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Puma King Platinum Boots

Now represented by a marquee player in Neymar Jr, the Puma King Platinum truly marks the return of the King on the football pitch. Will it be capable of taking on the likes of Nike Tiempo and adidas Copa, and appeal to leather boot enthusiasts?

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The King Platinum has been available since 2019, introducing the iconic Puma silo worn by the likes of Pele, Cruyff, and Maradona with a modern build. A modern legend is now continuing that legacy for years to come.

While it retains a traditional make of full leather from rear to front, the Puma King Platinum delivers the current profile of today's speed boots. The Puma boot has a slim, narrow silhouette and its premium K-leather is very soft and thin, making it comfortably lightweight and snug.

Supporting the K-leather upper is also a lightweight Rapidsprint outsole that has a stable midfoot and flexible forefoot, plus a combination of blades and conicals for an FG/AG adaptability.

An internal toe cage and medial stitching provide the boot's only structural reinforcement to maintain its pliability.

The integrated knitted-tongue and dual-lace hole system complete the modern remake of the King Platinum, punctuated by a sleek Puma outline on the lateral side.

Neymar's switch to Puma and his choice of the King Platinum as his footwear certainly brought back awareness to the existence of the football boot silo. While the model has a proud and rich history, in modern times it has fallen behind the likes of the Nike Tiempos and adidas Copas. With its 2019 evolution, the Puma King now has the vibe of a modern speed boot. Whether it'll get back to its prominent status among the sports' stars remains to be seen, however, despite the silo now being the boot choice of the player with the most expensive transfer in football history.

Puma King Boot History

The Puma King debuted in 1968. Back then, the Puma King's upper and outsole flexibility was unmatched, and the build of the said leather boot enabled a focus on improved ball control. It was also distinctly the first football boot with a flat cut. Puma gave the first-ever pair of the Kings to Portugal's Eusebio to celebrate being the top scorer in the 1966 World Cup and his achievements with Benfica. And from the boot's exploits with the player known as the 'Black Panther' came a succession of legendary players to which the Puma King shared iconic moments especially in the World Cup.

It didn't take long for that to occur as the Puma King graced the feet of the great Brazilian Pele in the 1970 World Cup. Aside from his achievements, Pele gave the Puma King a good view (literally) for the world to see by allegedly asking the referee to hold-off the final's kickoff so that he could tie his Puma King Pele boots, knowing that the cameras would focus on him. The Puma King was the boots worn by Johan Cruyff during the 1974 World Cup, the competition he got voted as 'Player of the Tournament' despite his team losing to West Germany in the final. Mario Kempes scored a brace, with the Puma Kings on, against the Netherlands in the 1978 FIFA World Cup finals to get Argentina their first-ever World Cup title. Across the World Cups in the '80s and 1990, Argentina's Diego Maradona played with the Puma Kings and delivered a couple of football's immortal moments with the 'Goal of the Century' and 'Hand of God Goal.'

After two decades of football pitch dominance, the Puma King finally faced competition in the '90s from Nike's Tiempos and adidas' Predators, not to mention the launch of the Nike Mercurials. Both the Nike Mercurials and adidas Predators would become popular football boots, with the Tiempos also gaining a following, even up to this date. And while the Puma King had multiple versions like the Exec 1s, XLs, Finales, SLs, and King II well into the 2000s and 2010s, it started to give way even to the other Puma silos like the V106s and the evoSPEEDs.

Lots of factors might have contributed to the relative decline of the Puma King, but perhaps the significant ones would be the overall looks and the material quality. Despite the revisions made in the 2000s, the overall look of the newer Puma Kings felt similar, going against the stylish trends of other football boot silos at that time. And aside from the fashion aspect, other brands were also moving towards innovative synthetics and soleplate materials that performed better.

The King Platinum introduced in 2019 is the latest attempt to make the silo relevant again. It no longer has a multitude of craftsmanship and stitchings and instead delivers an almost uninterrupted leather feel on the upper. The leather itself is a very soft and thin premium K-leather, making the latest King comfortably lightweight. The upper is then attached to the Rapidsprint soleplate that is equally lightweight and has a stable midfoot-flexible forefoot functionality. The slim profile and the integration of the knitted tongue provide the boot's snug fit, adequately reinforced by the central lacing system and the external heel counter. The good thing about the Puma King Platinum is that it is one of the least expensive among top-end models across the major brands.

For all the modern adaptations of the Puma King, perhaps a marquee name wearing them in Neymar Jr. is what will complete the silo's quest back to football boot prominence.

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