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Mizuno Boots

Mizuno football boots, crafted from some of the finest leathers and materials in the world. You will have two boot choices: Morelia or Rebula both of which are made in Japan and are arguably the highest quality football boots you can purchase. Each range has cheaper/scaled down versions that look like the elite boots but with cheaper materials and technologies used.

Morelia Neo Beta III

The Beta is Mizuno's pinnacle football boot, crafted with precision in Japan, the Neo MIJ are lasted for 24 hour.

Rebula Cup

The Rebula Cup are Mizuno's modern interpretation of a their classic Cup boots, with a large ball striking zone, padded instep and soft k-leather upper.

Mizuno football boots are a niche brand who offer some excellent boots, they are popular in many european countries. Founded in 1906 in Osaka, Japan by brothers Rihachi & Rizo Mizuno; Mizuno Corporation is a sports equipment and sportswear company, as well as football they make rugby boots and golf clubs and accessories.

Latest Mizuno Boot Packs

Mizuno Boot Lineup

At the moment, four silos make up the Mizuno football boots lineup; they are the Morelia 2, Morelia Neo 3, Morelia Neo 3 Beta, and Rebula 3. Each of the boots features the brand's premium K-leather on the forefoot that is thin and soft, making Mizuno known as one of the most comfortable leather boots in the market. However, each has its specific attribute that warrants the separation of the silos from each other.

While the Morelia 2, Morelia Neo 3, and Neo 3 Beta all have a K-leather forefoot that is stitched to prevent overstretching, the Rebula 3 utilizes instead a rebound foam called FTS to act as the upper's CT Frame-a skeletal cage that also keeps the leather from wearing out. With the absence of stitchings, water intake is significantly reduced while the CT Frame is thin enough to retain the core leather feel of the Rebula 3.

If you prefer a more old school, pure leather look for your football boots, Morelia 2 brings just that. It further evokes nostalgia with its fold-over tongue that locks in place with its velcro tape. Although the Morelia 2 gives a visual sense of bulk, the said line has been adjusted with a modern fit, with the opening and heel area being narrowed down and the tight-fitting profile matching the thinness of the upper in general.

Incredible Mizuno Leather Quality

Mizuno is making a name for itself thanks to their Mizuno Morelia Neo line. Now on its third generation, the Morelia Neo is widely considered as the leather equivalent of today's knitted speed boots and being the best pair of football boots in such category. To streamline the softness, thinness, fit, and comfort of the K-leather forefoot to the entire boot, the Morelia Neo 3 incorporates the Mizuno-developed Barefoot Leather. Also, the edges around the opening are made out of Barefoot Knit, officially marking Mizuno's entry to developing knit technology for their football boots. And speaking of knit, if you are looking to the most lightweight pair Mizuno can offer, then look no further than the Beta version of the Morelia Neo 3. The Beta expands the use of the Barefoot Knit to the upper-integrated tongue and further shaves weight by using a Beta mesh midfoot instead of the Barefoot Leather of the standard Neo 3.

While Mizuno is behind other brands like Nike and adidas in terms of overall market, the Japanese boot maker is slowly gaining name-recognition as their quality-first approach is being well-received by football boots enthusiasts. Mizuno also did have iconic players under its wing, starting with the left-footed Brazilian great Rivaldo, the tall yet agile Kluivert, and Liverpool legend 'El Nino' Fernando Torres. with Torres ending his career in Japan and with Mizuno, finishing with a signature F9T Morelia Neo II.

In 1997 Mizuno developed their Wave technology for shoes, which would improved steadiness and cushioning, the technology would make its way in to football boots with the popular and now defunct Mizuno Wave Ignitus. Roque Santa Cruz was heavily involved with the Wave Ignitus whilst other players such as Pablo Aimar, Roberto Carlos and Kenwyne Jones have worn Mizuno.