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Artificial & Astro-Turf

Astro Turf boots are suitable for artificial surfaces and very hard natural ground. On artificial turf they'll give you all year round use. Below you will find our current top sellers:

Nike make their specific AG-Pro soleplate, designed specifically for use on artificial pitches, whilst most adidas top end boots have their FG/AG soleplate that makes them suitable for both grass or astro pitches. Nike also have a MG soleplate on some of their cheaper boots, that suits grass or artificial pitches, like the adidas sole, but it is just on their cheaper pro and acadmey range boots. When the pitch grass is shorter you'll need to use a turf boot, rather than one with the longer conical studs, that suit the modern 3G & 4G Astro pitches.

Turf Trainers

AstroTurf is a brand name, but is often used when talking about any type of artificial turf surface, it is made from synthetic fibres that have been made to look like natural grass. It was introduced to give an all year round surface that was not adversely affected by weather.

When looking for astro trainers, you'll need a pair that have a decent compression moulded rubber outsole, that will give you durable traction and support. All our artificial surface boots have the AG icon next to them on the site if you want to search by brand.