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Nike Phantom Luna

Dean Ariola

With the Phantom Luna, Nike now has a dedicated football boot for the female players of the sport. With the likes of Puma creating women-specific versions of their silos, Nike’s Luna is another acknowledgement of the ever-growing nature of women’s football, its increasing competitiveness and the need for a female-fitting footwear in order for them to safely compete.

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Grab Your Phantom Luna Now!



The Luna may be the latest Nike Phantom, but it does not replace the GX as its standard bearer. This means that we can expect the Luna to be part of pack releases and/or have its own set of special/limited edition releases. GX and Luna co-existing for the Phantom brand is like the VNM/VSN times, only this time there is a specific gender target for the two Phantoms now.


Questions about the Phantom Luna

  • What is the Phantom Luna?

The Phantom Luna is a Nike football boot that keeps the nuisances of a woman’s foot in mind. No longer do female Nike players have to contented with just the universal sizing of the brand’s current silos (like when boxes indicate the sizing in both men’s and women’s terms), they now have a go-to silo that would best fit them and hopefully prevent their injuries.

  • Can men wear the Phantom Luna?

Yes, totally! If one happen to like the features and most importantly the fit and feel, nothing’s going to keep you from buying and wearing the Luna boots.

  • Who are the female pros that headline the Phantom Luna?

Nike tapped in Crystal Dunn, Grace Geyoro and Debinha to lead the push for the Phantom Luna in women’s football.


Elite Phantom Luna Review

Five Things You’ll Want to Know about the Luna:

  1. Retails for around £255
  2. Available only as a DF-collared boot
  3. Also has Gripknit like the GX
  4. Currently makes Nike’s football boot collection a 4-silo lineup
  5. Directly competes with the women-specific versions of Puma’s silos

Our Phantom Luna Expert Review

Nike Phantom GX

The Nike Phantom GX are made for you to stick out on pitch with Gripknit technology to give you precise ball control, they are grippy on the ball but not too sticky.

Product SKU: DC9968

Product Brand: Nike

Editor's Rating:

✔️ Pros
  • Has a relatively more structured, responsive feel than the GX
  • Dedicated to women’s fitting but can still be worn by men
  • Evokes memories of the likes of Magista and Superfly IV
  • The push of the deep lacing system towards the medial side makes it better in securing the wrap of the boot around your foot
  • Cyclone 360 does have that ease of rotation feel when rotating on your toes
❌ Cons
  • Gripknit in Luna less expansive in terms of grip
  • Lags behind the GX and Mercurial when it comes to what each of the boots deliver best on their own; given the price one might be inclined to just go with either GX or Mercs
  • Only comes in DF model

Phantom Luna is a direct reflection of Nike’s focus on being her biggest champion. From research to testing to design, we put her at the center of the process. With Phantom Luna, we’re offering a boot that is thoughtfully designed for her with a new circular stud pattern and fit, helping athletes to move with precision and confidence on the pitch.

– Dr. Elysia Davis, Principal Researcher in the Nike Sport Research Lab

Boot Rankings, Best For…

Let’s hear what SR4U has to say:

  • Gripknit’s upper construction with PU film overlay feels similar to the GT upper construction
  • Ball touch is less sharp and raw than the likes of Mercurial’s
  • 360-degrees Cyclone stud configuration on the forefoot does function well in rotation despite the composition of blades
  • Upper feels more structured and internal padding makes the ball touch less sharp than the GX
  • Pushing the laces more towards the medial side improves fit, leading to more responsiveness
  • Noticeably packs in more weight than any of the current silos
  • Too clingy for AG
  • Normal width profile considering the marketing, just with a pointed toe box; true-to-size for length
  • Upper wraps the foot well especially with the laces tied tight
  • Realistically, buy only if you like the looks or if you believe in Cyclone 360!


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