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Skechers SKX 01

Dean Ariola

Skechers mark their high-profile entry to football with the Skechers SKX 01, a silo headlined by their signing Harry Kane. The striker is one of the most recognised names in the sport today, and so it only makes sense for him to sign with a brand that would elevate his status further as far as football boots are concerned. But are his SKX_01 up to par with the leading football boots in the market? Let’s get straight to it then…

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Elite Skechers SKX 01 Review

What our video above where we let us know our thoughts on Kane’s new boots…

Things You’ll Want to Know:

  1. Priced at £195.00
  2. Has high-cut and low-cut options
  3. First Skechers football boot to be endorsed by a star player
  4. An option to knitted football boots
  5. Released as a laced model

✔️ Pros
  • Fitknit does wrap closely around the foot; jives well with the central lacing system
  • Internal heel upper padding gives additional heel lockdown
  • Shape of the boot and stretch of the upper can cater to wide-feet players
  • Hyper Burst Pro cushioned insole makes each step comfortable
  • Stud shape and length make the boot more playable in AG
  • Soleplate lays flat compared to the raised toe box of other leading boots; keeps you feeling close and stable to the ground
  • Stiff midfoot provides a responsive feel to the outsole
  • Thin upper good for people who likes a barefoot, raw and direct ball sensation
  • Curved, wavy ridges prominent enough to add friction and grip when dribbling the ball
❌ Cons
  • Might have to contend with some dead spaces here and there until break-in
  • Has to deal with comparisons with the Nike Phantom GT
  • Not speed boot-like in the responsiveness of the upper
  • Fitknit feels less plush than the likes of Flyknit
  • Tight competition in the knitted football boots category with the likes of New Balance Furon and Tekela, Nike Phantom GX
  • Not on par with the likes of adidas Predator and Nike Phantom in terms of ball grip

Unique Last

A custom-designed last, meticulously crafted to optimise fit and comfort. This ensures that every player’s foot finds the perfect snug fit, enhancing overall control and stability.

Knit and Skin Upper

The upper is a seamless fusion of high-quality knit and skin materials. The knit adapts to your foot’s shape, offering a personalised fit and excellent breathability. Meanwhile, the
strategically placed skin panels add durability and protection where it’s needed most.

Micro and Macro Texture

A unique combination of micro and macro texture on the upper, strategically placed to optimise ball control and touch. The micro-textured zones provide a delicate grip for precise dribbling and passing, while the macro-textured areas offer extra grip and
power for shooting and striking the ball.

Internal Chassis

At the core of the boot lies an internal chassis made from lightweight yet robust materials. This not only enhances support and stability but makes the boot incredibly lightweight and provides unparalleled strength and responsiveness. The dynamic stud pattern that offers enhanced traction for multi-directional movements. Whilst a responsive lacing system ensures a locked-down fit.

Hyper-burst Pro Sock-liner

A staple of Skechers footwear, Hyper-burst Pro is a highly responsive ultra-lightweight, long lasting and resilient TPU cushioning which moulds to the shape of your foot, providing a custom fit that ensures maximum comfort throughout the entire game


Dean Ariola

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