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Mizuno Football Boots

Ian Ebbs

Mizuno football boots are a niche brand who offer some excellent boots and are popular in many European countries. It was founded in 1906 in Osaka, Japan by brothers Rihachi & Rizo Mizuno. As a sports equipment and sportswear company, they also make rugby boots and golf clubs and accessories.

While Mizuno is behind other brands like Nike and adidas in terms of overall market, the Japanese boot maker is slowly gaining name-recognition as their quality-first approach is being well-received by football boots enthusiasts. Mizuno also did have iconic players under its wing, starting with the left-footed Brazilian great Rivaldo, the tall yet agile Kluivert, and Liverpool legend ‘El Nino’ Fernando Torres who ended his career in Japan wearing a signature F9T Morelia Neo II.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mizuno Boots

Is Mizuno a soccer brand?

Yes, and interestingly the brand is kind of an open secret in the football boot industry. Mizuno boots are beloved by football boot enthusiasts but remain well-behind Nike and adidas in terms of getting mainstream adoption.

Which footballers wear Mizuno?

At the moment, Sergio Ramos is the high-profile name wearing a pair of Mizunos during matches. Some Japanese players plying their trade in Europe like Reo Hatate and Maya Yoshida also wear Mizuno silos.

Are Mizuno boots comfortable?

What’s for sure is that Mizuno arguably has the finest execution of K-leather into football boots. Whether that makes the boot comfortable for you also depends on the nuances of the silos and your particular foot shape. Stick around to learn more about the Mizuno models so we can get to know the most comfortable pair for you.

Mizuno Boot Silos

Choose among these boots if you wish to sport the Japanese brand on the football pitch:


Mizuno’s current dive into offering synthetic football boots

Morelia Neo

Finest K-leather matched with technology and speed boot profile

Morelia II

Traditional leather option for that classic fit and feel

Latest Mizuno Packs and Launches

Our Mizuno Reviews

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Regarding Mizuno Football Boots

Mizuno boots are like the secret menu in  Starbucks or McDonald’s. If you just know where to look, you’ll get these wonderful options to wear on the pitch. Not to say that the known silos are bad. It’s just that Mizuno takes the boot experience to another level. Perhaps another thing that’s holding everyone back is the price: they really do cost a lot!

But money is not an issue, you get value for each pound spent! With expert handcraftsmanship and longer lasting, Mizuno boots are one, if not the most durable in the market today, not to mention other benefits in comfort and performance.

Morelia is to Mizuno what Mercurial and Predator is to Nike and adidas, respectively. And just like the latter two the Mizuno Morelia has continuously evolved to accommodate the prevailing football boot trends and preferences. All of its longevity are thanks to the great Brazilian Rivaldo, whose memorable performances wearing the earlier generations of the Morelia helped introduce the brand to the general football boot public.



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