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adidas Advancement Pack Launched

Dean Ariola

The Stripes brand has launched the adidas Advancement Pack, its collection for the Euro/Copa America 2024. Uncle Sam in particular would be happy with the overall paint job, which generally is a combination of blue, white and red. Each of the boot displays its own language of the Advancement Pack, so we won’t get a consistent look even though the boots more or less have the same theme. Two of the Tournament boots though are relatively more sought after. One is because of its seemingly remake of an iconic colourway and the other because it is a new-gen release working its first major football tournament.

Let’s take out the low-key boot first. It’s the Advancement Copa Pure and it’s one of those boots with a pristine white upper. The shine of that white upper helps the boot to sell out the other parts of its design. With such a clean backdrop, the blue on the stripes, heel piece and soleplate becomes even more royal. A few touches of red come up from the stripes’ lining and stud tips. It’s a princely look of a boot that is perfect for players searching for boot with no-nonsense visual design and performance.

Now comes one of the highly-sought boot in this collection. We welcome the return of the adidas F50 in the international stage. F50 Advancement has a bluish tint on its white upper. This is because of the blue to white transition of the upper starting from the toe. The stripes here exhibit a blue to red transition. Under the hood, the same transition (albeit a hard one) also shows on the linear stiffeners of the soleplate. What’s also worth notable is that the Advancement Pack introduced a third F50 Elite model- the collared and laced one-piece upper variant.

Finally, we check on the Predator 2024 Advancement. Like the Electricity colourway from the Energy Citrus Pack, the Japan Blue skin of the Predator Advancement is one of the silo’s stand out colourways in its entire history. Japan Blue became famous with the Predator Mania during the 2002 World Cup. In 2020, the colourway made its way to the Predator Mutator, and adidas coupled it with a remake of the 2002 OG boot itself but outfitted with the then present-day Controlframe split sole. Four years later, adidas is executing the same play-dressing up the Predator 2024 Advancement with the same combination of blue, white and red, while also doing a remake of the Mania Japan Blue. So not only do you get the current Elite FT, you also get the boot source inspiration as far as the Predator Japan Blue goes.


Dean Ariola

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