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adidas Launch Marinerush Pack

Dean Ariola

Directly competing against the UCL-timed releases of the Puma Gear Up pack and the Nike Peak Performance Pack, adidas launch its Marinerush Pack dressing up its Predator, X and Copa with its own interpretation of blue boots. The stripes brand seems to strike the middle ground here relative from the other packs by going for a bright royal central theme. As the name suggests, the pack takes inspiration from the bodies of seawater and oceans, drawing parallels to their vastness and boundlessness the potential and skill of players wearing their favourite adidas silos.

To a certain extent, Marinerush is like the opposite of the 2020/21 season’s Glory Hunter pack. That is because the predominantly royal blue colourway is supported by accents of sky tint, the central theme of the previous UCL pack. The degree of how much secondary colour detailing is used vary from one Marinerush boot to another, however.

The Predator in this pack limits the sky tint accent to the strip zigzagging along the quarter and going around the lacing area. It’s also present on the forefoot sole of the Facetframe tooling. Because the High-Definition grip elements are coming in red, Marinerush Predator certainly invokes some memories of the launch colourway of the Predator LZ. The boot finishes of its paintjob with white adidas stripes and deep royal shading on its glossy, translucent rear plate.

The Marinerush X has that 50/50 look, as the boot transitions from royal blue to that sky tint from top to bottom. The speed boot retains the white detailing of the adidas stripes, leaving the reddish details to the stud tips.

Going in to the Marinerush Copa, the influence of the sky tint accent appears to be minimal. It’s only upon closer look that you’ll see that the heavy royal base somewhat carries the accent highlight. Torsionframe in this pack goes from thematic blue to white from back to front. Subtle specks of red pop around the upper to cover the brandings and the cursor-like borders on the corners of the white adidas stripes (those on the .1 model though carries offset inner boarder on one side).

It’s worth noting though that the Copa+ is now laced. This makes the tongue and the Fusionskin composition as the difference makers between the + and .1 models of the modern adidas heritage boot.


Dean Ariola

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