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The best boots for 5-a-side football, whether you play on an astro/artificial pitch or indoor court we have the right Astro shoes for you and break down the best options. Playing on 4G pitches instead? Get back to the artificial boot pages here


Is 5-a-side Different From Futsal?

Both games feature football at a smaller scale, both in the number of players and the dimensions of the playing surface. However, 5-a-side refers to that mini football played on the shallow synthetic turf surrounded by walls or a cage, preventing the ball from going out of play and keeping the action flowing. It has more of that traditional football vibe because of the presence of grass fibres, however artificial they might be. Futsal is essentially football played on the flat indoor hard court. Moreover, it is the indoor football recognised by FIFA, football’s international regulatory body.

So when it comes to the 5-a-side boots, you would need boots that are labelled as Turf, boots with multiple, extremely short nodes that are enough to bite into the shallowness of the synthetic pitch. They look different from the Indoor ones from futsal that have flat, non-marking rubber outsole that have a feel of regular trainers. If you’re playing your five-a-side indoor or on concrete, look to the Futsal shoes on offer.

With that out of the way, here are the top boots for a good 5-a-side game:

Top 10 5-a-side Shoes

1. Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Vapor 15 Academy

The standout boot on field, is available for Astro too, with the Mercurial Academy TF, giving you Nike’s Air Zoom Airbag technology within your 5-a-side boots. These are designed specifically for turf pitches, the flexible NikeSkin gives you a great combination of touch and durability.

2. Nike React Tiempo Legend 10 Pro

A great combination of Nike Tech for the small sided game with the React sole for cushioning, the Pro quality synthetic leather upper that will mould to your feet, combined with raised textures for your touch, passing, dribbling or shooting. 

3. Nike Phantom GX Academy

Based on the Phantom you see on pitches worldwide, these are designed to suit the Astro Turf, with a cushioned sole combined with short studs perfect for synthetic grass. The GX has a textured feel on its Nikeskin upper for your touch, also helps with dribbling. They’re engineered with off-centre lacing for a clean strike zone for your shots and passing.

4. adidas Copa Pure.1

Not K-leather but still a premium quality one on the forefoot, delivering a cushioned feel when receiving the ball

5. Puma Future Match

Highlights on the midfoot Fuzionfit360 upper that is composed of an engineered mesh and stretchy knit

6. adidas X Speedportal.1

Perfect for those who like a raw, pingy sensation when striking the ball with a synthetic boot

7. Puma Ultra Match

An speed turf boot option that is lightweight, fast, and secure

8. adidas Mundial Team Boots

The iconic Copa Mundial goes into Turf mode, reinforced with suede materials for more responsiveness

9. Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Superfly 9 Academy

The Superfly is very similar to the Vapor Academy model, except that these include a neoprene collar finish, which can aid in keeping those rubber crumbs out of your boot and some may find useful around the ankle, it doesn’t afford any real performance benefit, being just cosmetic, so you can save your model and just opt for the Academy Vapor instead.

10. Mizuno Morelia Neo III KL

Arguably has the best K-leather among the boots in this list

Best Nike 5-a-side

Nike have some great 5-a-side options, that vary depending on your surface, the turf boots are often similar to the football boots worn on normal pitches, whilst you can get specific indoor shoes that suit that surface too, with the Lunar Gato and React Gato focused on that court surface.

5-a-side matches have small dimensions for the goal and court, and are played on shallow synthetic pitches. The action is usually fast-paced and relies heavily on quick cuts and short passes. As such, turf boots use short studs that have just enough height to dig in to that shallow depth, making them the best boots to play with for optimum stability in 5-a-side games. Since the pitch is really shallow to the point it is almost flat-like surface, turf soccer cleats have numerous studs to avoid pressure points under the foot.




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