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New Balance Football Boots

Dean Ariola

With the Furon and the Tekela, New Balance adds credible alternatives to the usual boot suspects! In case you didn’t know, the brand has its entry to the 2024 Euro and Copa America-the Lime Glo Pack.

Recent developments have been positive, with new sponsored teams and stars joining the fray. But most importantly, the New Balance boots are now something to watch out for…

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Boot Silos under New Balance

Right now what NB offers is the Furon for the speedy players and the Tekela for the technical ones. They are currently on their 7+ and 4+ generation, respectively.


Furon maintains one of the few knitted options out there for a speed boot, at a time when the major brands went back to synthetics.


adidas might be leading the mainstream laceless choices, but boots like the Tekela could start putting up a challenge to that dominance. However, those looking for a low-cut, laced option still has something to look forward to for the Tekela.

Big Names with New Balance Boots

NB has already taken the likes of Bukayo Saka, Harvey Elliott, and Tim Weah into its fold. But so far, the high-profile ambassadors are:

Sadio Mane

Sadio Mane is to New Balance what CR7 is to Nike. Since joining in 2018, Mane has become the face not only of the Furon boot, but also of New Balance football in general. He now constantly receives signature releases to mark special football occasions and personal achievements.

Raheem Sterling

The multi-titled winger signed in 2021 to further improve the profile of the brand among footballers. He also wears the Furon like the majority of the names listed here.

New Boots from NB

Cheap Options and New Balance Jr. Boots

You don’t always need to go for the gold and buy the most expensive football boots. While it would be nice to have a pair of either the Furon or Tekela at their full execution, their toned down variants do provide some functional benefits that are enough for you to enjoy your football! But what are those variants then?

For the Furon, that would be the Destroy and the Dispatch. The former tries to emulate as much features of the actual Furon as it can at a lower cost (almost half the price), so in essence it attempts not to cut too much corners just to cheapen it. The latter is what we can truly say a budget option-the quality is far removed from the top tier, but how acceptable it is depends on its fit and comfort for you and how it ranks up among other takedown boots.

In the case of the Tekela you have the Magia and the Magique. They serve like the Furon Destroy and Furon Dispatch, respectively. But it’s important to note the the Magique is only available with laces. Only the budget-friendly Dispatch and Magique have Junior equivalents-NB’s football boots for kids.


Are New Balance football boots good?

Money might have been a consideration, but the growth in the number of footballers (including those outside the list of sponsored stars) should mean New Balance football boots have that quality and build to at least match the more popular branded options. In fact, they do offer something unique to them that bolster their competitive advantage.

Are New Balance football boots wide?

What New Balance does is they provide actual wide fit options, so those who really have a ginormous shape of a foot won’t have to go up a few sizes and risk having a mismatch in length just to get the width right.

Furon and Tekela Reviews

In-depth views and videos about the Furon and the Tekela when you click on the images below. By the way, check out our Boot Secrets guide where we compile information about all the current boot models from every brand.

About New Balance Football Boots

New Balance are a worldwide renowned and American owned sports brand who specialise in footwear and athletic apparel. Based in Boston US, New Balance were first established in the early 1900’s and developed a reputation as one of the world’s best footwear manufacturers in the 1970s’ and today they are a family of brands which include New Balance, Dunham, PF Flyers, Aravon, Brine and Warrior. The New Balance brands cater for several different sports including running, tennis, cricket, lacrosse, hockey and football. Warrior Football who supplied kits for Liverpool were re-branded to New Balance in 2014 for both club shirts and football boots.

New Balance first produced boots for football back in 1984 and the poster boy at the time for the brand’s new football boots was Manchester United and England great Bryan Robson. Robson was a key figure for the brand as he helped to shape, test and refine their football boots under every possible playing condition. A result was a football boot which was comfortable and protective designed for players at the highest level. As the brand’s title New Balance suggest the boots were very wide fitting suiting players of any foot shape and type. The original New Balance boots featuring a traditional leather upper with cross-stitching on the upper similar to what you see on an old Copa Mundial or Tiempo Legend providing a super comfortable feel and fit. The boots featured the enlarged N symbol on the side of the boot as well as the New Balance brand on the heel.


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