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Nike Premier Boots Review

Dean Ariola

The Nike Premier line is known for its simplicity of form and function, and normally attracts traditionalists of football footwear. It shares a distinction with the adidas Copa Mundial as one of the longest-running models, which, if you think about it, says a lot about what the Premier offers as a football boot. With Nike going full synthetic leather now, however, the Premier may be your last chance to experience the relevance of a pair of natural leather boots under the Swoosh brand.



Things to Know about the Nike Premier:

  • Now on its 3rd (and probably last) generation as Nike discontinues the use of K-leather and transitions to synthetic leather
  • Costs just around £100; one of the best leather boot in the price range; competitively priced versus the likes of New Balance 442 v2 and the equally great adidas Copa Mundial
  • Relative to the Premier 1 and 2, now more responsive because of the synthetic panels on the heel and lacing area, as well as the firmer finish of the leather on the midfoot; still not at par with the likes of the Nike Mercurials and the now synthetic leather composite Tiempo Legend
  • Fold-over tongue with cut lines for either a modern or classic look
  • Less tech but more comfort not only because of the suppleness and natural stretch of the leather but also because of the standard tongue and u-throat construction with deep lacing system; gives you the ultimate adjustability in terms of how well the boot wraps and fits around your foot; overstretching can be an issue somewhere down the road

  • Not speed-boot light but definitely not a heavy pair
  • true-to-size and can accommodate wide-feet players
  • Plastic soleplate falls on the flexible side; might feel flimsy but works well with the plushness of the upper
  • Stud height and conical configuration focuses more on pivots rather than bite and traction, but at least can be considered for artificial pitches
  • As of this writing, available in Turf and Anti-clog Soft Ground soleplates

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