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Magista Obra Boots

The Opus is now the Obra II Elite, the other boots changed names from Orden, Onda & Ola to be Pro, Academy and Club, DF means they have a sock collar, but nothing else has changed with the Magista, just the names, let's help you clear the confusion and find right Obra II for you, there are some great deals available...

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Magista Obra II DF Elite Reviews

Renamed! Magista Opus = Obra Pro

We look at the Opus or should we say Obra PRO now... anyway, is the lower collar version of the Magista any good for you?

What's Inside a pair of Magista!!

We cut into a pair of Magista Obra Elite to give you a look at what you get for you money with these top level football boots

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The Magista doesn't have much life left in it, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be considering hooking yourself up with a pair, let us explain why, these are the boots that suit Kevin De Bruyne and Andres Iniesta, find out why they can be good for you too

magista Boots

Check out some of the awesome pictures of various versions of the boots that are available, get help with your next pair here

The first ever boot for Nike which featured their iconic Dynamic Fit Collar was the Magista Obra I in May 2014 ready to be headlined within the 2014 FIFA World Cup by players such as Iniesta & Luiz.

Essentially, the Magista silo acted as successor to the popular CTR360 range which meant the control-theme has continued still today. Both the Magista Obra I & Obra II have been constructed from Nike's trademark Flyknit upper for a sock-like fit.

The most notable difference when the Obra I evolved into the Obra II was the redesigned Dynamic Fit Collar which preferred a more curved shape to mimic a player's ankle.

Players Who Wear The Magista Obra: