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Most Popular Football Boots

Nike, adidas, Puma, and other brands boast a variety of football boot silos, but the most popular in terms of sales and the number of pros wearing them on the pitch are undoubtedly the Nike Mercurial line and the adidas X Speedflow. The Mercurial goes back over twenty years in football. The silo has evolved over time and come in a variety of price points & quality, constantly modernising in build to live up to its name as a fantastic speed boot.

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The X Speedflow, on the other hand, is relatively new, though it has the makings of an iconic boot as evident in the performances of its players. Going back to Nike, the brand has pushed for their new Phantom GT boot, if the marquee players wearing the football boot is any indication, the Phantom GT is going to be compete well in the popularity contest.

Top 10 Popular Football Boots

Nike's Mercurial a Favourite

The 'Big Three' brands in the football boot industry have other popular silos to offer. Aside from the Mercurial line for speed and Phantom GT for control, Nike also has the Tiempo Legend for those who are traditional and prefer leather boots. The Mercurial uses a tight-fitting synthetic upper called Vaporposite and an energy-returning Aerotrak plate to meet its speedy design, while the Phantom GT uses a Generative Texture elements to enhance ball control. On the other hand, the Tiempo Legend uses a premium K-leather with memory foam pods for enhancing touch.

X Speedflow Popular For adidas

Adidas is flexing its innovative genius by making thin synthetics relevant again with their expertly-crafted X Speedflow. On top of that, they have the Predator, one of the iconic silos in football boot industry, continously running and now features arguably the grippiest textured upper with its Demonskin technology. The brand also has a unique spin when it comes to their Copa leather boot by creating Fusionskin, a technology where leather seamlessly transitions to knit.

Future for Puma

Lastly, Puma proudly offers the Future, which is arguably one of the most comfortable boots in the market with its Evoknit upper and flexible Dynamic Motion System soleplate. They are also getting back to the speed boot game with its Ultra that has a lightweight Ultracut upper and an aggressive Speedunit outsole. They are also reviving a revered silo in the form of the Puma King Platinum 21.

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Which Boots Should You Wear?..

The Vapor & Superfly, sit inside Nike's Mercurial line of boots, worn by Sancho, Mbappe and Ronaldo and a host of other star players worldwide, this is Nike's main boot and it is hugely popular both in terms of sales to the public and how many pairs are seen worn on professional pitches week in week out.

When adidas launched the Predator it changed the football boot business, everyone wanted to wear the iconic boots, now reborn you can choose to wear them with or without laces, they are proving a popular option for adidas pros including Paul Pogba and the boot wearing public.