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Pedri’s Football Boots

Dean Ariola

Pedri wears the adidas Predator in matches. The said boot is known for its ball grip technology that provides a noticeable advantage when it comes to control and swerve in passing, shooting and dribbling. The Spanish midfielder opts for the laceless model, filling up the void left by former headliner Paul Pogba who now goes with the laced versions.

Solar Energy Predator ’24

By January 2024, Pedri wore the official retail debut of the latest Predator generation launching throughout the said year. Not only did the boot have the iconic colourway of black, white and red, it also had the fold-over tongue to complete the nostalgia of the early Predator boots.

Accuracy+ Marinerush

Upon returning from injury towards the end of 2023, Pedri was able to join his adidas peers in wearing the blue Marinerush boots. His Predator Accuracy+, with the predominantly royal blue colourway and red-orange grip elements, invoked memories of the launch colourway of the Predator LZ.

Accuracy+ Predator Injection (Crazycharged)

If not for the likes of Pedri, the Crazycharged pack might had been easily forgotten as it released almost immediately after the Crazyrush. Crazycharged almost looked like the black alternative of the Crazyrush, with the accents just a bit more yellow at this particular pack.

Accuracy+ Crazyrush

Pedri started the 2023/24 season with the Crazyrush Predator Accuracy. This had the grippy football boots in a predominantly white colourway that allowed for maximum visibility for the black stripes and the lucid lemon accents from the seam overlay, rubber elements and forefoot plate. Overall, it was a bright and vibrant look for Pedri’s pair.

Heatspawn Accuracy+

On-route toward achieving the 2022/23 La Liga championship, Pedri played the last few games of the season with the Accuracy Predators from the Heatspawn pack. Much of the boot was in the fiery orange colour, except for the High-Definition Grip elements, stripes and Primeknit collar, which are all in black.

Accuracy Debut with the ‘Own Your Football’ Pack

It was a double debut when Pedri wore the Predator Accuracy+ from the ‘Own Your Football’ pack because the player first moved to the silo wearing that specific-generation’s launch colourway. The pack brought a combination of a black Hybridtouch upper with hot pink High-Def grip rubber blocks and Primeknit tongue and collar. Together with the white stripes and branding, the colour theme did provide a good distinctive look to the Accuracy’s reset of features and tech relative to the Predator Edge.

What were Pedri’s Football Boots Before?

Qatar World Cup Participation with Al Rihla Copa Sense

This was Pedri’s last Copa Sense boots before switching to the Predator Accuracy. He wore this during the 2022 World Cup and had the laceless + model. The black base was adorned by the same multicolour tones and graphics of the Al Rihla OMB, hence the name of the pack.

As you can see above, Pedri was into the Copa Sense leather boots and went through most of the said silo’s on-pitch releases. He also cycled through the different standard colourways of the preceeding Copa 20/Copa 19+, indicating that he really favoured leather boots back then. However, his prior stay with Las Palmas and first few moments in Barcelona were marked with the X 19.1 speed boots.

His talent was already recognised at the early part of his career when he won both the Kopa Trophy and the Golden Boy Award in 2021. His skills alone already gained favourable comparison to the likes of Iniesta and Xavi, but his brewing midfield partnership with Gavi makes the comparison with the past decade’s middle third legends even more compelling and exciting…


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