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Phantom VNM Boots

Worn by Harry Kane, Robert Lewandowski, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Marcus Rashford and goalscorers across the planet the Phantom Venom is Nike's successor to their Hypervenom Phantom line of boots. This drop pairs the boots with the Vision under then Phantom line, to sit next to the Vapor & Superfly in the Mercurial boot collection. Now you are either Phantom or Mercurial, but are you Phantom Venom?

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The 2019 Hypervenom Phantom has evolved into the Phantom VNM, still a goalscorers boot, with technology added to advance your game. Precision PWR panel added similar to the T90 Laser of the past, paired with NikeSKIN and Flyknit uppper and a Honeycomb like texture over the forefoot, for adding control and touch when dribbling the ball.

The soleplate is updated from the Phantom III, still Hyperreactive the plate incorporated the split toe design under a six pointed star in the centre of the foot, with Chevron studs and two braking blades in the middle, for the ultimate strikers traction.

Part covered laces look to give you an adaptive lockdown into the boot and you get a cleaner striking area, paired with the Precision PWR panel a textured area in the strike zone for a powerful and cleaner strike.

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