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T90 Phantom VNM

The Future DNA Phantom VNM is now out, with a design inspired by the Nike Air Zoom Total 90 II as part of Nike's retro throwback collection. The VNM's Flyknit upper is white on the microtextured toe and vamp, on the instep’s Precision Power striking zone, and much of the medial and lateral side. The Nike swoosh on the lateral side is also black, as long with the ghost lacing system.

Consistent with the AZT90 II colourway concept, the ghost lacing system, also off-centred, is followed by black wide stripes that fade as the stripes reach the toe area. The ACC branding, much like the First Touch branding back in the 2002 boot, is red. Completing the look is the white branding of the Phantom Venom on the side of the central lacing area.

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Back in 2002 the Nike Air Zoom Total 90 II featured a rollover tongue and off-centred lacing system slanted towards the lateral for a larger striking area. The upper was made of a soft, light KNG-100 G synthetic leather for its comfort and water-resistant features and coated with Nike’s own First Touch for ball control. One of the original colourways was this white upper, with black on the heel area and tongue up to the slanted lacing on the leather upper. In addition to that, black stripes followed the lacing area with the first stripe being as wide as the lacing area and the succeeding stripes getting narrower and faded. The Nike symbols on both medial and lateral were also black, and the zoom air branding was in red font. To contrast with the black tongue, the Total 90 II branding was in white font.

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