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Tiempo Legend 8 Right For You?

Most websites just show you the new shiny boots & get you to spend your hard earned cash on the latest boots being shown off by players, but are the Tiempo Legend VIII really right for you and is now the right time to get them?

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Should you go for the Legend VII or the previous generation the Legend 6 which is marked down in price, find out the differences

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We got our hands on a pair of the Tiempo Legend VII Elite before they were released, how did they perform in our test?

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Tiempo Legend; a classic boot design, the touch and comfort of leather the future of football with flyknit, past and present clash for the ultimate leather boot, but are they what YOU should wearing? Let us help you should that question and point you in the right direction as to whether the Elite, Pro, Academy or Club are right for you.. do you know which pair you shouldn't even consider?

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Whilst the first ever Nike Tiempo was witnessed at the 1994 FIFA World Cup, it wasn't until 2006 football boot fans saw the emergence of their Tiempo Legend I. Headlined by Ronaldinho, The Tiempo Legend was all about luxurious touch and feel.

As the Tiempo Legend has continued to evolve, each upgrade has seen the silo feature more modern technologies upon its heritage theme e.g. carbon fibre, Flywire cables & Flyknit.

Whilst it could be argued that the quality of K-Leather has slightly decreased on recent models, the Tiempo Legend has undoubtedly become lighter and more innovative.