that of the Elite and Pro uppers but still leather-like in giving a little bit of padding, really good pliability without the negative effect of stretching; not for everyone, especially to those who likes the natural stretch and adaptive mould of premium leather
  • does a pretty good job compared to low-quality leather takedown football boots in providing that soft, padded ball touch
  • dotted 3D texturing doesn’t do much; but the silicone sensation of the surface does have some grip
  • heel cutout makes for a comfortable heel fit
  • soft microfibre meshed heel liner has the comfort, fit and appearance of a premium boot
  • insole is where much of the corners have been cut
  • exact stud configuration from Elite FG but labelled MG; plastic soleplate well above-average in quality; rear blades might be too clingy for artificial grass but forefoot conicals are alright
  • less lightweight than the top-tier Tiempos but as light as you can expect at the price point
  • leather-like to a point; not necessarily a leather replacement, but for the price you are hard-pressed to find anything that fits and feels better on feet and offers a nicer touch on the ball
  • shaping a bit narrower from previous generation especially on the toe box; will work for most people especially those who likes a snug fit; wide-feet, particularly if around the toe, might find it uncomfortable; true-to-size
  • highly recommendable if your not so keen about having natural leather

Questions about the Tiempo Academy

academy tiempo mg

What are those debossed lines across the upper?

They are supposed to mimick the flex grooves of the more prominent ones on the Elite. In the Academy though, the indention is not that deep, making the lines appear more just for the sake of looks.

academy tiempo legend mg

What did the Tiempo Legend 10 Academy change from the Legend 9?

The Tiempo 9 Academy used calfskin. The Academy Legend 10 has the cheaper variant of the FlyTouch technology that, in the end, also has a certain level of pliability and fit similar to the parent Elite.


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