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Nike Elite Boots

Elite boots are those that you worn by Nike professional players on pitches around the world. They differ from other models that you'll find in store and online, we'll explain the differences and how to spot them.

Elite boots come in three professional grade soleplates for different types of pitches. The most popular is FG for firm ground and grass pitches, there is also anti-clog for muddy pitches and AG-Pro for artificial grounds.

Elite Mercurial Boots

The boot is known for its snug and narrow fit, coupled by a synthetic Vaporposite upper with central lacing for a responsive feel and secure lockdown. The Flyknit tongue and internal Avail Q microfibre liner provide the boot's comfort aspect.

Superfly 8 Elite

Superfly Elite is one of the most popular boots of all time and is headlined by long-time poster boy CR7. Ronaldo is now joined by other stars like Kylian Mbappe and Jadon Sancho in wearing the Mercurial.

The unique aspect of these boots is the dynamic fit knitted sock like collar that enhances the sensation of foot-to-boot connection. Another feature that backs up its speed boot identity is the Aerotrak soleplate, which has a snappy forefoot to give you the sense of speed boost when accelerating. The traction is aggressive thanks to the chevron studs.

Vapor 14 Elite

The low-cut version of the Mercurial is the Vapor, which is favoured by more professionals because of the maximum freedom around the ankle. Everything from the Vaporposite down to the Aerotrak soleplate, including the fit and feel, is just the same as the Superfly.

Big name wearers are Bruno Fernandes and Erling Haaland, the boot is the professionals pair of choice, with the Vapor dominating boots worn listings for Europe's major leagues, the World Cup and Champions League ever year.

Another reason why the Vapor is generally preferred is the price. By simply going to the low-cut Mercs, you can save around £20, which is quite an extra amount for just the single piece of collar that you get in the Superfly.

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Elite Phantom GT2

The GT comes from Generative Texture, that adds a streamlined chevron-shaped embossed element across the upper to improve ball grip and control. The striking surface has been increased thanks to off-centred lacing system, encouraging the wearer to always look forward to having the ball under your feet.

A distinct boot experience from that of the synthetic Mercurial and leathered Tiempo. Using Flyknit, a premium knitted material from the Swoosh brand, as the base material of the upper.

Flyknit gives the Phantoms the natural softness of knit and presses it against your foot, while an internal liner and a thin Nikeskin outer layer adds structure to them, they still have a sock-like feel. The properties of knit combine with the wide last to have an adaptive fit to wider foot types.

Phantom GT 2 Low

The only differene in the low to the DF version, is these lack the sock like collar, choosing a pair is down to personal preference, just like the Superfly vs Vapor.

The Phantom GT also uses a unique open-arched Hyperstability outsole that has a nice twist and flex for deft turns and movements, to support the emphasis on rotation are the split-conicals.

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Tiempo Legend IX Elite

For traditionalists who prefer leather boots and to those who like to have a more solid feel to the upper, as opposed to the thin and light Vaporposite and Flyknit uppers, the IX have a premium K-leather upper that is supported structurally by a synthetic rear to the boot.

The padded feel of the K-leather is then further enhanced by the soft memory foam pods placed stragetically on areas that have the most contact with the ball. The combination of foam and leather targets the improvement of your first touch while also providing the cushion-like comfort.

Fit-wise, the Tiempo has more width but nonetheless provides a secure fit because of the central laces and the form-fitting attribute of natural leather. On top of the boot is a mesh tongue that has a decent amount of lateral stretch, perfect for properly moulding around the arch of your foot.

Nike boasts the current Tiempo model are the lightest Tiempo ever, with a reengineered Hyperstability soleplate carrying a significant role in making it lightweight.

FG: Firm Ground

SG AC: Soft Ground Anti Clog

Anti clog now comes as standard on all Elite boots, with the new version where you can't replace the studs, this is designed to reduce weight, but also means when they're worn so are your boots.

AG-Pro: Artificial

Mercurial, Phantom and Tiempo all come in artificial pitch ready version, with extra conical studs added to each of the boots to make them suitable for 3G/4G/5G Astro pitches.

Kids Elite Boots

Nike previously had kid-friendly Jr. sizes for their adult Elite boots, but currently the top-tier children's boots are capped at the Pro takedown, one level below the Elite.