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Nike Pro Boots

The Nike Pro boots are the first set of boots under the Elites that represent minor changes from the top-tiers to bring down the price by around £100. Understanding these will help you work out if you can get more value for money by going to the Pro boots instead.

Mercurial Pro Boots

The Mercurial Pro performs a different execution of the materials found in the Elite to bring down the price while not totally toning down the fit and feel. These have chunkier synthetic layer that ultimately makes the boot feel more plasticky and less pliable. The engineered mesh overlay is generally less compact and the circular knit, which substitutes for the Flyknit tongue and collar as well as the microfibre Avail Q Liner of the Elite, offers more stretch and thickness.

Together with a wider inner foot board, the upper construction gives a less snug foot wrap and arguably accomodates even more width. The ball feels slick on the surface of the upper because of the smoother finish of the mesh overlay. And then finally, the Aerotrak plate still has some snap back but not as snappy as the Elite's.

Because the inner board is wider, the anatomic profile of the sole is subtle. These have long chevron studs, giving the Pro the same aggressive traction as the headline Superfly model. The Elite is still the better football boot, but fans of the synthetic Mercurial from the past might actually end up liking the Pro instead.

If you like what the Pro offers but don't want a sock like collar, save yourself the extra money and opt for the Vapor instead. The Vapor Pro is low-cut but does have the circular knit filling up its edges on the opening.

Phantom GT Pro Boots

Phantom GT2 Pro retains the Flyknit base (albeit less premium), wide last, off-centred lacing, Nikeskin coating, and Generative Texture (a bit scaled down). The main difference comes down to the less structured nylon liner that makes the Pro even more flexible than the Elite.

The GT2 isn't as responsive as the Mercs to begin with, but the lack in that department might be even more noticeable with the more pliable upper of the Pro.

The Pro Phantom GT DF has a sock like collar, if that isn't important to you consider the GT2 Elite or cheaper GT Pro as suits you.

Another change is the smooth synthetic leather liner on the heel, which is just a touch less preferable than the suede on the Elite. The split conicals are also adjusted in the Pro to a standard conical look that might lessen the aggressiveness a bit of the traction. The Hyperquick outsole feels more flexible. Sizing remains the same as it runs a quarter size long, so if the length permits go half-a-size down.

Tiempo Legend Pro Boots

The takedowns of the Tiempo Legend are the best value for money boots in the market, and the Pro best represents the case. While it may not have the level of softness and paddedness of the K-leather on the Elite, the natural leather (presumambly calfskin) still feels premium and runs a bit thinner. The thinner profile might be favoured by some that does not want an overly padded touch on the ball. Another plus point on the Pro are the soft memory foams pods, including the microdotted grip texturing, that have the exact placement as that from the top Tiempo Legend. The mesh tongue also makes a present on the Pro.

The Tiempo Legend 9 Pro has a synthetic leather heel liner that feels just right, though ultimately not feeling as comfortable as the synthetic suede material of the Elite's. Not much could also be said for the soleplate as the changes are very minimal and do not affect the overall feel underfoot. As long as the heel liner is not an issue for you, the Pro is a much preferable buy than the Elite.

Aside from the popular FG soleplate, Pro Boots come in other types of outsole. The Artificial gives a specific astro pitch sole and you can choose the Turf ones for the shallow and hard, carpet-like 1st Gen synthetic pitches.

Natural Grass Ground Pro Boots

Each of Nike's boots is availalbe for firm grass pitches, often suited for much of the season around the world and typically a British Summer, Spring and Autumn, and a specific artificial soleplate is available if you are only playing on 3G/4G/5G Astro Turf.

Artificial Pitches

Nike's artificial soleplates have Turf versions suitable for the hard and shallow carpet-like Turf pitches. They have multiple short rubber studs spread across the soleplate to avoid slipping from the short grass hairs while also getting close as possible to the hardness of the ground. For the advanced 3G/4G/5G pitches with longer synthetic grass hairs, Nike's AG soleplates have hollowed raised conicals that provide enough bite to the simulated depthness while still remaining stable on the hard base.

Kids Pro Boots

Nike offers kid-friendly Jr. sizes for the Mercurial Superfly and Vapor as well as the Tiempo Legend.