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Hypervenom Phantom Elite

Most websites just show you the new shiny boots & get you to spend your hard earned cash on the latest boots being shown off by players, but are the Hypervenom Phantom III really right for you and is now the right time to get them?

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Hypervenom Phantom III DF Elite Reviews

Cheap vs PRO Hypervenom Tested

We take a cheaper pair of Hypervenom and compare them to the Elite Phantom DF version, can you spot the differences and will they be important to your game & your choices when picking your pair?

Hypervenom Phantom III Elite Test

We look at all the Hypervenom options on the market and help you work out which is for you, Elite, Pro, Acadmey or Club, DF Collar or not, find out

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Are you an attacking player looking to spark your game with the Hypervenom Phantom, Kane, Rashford, Lewandowski, Cavani, Mahrez all wear the Elite Hypervenom and we can help you work out whether you need the top Phantom DF boots or if another Hypervenom would be better suited to you, it's all about YOUR football..

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Check out some of the awesome pictures of various versions of the boots that are available, get help with your next pair here

Nike released their first every Hypervenom in 2013, labelled the Phantom, which essentially acted as successor to the long-serving and highly popular Total 90 silo. The Hypervenom has since evolved every two years.

Whilst the previous Total 90 was all about ball striking power, the Hypervenom has preferred to lean towards agility however also goal scoring prowess - hence Harry Kane and Robert Lewandowski lacing up in the boots.

The Hypervenom Phantom upper has received both plaudits and critics throughout its short history, the first generation Phantom was loved by many whilst the second-gen model was disliked. Thankfully, Nike managed to turn things around for the Phantom III through a full Flyknit upper.

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