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Indoor Football Shoes

Indoor boot options are suitable for hard ground surfaces such as indoor pitches and concrete courts. A popular choice are the Nike Mercurial shoes, all On indoor and futsal grounds they'll give you all year round use. Below you will find our current top picks:

The choice of boots you wear on futsal and indoor surfaces can directly impact your performance therefore it's imperative to gain a full understanding of which silo best suits you and your needs. Indoor boots are designed to give the player that extra grip and traction on the hard flat surfaces without compromising control, speed and power. Below is a a list comprised of the highest quality indoor court football shoes on the market today, we also have a page specificially about Futsal shoes.

Best Indoor Boots Top 10

Nike Mercurial Indoor Football Shoes

A popular choice for players, as much as the outdoor models are too as worn by a huge number of pro players, Mercurial indoor shoes come in both Vapor and Superfly varieties, both can range from the Pro to Academy to Club models (expensive/quality to cheaper), with the Elite the only pairs that miss out for Nike's indoors. The diffrence betweem the Mercurials for indoor is just down to the Superfly having the sock collar and the Vapor not having it, the rest of the shoe are the same:

Indoor football is played on flat hard surfaces, which impact the feet and joints more so than the natural outdoor fields. As such, indoor shoes are generally fitted with some cushioning for comfort and safety. So stay healthy by using only the right boots, so you can go ahead and enjoy your indoor football!

Top 10 Indoor Shoes

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