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Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Boots

Most websites just show you the new shiny boots & get you to spend your hard earned cash on the latest boots being shown off by players, but are the Tiempo Legend VIII really right for you and is now the right time to get them?

Tiempo Legend Models ➡️

Elite Tiempo

The Elite are the best Tiempo model you can get, with a premium K-leather forefoot, internal Quadfit system, midfoot Flyknit tunnel and Hyperstability soleplate. On top of that, the Elite Tiempo are playable with an artificial grass soleplate as well as Nike's Anti Clog soft ground plate, on top of the firm ground pair.

Firm Ground (Grass)

Soft Ground (Mud)

Artificial (Astro/3G/4G)

Pro Tiempo

Like in other Nike silos, the Pro Tiempo offers an affordable but nonetheless great alternative in the form of a calfskin leather forefoot and just a slightly thicker TPU outsole, in fact the Pro Tiempo is one of the very best slight cheaper than Elite Pro Tiempo is also available in synthetic, turf, and indoor models. It also has the standard Nike SG soleplate which some prefer than the Anti Clog because of its lighter weight.

Firm Ground (Grass)

Artificial (Astro/3G/4G)

Kids Firm Ground (FG)

Academy Tiempo

The Academy Tiempo is arguably the best Academy Nike boot given that it still has high-quality calfskin leather and almost the same tooling as the Pro, with just some minor adjustment.

You can read our comprehensive review of the Academy here, in addition, they have multiple soleplates available aside from its default MG (mixed ground) variant, and those are Anti Clog, artificial, indoor, and 3G.

Grass & Artificial (Mixed)

Soft Ground (Mud)

Artificial (Astro/3G/4G)

Kids Grass & Artificial (Mixed)

Club Tiempo

The entry-level Tiempo are where a considerable leather quality downgrade is observeable as it only has a synthetic leather material instead, you can get the Club Tiempo with multiground tooling, indoor, or, turf, but are best considered a kids boot.

Grass & Artificial (Mixed)

Kids Grass & Artificial (Mixed)

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Old Tiempo Legend 8 Packs

Tiempo Legend VIII

The Tiempo Legend 8 was launched in June 2019 and featured a streamlined layering of K-leather, Quadfit Mesh, and Flyknit. The Legend VIII removed the foam ridges, getting its textured touch instead from the heat-pressed diamond quilt patterns on the K-leather itself. The four-way stretch Quadfit evolved the containment functions of the VII's Fit Mesh. The Flyknit around the midfoot no longer had the Flywire cables, opting for a more snug, supportive fit instead. The Tiempo VIII was the second boot to feature the Hyperstability soleplate. The Under the Radar Tiempo was the launched model of the 8th generation. The Tiempo 8 also had notable colourways like the limited Dazzle Camo, the Future DNA based on the launch colour scheme of the Tiempo IV, and the 2020 Tech Craft based on the '94 Nike Tiempo Premier black which had a black and yellow-orange colourway.

Tiempo Legend 7 Packs

The Tiempo Legend 7, released in June 2017 as part of the yellow-and-black themed Lock In Let Loose Pack, provided another redesign that would also inform the build of its successor. The K-leather sat on top of foam skeletons, forming a ridged pattern texture necessary for ball control. A Fit Mesh inner liner, connected to the biteline, tightened up upon pressure and provided most of the foot containment, preventing the K-leather from overstretching. The Tiempo VII was also the generation that applied Flyknit around the midfoot. The Flyknit on this boot was housing Flywire cables that supported midfoot lockdown. The Hyperstability plate was first introduced to the Tiempo and contained a mixture of conicals, blades, and chevrons for multidirectional traction.

Tiempo Legend VI

The release of Nike's Liquid Chrome Pack in November 2015 included the Tiempo Legend VI. The 6th generation of the iconic silo replaced the stitchings on the leather upper with an internal vacuum-pressed cushioned cage, resulting in the Tiempo VI retaining the touch attributes but without compromising the leather. Without the perforations from stitchings, the boot had a more seamless construction and more pliable upper. The removal of the quilting also aided in reducing water uptake.

Tiempo Legend V

With the Tiempo Legend 5 in December 2013, Nike introduced Hypershield technology into the leather silo, coating the upper with the All Conditions Control (ACC) coating and reinforcing it with a hydrophobic mesh layer. With Hypershield, the Tiempo Legend V significantly reduced water absorption and consistently provided the same ball touch regardless of weather conditions. Inputs from Carlos Tevez, Gerard Pique, and Ronaldhino help create the Tiempo Legend V. The boot debuted with a Desert Sand/Atomic Orange/Black colourway.

Tiempo Legend IV

In June 2011, Nike introduced the Elite Tiempo Legend IV; it had a Kangalite midfoot reinforced by Flywire cables and removes the classic Tiempo tongue. A stitched premium K-leather comprised the forefoot with an inner carbon fibre chassis running the full length of the sole. The Tiempo Legend 4 debuted with a Black/White/Total Orange colourway, a colour scheme that the Future DNA Tiempo Legend VIII would remake in 2020.

Whilst the first ever Nike Tiempo was witnessed at the 1994 FIFA World Cup, it wasn't until 2006 football boot fans saw the emergence of their Tiempo Legend I. Headlined by Ronaldinho, The Tiempo Legend was all about luxurious touch and feel.

As the Tiempo Legend has continued to evolve, each upgrade has seen the silo feature more modern technologies upon its heritage theme e.g. carbon fibre, Flywire cables & Flyknit.

Whilst it could be argued that the quality of K-Leather has slightly decreased on recent models, the Tiempo Legend has undoubtedly become lighter and more innovative.

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