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Hard/Firm Ground

Firm Ground (FG) boots are ideally suited for hard natural ground surfaces. Because of the weather you'll mainly wear them in spring or summer, but if happen to be somewhere drier you may get use of them all season. Below we have the most popular Hard/Firm boots right now:

Blades or Moulded Studs

We do have more of a range of hard and firm ground boots, but you will need to search by the boot type and look out for the FG icon next to the boots which indicates they are suitable for playing football on firm and hard surfaces.

When playing on hard or firm ground you are going to need a pair of boots with a little less grip than if you were out on a slippery, wet or muddy pitch when you'd need to wear soft ground boots.

The most common sole types of Hard Ground (HG) boots are with either blades or moulded studs. The blades are mouldes soles that face in multiple directions to maximise grip and minimise ankle injury.

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