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How To Find Your Mizuno Boots...

Mizuno football boots, crafted from some of the finest leathers and materials in the world. You will have two boot choices: Morelia or Rebula both of which are made in Japan and are arguably the highest quality football boots you can purchase. Each range has cheaper/scaled down versions that look like the elite boots but with cheaper materials and technologies used.

Mizuno football boots are a niche brand who offer some excellent boots, they are popular in many european countries. Founded in 1906 in Osaka, Japan by brothers Rihachi & Rizo Mizuno; Mizuno Corporation is a sports equipment and sportswear company, as well as football they make rugby boots and golf clubs and accessories.

In 1997 Mizuno developed their Wave technology for shoes, which would improved steadiness and cushioning, the technology would make its way in to football boots with the popular and now defunct Mizuno Wave Ignitus. Roque Santa Cruz was heavily involved with the Wave Ignitus whilst other players such as Pablo Aimar, Roberto Carlos and Kenwyne Jones have worn Mizuno.