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Nike Premier Boots Review

The 2022 Premier is the 3rd generation of the brand's classic silo. The line is known for its simplicity of form and function, and normally attracts traditionalists of football footwear. It shares a distinction with the adidas Copa Mundial as one of the longest-running models, which, if you think about it, says a lot about what the Premier offers as a football boot.

10 Things About the Premier You'll Want to Know:

  1. Costs just over £100; one of the best leather boot in the price range; even cheaper than the equally great adidas Copa Mundial
  2. Has a no-nonsense premium K-leather upper construction, reinforced structurally by minimal stitching, internal nylon liner, and the synthetic heel
  3. Fold-over tongue with cut lines for either a modern or classic look
  4. Effective closure and lockdown thanks to the central laces, suede heel liner, and grippy insole
  5. Has higher quality finish compared to other highly-rated budget leather boot like the Tiempo Academy
  6. Simple construction and aesthetics give a more old-school vibe compared to the modern Tiempo Legend, though not as old as that of the Copa Mundial
  7. US 9.5/UK 8.5 weighs around 240 grams (FG) and 260 (SG AG-Pro AC)
  8. Anti-Clog Soft Ground soleplate has a stiffer finish, while regular FG stud plate falls on the thinner side with natural flexibility
  9. Leather presses comfortably and softly against the foot; fit is close but relaxed and does not feel squeezed (can accommodate more foot width than some modern boots); responsiveness lags a bit especially once totally broken-in
  10. True-to-size

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Expert Online Reviews:

Don't just take our word for the Premier 3. We also have here Jay Mike from Unisport and Josh from SR4U providing their own Premier 2 views in their respective video reviews. Except for the cut lines on the tongue and the heel branding and graphic, the Premier 3 is essentially the same as the Premier 2.

Nike Premier 2 Review

The Nike Premier 2 builds on the first model with very few physical changes, and retains most of what make the Premier silo a very viable football leather boot. It's objective is to be a straightforward boot that brings attention to its material and build more than anything else. While certain to attract boot purists, the Nike Premier 2 can also get some following for those who follow modern boots given that it gives a good basis for what makes a good pair of football boots.

Things About the Premier 2 You'll Want to Know:

  1. Still available in third-party retail stores (e.g. Prodirectsoccer, Lovell Soccer, Unisport)
  2. Hypervenom last provides a wide base to possibly cover every inch of space of the underfoot
  3. K-leather feels premium and buttery on-foot; Copa Mundial just has a slightly better leather quality
  4. Falls on the thinner side of leather uppers; the Mundial on the other hand has a bulky feel
  5. Thin TPU soleplate flexes well on the forefoot, making it more responsive than the thicker plastic outsole of its adidas competitor
  6. Simple construction and aesthetics give a more old-school vibe compared to the modern Tiempo Legend, though not as old as that of the Copa Mundial
  7. US 9.5/UK 8.5 weighs around 245 grams (FG) and 260 (SG AG-Pro AC)
  8. Visuals inspired by older Tiempo models; the Premier model that introduced the fold-over tongue
  9. Removable insole has a matte finish that helps prevent internal slippage; underneath cushion aids in step-in comfort and complements the soft leather upper
  10. Sizing-wise, focus on getting the most snug fit while getting it perfect length-wise; expect the boot to overstretch and getting the size and fit right out of the box is a must
  11. Not the most aggressive in terms of traction; tooling composed of conicals that are noticeably short

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Expert Online Reviews:

Do you want to hear from other football boot reviewers and find consensus points about the Premier 2? Then watch the following videos from Jay Mike of Unisport and Josh of SR4U and hear out what they have to say about this model of the Premier 2.

Nike Premier Review

The title of the silo encapsulates the essence of this Nike football boot. While the Tiempo has gone on to marry leather and technology, the Premier puts all of its attention on the former. The Premier gives football boot consumers a sense of what a high-end leather footwear feels like on-pitch without necessarily needing to break the bank.

Things About the Premier You'll Want to Know:

  1. Released in 2013 to compete with the adidas Copa Mundial
  2. Went with one colourway only (Black and White combo)
  3. Unlike the 2 and 3, the original Premier featured a standard tongue construction with memory foam insert underneath for cushioning over the arch of the foot
  4. Playable out-of-the-box
  5. Length-wise might need to go up half-a-size; important to take note especially if you are considering buying an old pair or a deadstock from a reseller
  6. US 9.5/UK 8.5 weighs around 245 grams (FG)
  7. A good boot for aiding first touch
  8. Narrow conicals and forefoot flexibility make the TPU soleplate more responsive and penetrative than that of the Copa
  9. Simulates the classic padded feel of older leather boots like the Copa, but with a less bulky feel
  10. Could accommodate wider foot types

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Expert Online Reviews:

Jay Mike of Unisport and Josh of SR4U add extra thoughts about the Premier 1 and how it stacks up against the Copa with their respective video reviews.

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