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Indoor boots are suitable for hard ground surfaces such as indoor pitches. On indoor and futsal grounds they'll give you all year round use. Below you will find our current top sellers:

Indoor Trainers

Indoor trainers are perfect for 5-aside indoor and futsal pitches. When looking for indoor trainers, you'll need a pair that have a decent rubber outsole for traction and grip and decent comfort and cushioning on the upper and inner for protection and control on the hard surface. On indoor and futsal pitch surfaces the ground can be very hard which is why indoor boots have that extra protection and cushioning you need for superior protection but without compromsing your performance.

Most indoor shoes are crafted and designed for optimised control, comfort, protection and traction. Popular indoor brands such as Nike which produce the Nike5 range and adidas which produce the adi5 range can enhance your indoor performance. Boots for indoor grounds tend to have flat rubber outsoles and this is perfect for the flat surface of a futsal and indoor pitch.

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