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Nike Academy Boots

What are Academy boots? How do they compare to those Nike boots worn by professionals on the pitch, will they suit you or your child for football?

Academy Boots come in three different types for different grounds, the mixed soleplate is suitable for natural grass and artificial pitches, the anti-clog is your option for soft muddy pitches and the artificial gives a specific astro pitch sole.

Mercurial Academy Boots

Nike's speed boots, a narrower fit and designed for fast players, the Vapor is a great all round option for most players.

Superfly Academy 8

Superfly Academy is one of the most popular takedown boots given their connection to the popular Mercurial lines as well as being the budget option to the boots worn by Mbappe and CR7. The upper has a relatively thicker yet softer profile and mimicks the mesh overlay of the Elite's Vaporposite material with a textured pattern.

An elasticated knitted tongue and collar provides the high-cut collar in lieu of the Flyknit from the top-end model. The Superfly Academy is MG by default, meaning you can play with them on both natural firm ground and artificial ground surfaces.

Vapor 14 Academy

Vapor Academy is simply the Superfly Academy without the knitted piece on the top of the boot. It has a low-cut finish which is preferred by most players and a standard tongue construction. Like in the Superfly, the Vapor Academy's tooling is officially applicable to both natural and artificial pitches.

While you can save a bit by going for the low-cut Vapor, the Superfly offers a cleaner feel due to how the textile tongue and collar affects the fit of the boot. However, the Academy Mercurials opt for a generic shape to fit in most foot types, therefore the lockdown and fit may not be as secure and snug as the top-tier Mercurial boots.

Nike Academy Boot Reivews

We've gone in depth on each pair Nike offer, so if you want to learn more about their Academy boots, we have an individual review available on each of them, just click to discover more:

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Phantom GT Academy Boots

Phantom GT Academy has the Generative Texture technology toned down and utilises a relatively stiffer and thicker synthetic material for the upper. The off-centred lacing is retained and so as the open-arched Hyperquick soleplate structure and inner board. Like the Mercurials, the Phantom GT comes in with a high-cut model (DF with sock) and a low-cut variant.

GT 2 Low Without DF Sock

While the upper is a bit of a drawdown especially considering the quality of the mesh-based synthetic of the previous Phantom takedown silos, the tooling is at least decent for its price point. It feels stable on the heel up to the midfoot and sufficiently flexible on the forefoot. The MG studs do feel applicable to artificial pitches as they are not too long and has enough balance between blades and conicals.

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Tiempo Legend Academy

The Tiempo Academy is one, if not the best takedown boot in this price range in terms of replicating the experience of its parent Elite boot. While it is not using K-leather and therefore not feeling as premium as the top-tiered Tiempo, the Academy Tiempo still utilises a natural leather (presumambly calfskin like the previous generation) that nonetheless delivers the expected softness and padded feeling of the said material.

It also retains a certain amount of the memory foam pods and their exact placement. Overall, the looks are certainly not far from the Tiempo Elite. The Hyperstability soleplate offers a natural flex and the stud configuration is multi-grounded. Just do take note that the rear studs are bladed and might be a tad bit aggressive.

Natural Grass Ground Academy Boots

Each of Nike's boots is availalbe for firm grass pitches, often suited for much of the season around the world and typically a British Summer, Spring and Autumn, you can also use these boots on artificial pitches if you wish with their mixed ground sole, but a specific artificial soleplate is better if you are only playing on 3G/4G/5G Astro Turf for your football.

Muddy &: Soft Ground

Nike addresses the slippery and easily digged-in nature of muddy soft grounds by using an outsole that has fixed metal studs supported by a few moulded ones. On top of that, Nike's very own Anti-Clog technology applies a hydrophobic coating on the soleplate to make it easy to clean off accumulated mud.

Artificial Pitches

Nike's artificial soleplates have Turf versions suitable for the hard and shallow carpet-like Turf pitches. They have multiple short rubber studs spread across the soleplate to avoid slipping from the short grass hairs while also getting close as possible to the hardness of the ground.

For the advanced 3G/4G/5G pitches with longer synthetic grass hairs, Nike's AG soleplates have hollowed raised conicals that provide enough bite to the simulated depthness while still remaining stable on the hard base.

Kids Academy Boots

Nike offers their Academy boots in 'Jr.' kid-friendly sizes. Jr. boots usually have a solid, padded feel to prioritise the safety and protection of our young athletes.