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Phantom VSN Boots

Blake Grice

Worn by Kevin De Bruyne, Mason Mount and Marco Verratti on pitch, the Phantom Vision 2 are all about precision and control, with a large textured pad in the passing region of the boot. Designed for a clean strike, with the laces covered, using the boot’s Ghost Lacing system. The VSN 2’s most revolutionary aspect is the Quadfit mesh bootie within it, keeping your foot locked in place.

*Nike has long since retired the Phantom Vision. See the latest Phantom here.

Available in Four Levels

⬇️ There are also Children’s specific (Jr. sizes)

Designed for Six Pitch Types

  • Grass (FG) – Firm Ground
  • Muddy (SG) – Soft Ground
  • Artifical (AG) – 3G/4G/5G Astro
  • Mixed (MG) – Grass & Artificial
  • Turf (TF) – Turf & Short Astro
  • Indoor (IC) – Court & Concrete

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Elite ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Elite Phantom Vision was worn by the likes of Kevin De Bruyne and Mason Mount. If the Phantom Venom is about precision and power, the Vision concentrates on control and touch. Externally, the Vision 2 has Flyknit outer layer with a thin Nikeskin film that is divided into four zones covering the lateral, toe box and medial side. The said plastic film has a texture that starts minimally along the lateral side and then increases in prominence and intensity towards the medial side. The Flyknit layer also acts as the Ghost Lacing cover to provide a cleaner striking surface. Internally, the Phantom Vision 2 features a Quadfit-mesh bootie construction that hugs the foot nicely especially once the laces are tied tight.

PRO ⭐⭐⭐⭐

To cut the price of the Elite to half,The Pro Phantom Vision 2 resorted to using a synthetic mesh instead of Flyknit and a copy of the Quadfit-mesh. The kind of mesh used in the layers are a bit stiffer in general, so a little bit of break-in time is needed. Also, the lack of stretch from the boot may cause some difficulty in putting them on. But it does have a tighter fit that hold the layers in place, and above-average lockdown compared to boots in this price range. The Pro retains the screened forefoot and texturing orientation (albeit slightly toned down) to maintain its control and grip identity.

Academy ⭐⭐⭐

The Academy does not deviate to the meshy composition of the Phantom Vision 2. Officially using a Nikeskin upper, the Academy uses a soft and flexible mesh that is covered by a thin PU film. The texturing itself is provided by the meshed upper, which flows seamlessly to the Ghost Lacing system. The internal layer is not Quadfit and feels like an elasticated textile, but it does somehow replicates its function in wrapping your foot once the laces are tied. Exclusive to the Academy Vision 2 is a multiground (FG/AG) stud layout, featuring hallowed conicals usually seen in AG-Pro soleplates coupled with a few blades. Overall, the stability and flexibility of the MG tooling is not that far from the Hyperprecision tooling of the Elite.

Club ⭐

The Club Vision 2 is best for the younger kids, having a fabric material for the inner layer that presses softly against the foot. The plastic synthetic on the outside has a consistent all-over texture to keep up with the Vision 2 concept. The MG tooling for the Academy is also the default soleplate for the Club, meaning that it has the hallow conicals that are good for the artificial grounds plus some blades and toe pick studs for added bite. The blades underneath the toe in particular creates a nice platform to twist and pivot.

Jr. Phantom Vision 2

Nike has made the most premium execution of the Phantom Vision 2 available in Kids’s Jr. sizes. There’s just a slight change to the studs as it has a standard layout for the conicals and looks the same as the MG configuration. Other than that, the Vision 2 Elite in Kids has the same Flyknit-based upper with a thin textured plastic outer layer for grip and control. It also has the inner Quadfit mesh that fits snugly and securely.

Grass – FG (Firm Ground)

The Hyperprecision tooling of the Phantom Vision 2 has a unique fan-shaped stud configuration that seemingly aims to target rotation and traction at the same time. Traction, on the other hand, is enhanced by the 4 blades sitting on the rear. Pushing off from the toe feels stable most especially because of the curved blades circling right underneath the toe.

Muddy – SG (Soft Ground & Anti Clog)

The SG-Anti Clog soleplate of the Phantom Vision 2 will always highlight the hydrophobic plate that makes it easy to scrape off mud and lessen the weight and burden given by wet pitches on the boots. Anti-Clog, first introduced in 2016, has become a staple among Nike soft ground boots (VSN 2 included). For the Vision 2 specifically, the soleplate still has 2 blades in the back and some additional chevrons on the forefoot and tip of the toe. Plastic conicals appear right behind the metallic ones on the forefoot. These moulded studs secure your stability in the muddy pitch once the metallic studs have penetrated and get your feet planted on the surface.

Artificial – AG-Pro

With the AG-Pro Nike soleplate, the Vision 2 has a thicker plastic for the base plate to shield the underfoot from the heat caused by having friction with synthetic pitch. The conicals are hallowed in order to fill the tips with a rubber material to give the studs a very minimal amount of flex. This effectively eliminates that small cling that FG outsoles have on artificial grounds. The lace cover and the Dynamic Fit collar of the Vision 2 serve some purpose in preventing the rubber pellets from getting inside your boot.

Mixed – MG (Multi-Ground)

The Phantom VSN 2 MG is confined to the Academy level. It adds value-for-money for the takedown level by providing warranty for both natural and synthetic pitches use. The stud configuration retains the circled formation of blades right under the toe (kind of a precursor to the Cyclone 360 tooling), but replaced the fan-shaped main studs with hollowed conicals.

Turf – TF

Nikeskin mesh with windmill-shaped texturing informs the upper of the React Vision 2 Pro. As implied by the name, Nike’s React cushion is placed on the boot’s midsole. The same windmill shape provides the layout of the short multiple rubber nubs typical of any turf boot.

Indoor & Court – IC

The Nike Phantom Vision 2 React Pro Indoor follows the Ghost Cover lacing setup for a clean surface all around the front of the boot. A mesh layer covers the internal mock bootie construction and the Hyperscreen outer layer carries the boot’s grip texturing. The heel sits on a Nike React cushioned midsole which in turn goes above the flat rubber outsole.

Original Phantom Vision Boots

The Vision’s quadfit bootie will conform itself to fit almost any foot, giving you a boot that you can be ready with right out of the box, rather than needing to break them in, the mesh bootie will retain it’s shape over time and not overstretch.

The firm ground version has a brand new lightweight, responsive, soleplate, that has a traction pattern designed for quick multi-directional cuts, ideal for you as a midfield playermaker, the indoor versions look the same with a Nike React sole, both boots feature ACC for all weather control for your game.

Initially launched in the black-out Black Ops colorway, as tested by players before it’s launch, the Raised On Concrete platimum pair shortly followed with the red triangular pass zone, followed up by the Young Blood crimson and silver Vision, which colour is for you? Only available in Dynamic Fit Collar versions, this boot replaces the Nike Magista.


Blake Grice

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